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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 192 Don’t Be Shy, Grandma

Carlos pulled her into his arms and whispered, "Don't worry about me. I can carry you home and still show you a good time. I can prove it to you. " "Stop it. " Debbie covered his mouth with her hand. Carlos pulled her hand away and kissed her on the lips. "What? Can't I say this stuff to my wife?" "Maybe. And maybe you should be locked up for saying things like that. " "Just think about how lonely you'd get if I were put in prison. Not a good idea. You'd miss me way too much. " "You're so modest!" she giggled. He was right. She was getting a bit tired. The rain was starting to come down in earnest. It was drizzling and their hair was starting to get wet. They ducked under an overhanging roof, trying to stay dry. Carlos took off his overcoat and spread it over her head. Debbie pulled it off again. "No. This is your favorite overcoat. And very expensive. I can't let you do this. It'll get ruined. " She knew how much Carlos liked that particular article of clothing. Carlos put it back over her head. "I can always buy a new coat. I don't want you to get sick. " He was so considerate. Debbie was enormously moved. What was happening reminded her of a song which goes, "For the rest of my life, I want only you, for better or worse. " If Emmett knew Carlos had protected Debbie from the rain with his favorite overcoat, he would have marveled at how important Debbie was to Carlos. He already thought of Carlos as Debbie's slave, and that would have proven it even more. That was something new to Emmett, and he figured that bending over backwards for someone wasn't healthy. But then again, he had never been in love, at least not that kind of deep, enduring love, so he wouldn't know until he fell that deeply. The rain was getting heavier. Worried that Debbie might be cold, Carlos called his assistant to ask him to pick them up. The next day, Debbie didn't show up downstairs until eleven, still yawning. The first thing she saw was Valerie's grim face. Standing next to Valerie was Megan, who waited on her like a maid. "Grandma," Debbie said. "So you still know to get up? Do you know what time it is?" Valerie berated her, pounding her cane on the floor. Debbie poured a glass of water for herself and took out her phone to check the time. It was eleven o'clock

But I need her help. " Debbie pointed at Megan who wore a smug smirk on her face. It was obvious she was enjoying this

. Megan didn't care, because she knew the old lady would help her out. Sure enough, Valerie said, "Megan has better things to do. What you need to do is clean. " For Carlos' sake, Debbie decided to put up with it, pretending that she was killing time. She fetched the tools from the shed and started doing the work. It had been a long time since the last time she did housework. She had been treated like a queen ever since she married Carlos. Soon after she had started, she began panting. Her shirt clung to her uncomfortably, and she started to perspire. It didn't take long before she got really tired. She wanted to take a break, but she wasn't sure that Valerie would allow even that. Megan and Valerie, on the other hand, were chatting and laughing in the living room. 'So, Megan's job is to keep Valerie company while eating fruit and talking with her?' Debbie couldn't help but wonder inwardly. Later, Connie saw Debbie doing the cleaning and tried to help her, but Valerie sent her away. When Lewis saw her mopping the floor, he held her hand and tried to take her away from the family, but he was scared away as his grandma hit the floor with her cane. It took her three hours to finish all the work. When she put the tools back in the shed and walked out, Valerie said, "You forgot the bathroom. Go clean it. "Debbie felt anger rise inside her, but once again, she chose to push it down deep inside her. 'Cleaning. No big deal!'However, the size of the bathroom frustrated her as soon as she saw it. It was huge, with multiple sinks and a huge mirror running the length of the wall. It not only had many sinks, but also several stalls. There were store bathrooms that were smaller than this one. 'Why do they need such a big bathroom? Do they have to waste money like this just because they have it?'"Call me and ask me out, now!" Debbie texted Carlos secretly. She started waiting hopefully, but after a long while, Carlos still didn't reply to her message. Then the old lady came to check on her. "It's taking you forever! Give me your phone!"'Am I really the daughter-in-law of the family, not a servant?' she thought. She tried to talk the old lady out of it. "Grandma, I'll be more efficient if I watch a video while cleaning. ""You should be more focused. Hand it to me!"Debbie wanted to toss the rag onto her old, wrinkled face. 'Calm down. This is Carlos' grandma. My dearest husband's grandma. ' She tried to compose herself. It was very late when Carlos came back. Exhausted, Debbie had gone to bed early after grabbing a bath. When he came in, she looked at him and closed her eyes once more. She had been worked to the bone, and she definitely needed to rest.