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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 59 Do You Live With A Man

Debbie could foresee on her mind what her WeChat friends would say when they saw her post, but she didn't care about it. Gaily humming a song, she threw her phone on her bed and went into the bathroom. "Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe. " Feeling refreshed after her shower, she came out of the bathroom and grabbed her phone. Unlocking it, she was surprised to see that her WeChat Moments had been flooded with thousands of comments. A girl from her class commented, "Debbie, do you live with a man?" Another classmate said, "Wow, this man has a perfect body. Debbie, why don't you introduce him to me?" "Is Mr. Huo good in bed? How long did he last? Tell me!" Kasie commented. She also added an emoji showing a wicked grin. Kristina cracked a joke, "Debbie, to tell you the truth, I've been drooling over your husband's face for a long time. Since we are best friends, can you share him with me?" The comment was followed by a shy emoji. Jared said, "Tomboy, I really admire you. Now you are not just Mrs. Huo by name. You are already his woman. I've made up my mind that I'll be one of your loyal lackeys from now on. " Dixon commented, "What did Kristina comment? Tell me please!" Debbie's eyes widened in shock, and her mouth was held open for almost a minute. She had more than 1, 000 friends on WeChat. Thus, she gave up because the comments were too many to read. She even felt a little dizzy after reading the first ten comments. 'Wow, Carlos' back attracted so much attention. What if I take a picture of his face and post it online? No, I can't do that! If I did that, my phone would lag with so many comments!' she thought. She updated her Moments and found out that someone had already had a screenshot of her post and reposted it. "Headlines of Economics and Management School: Irrefutable evidence shows that Debbie Nian is living with a man!" "I saw this man's picture in my WeChat Moments this morning. Who is this handsome man?" "Wow, if I had a boyfriend like this, I could stay in the bedroom with him the whole day. " These were some of the captions from the posts made by Debbie's WeChat friends. How the post went viral was beyond Debbie's expectation. Desperately, she wanted to delete her post. But on second thought, it was no use doing so as many of her friends had already had the screenshot. After short consideration, she commented the post, "You guys took it all wrong. I've just downloaded this picture from the net and posted it. " Gail commented in just a few seconds, "I knew it!" Debbie was held speechless and wondered, 'Is she keeping an eye on my WeChat Moments?' She decided to get back at Gail, so she replied to her comment, "I know this man, and we're closely related. " Only their common WeChat friends could see her conversation with Gail, and since they barely had common WeChat friends, Debbie thought it would be safe because other people wouldn't see it. On Gail's end, the moment she saw Debbie's reply, the first person that came to her mind was Carlos. She grew insanely jealous and began to console herself, 'Calm down

A rich man like Carlos would want nothing. "Yes. " His answer came as a surprise to Debbie

. "What?" she asked, puzzled. He leaned forward and said something in her ear before turning around to leave. Debbie stood still where she was, stunned. 'Oh! For goodness' sake! Why did he ask me to buy some underwear for him?' In the Shining International PlazaWhen everyone had arrived at their meeting place, Jared yawned and complained, "Gimme a break, girls! I don't want to watch a movie. "After Debbie had left with Carlos last night, Damon and Jared went back to the private booth to drink together. They hadn't been home until 3 o'clock in the morning. Jared scarcely had a decent sleep when his friends called him. Debbie and Kasie's idol was in the movie they were planning to watch. As avid fans, how could they miss out on the chance to watch the movie? "Why don't you go back home and take a rest first?" Debbie asked Jared in a serious tone. Jared nodded; he was really sleepy. When he turned around and was about to leave, Debbie told Kasie in a loud voice, "Kasie, we will be having lunch on the fifth floor of the Alioth Building. Carlos has arranged a private booth for us. "Instantly, Jared turned around, and with an excited look, he asked, "Really? We're having lunch there? Your husband asked his men to throw you out of the Alioth Building last time. Why did he arrange a private booth for us this time?"Kasie patted his shoulder and explained, "Mr. Huo didn't know Debbie was his wife back then. " Debbie had already told Kasie and Kristina what had happened between her and Carlos before. Dixon also knew the story from Kristina. Only Jared knew nothing. That surprised him just now. "He didn't know Debbie was his wife?" Jared was shocked by the news. Was it even possible that a man didn't know who his wife was? Besides, the man was none other than Carlos Huo. Although rich people usually got married for commercial reasons, it was still impossible for Carlos to not know his wife. Out of the corner of her eye, Debbie saw a brand shop and an idea suddenly struck her. She turned to Jared. "Carlos knows I'm his wife now, so stop being caught up in that. Hey, bro, could you please do me a favor in return since I'm going to buy you lunch?" she coaxed him. "No problem," Jared agreed at once. He was baffled, however, why Debbie couldn't keep herself from smiling. When Jared got out of the shop with a box of men's underpants in his hand, he almost cried and asked Debbie, "Why did you ask me to buy these underpants for your husband? It's so weird!"He was a man, and Carlos was a man as well. A man buying another man underpants? That really sounded creepy. 'Why did I have to buy underpants for Carlos?' he shouted inwardly. Jared felt like he had been tricked by Debbie.