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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 244 Don't Struggle

'Deal with Debbie?' Damon rolled his eyes at Carlos and snapped, "Come on, Carlos. Just admit it. You're a slave to your wife. You do whatever she wants. I guess Debbie will get you to stand barefoot on a porcupine. I'd like to come with you. See how you're going to deal with her. " Carlos was about to snap back at him when his phone started to ring. The small rectangular phone buzzed insistently on the desk. Damon looked at the caller ID—it was Emmett. Before Carlos could pick it up, Damon answered and put it on speakerphone. Emmett's anxious voice came from the other end of the line. "Bad news, Mr. Huo! Mrs. Huo went to a nightclub! She is going to buy a rent boy!" Silence reigned in the private booth. Everyone turned to look at Carlos. Gloom clouded his expression, but soon disappeared. He picked up his phone and asked calmly, "Which nightclub?" "The one opposite Orchid Private Club," Emmett answered honestly. "Okay, got it. " Carlos disconnected the call and put his phone back in his pocket. He looked at the group. "You guys have fun. " Then he strode towards the door in a hurry. Everyone looked at one another in stunned disbelief. Curtis stood up from the couch and said, "I'd better go along, keep him out of trouble. " He was afraid that Carlos might lose his head and hurt Debbie. He knew Carlos quite well, and knew that when it came to Debbie, he did lose his head quite often. Carlos was insanely jealous, and wouldn't abide a man so much as casting a lustful glance in her direction. Having a pretty wife was both a blessing and a curse for him. Colleen, of course, stuck by her boyfriend. This was fun to Damon. He was a pleasure-seeker and decided to come with them. Wesley was not interested in this kind of thing, and all he wanted to do was just go back home. But when he turned to Blair and saw her excited expression, he sighed inwardly and followed after his buddies. He guessed she wanted to see blood. In the end, all of them walked towards the nightclub across the street. Of course, Debbie had a plan. She called Kasie after phoning the police with a tip-off, and they decided to meet at The No. 1 Nightclub. Carlos once promised her that he would always have her back. But he broke that promise and hurt her, so she decided to get back at him. She had deliberately chosen the tight black dress that Carlos loved so much, and put on thick make-up. Every man's eyes were glued to her as they admired her pretty face and hot body. After entering the largest private booth, Debbie threw a bank card on the table and told the manager indifferently, "Call some handsome guys over. " Kasie grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear, "I thought you were just kidding, Tomboy. Sure you want to do this? Your hubby's across the street

yeah," Debbie answered. Kasie had two men to herself, holding their arms. Her fingers wouldn't even fit around their biceps

. She gave Debbie a dirty smile. "Tomboy, don't be so shy! We came here to enjoy ourselves. " Debbie was speechless. 'I'm not here to have fun. I just want to piss Carlos off. He should be here by now. After all, Orchid Private Club is just across the street, ' she thought. Coming back to reality, Debbie said to Kasie, "I've never been here. What do I do?" Kasie and her two companions sat on the couch, and she was about to answer when someone opened the door to the booth from the outside. A group of people stormed in. Unlike the handsome men in the booth, these people had a strong aura. The manager could tell from their dresses and demeanor that they were rich and powerful. He asked a dozen people to stand outside, in case these guests needed anything. He himself followed them so that he could give them split-second service if necessary. Carlos' eyes swept over the people in the booth. They narrowed when he caught sight of the woman leaning against a man and sipping her wine. Despite the cold winter, the booth was quite warm. The investment in the heating system paid off. The woman was dressed in a tight black dress and wore heavy make-up. She was a sexy, spicy siren. "Throw them out!"he demanded coldly. Emmett gestured for the bodyguards to throw the rent boys out of the booth. Debbie grew bolder when she saw her husband. She grabbed David's arm tightly, and snapped at Carlos, "What are you doing? You have your mistress, and I have my guy. Fair's fair!"Although David didn't recognize Carlos, he was intimidated by his menacing aura. He told Debbie in fluent Chinese, "Miss, this man is pretty scary. I think I should jet. Hit me up later?"Debbie rolled her eyes and snapped, "I'm not scared. You're a man! Act like it!"Carlos was fuming mad as he thought they were flirting. That wasn't acceptable. That was his wife David was talking to. He came up to them, grabbed David by his collar and punched him in the face. His head lolled. "Aaaargh!" David yelled at the top of his lungs. "Help me! Help—"Debbie immediately grabbed Carlos' arm to stop him. "Why are you hitting him? Let him go!"The manager was frightened. He rushed over to David and said, "Don't struggle, David. Let Mr. Huo beat you. I'll pay you double your hourly rate. "Everyone in the booth was struck speechless