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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 161 Every Woman Loves Mr. Huo

"Can we go shopping this afternoon? I want to go back to sleep," Debbie asked Kasie. "No, we can't. Even Jared, who is the laziest among us, has gotten up. Dixon 'Doctor' and Kristina are already on their way to the Shining International Plaza. You hurry up," Kasie urged. "Fine. I'm getting up. Wait for me. By the way, usually, you get up later than me. Why are you so early today?" Debbie mumbled as she sat up. Kasie giggled shyly. "My boyfriend got a promotion at work. He is coming to Y City tonight. I want to buy him a present to celebrate this milestone. " Speaking of Kasie's boyfriend, Debbie knew little about that guy. The other day Kasie had gotten into a fight with Portia because of him. Debbie had wanted to inquire more about the man, but then she had been too sloshed to even make sense of it. "When did you get a boyfriend? Why did Portia accuse you of being the other woman? What's the matter?" Debbie put her phone on speaker and started brushing her teeth. For a while, Kasie was silent before asking, "Can we not talk about it?" "You know, we're BFFs and BFFs have no secrets. I told you guys about Carlos a long time ago, but none of you believed me. You even thought I was crazy. I had no choice but to stop mentioning it again. So you have to tell me everything too. We can't be friends while using double standards on each other," Debbie declared firmly. Defeated, Kasie began explaining, "I fell in love with someone at the same time as Portia. It sucks. That day at the club a friend of mine was holding a birthday party. To my surprise, Portia went to the party too. " A friend of Kasie's at the party wanted to see her new boyfriend's picture and jokingly, everyone at their table echoed the idea. So Kasie agreed to show them her boyfriend's picture on her phone. A proud woman like Portia didn't care who Kasie's boyfriend was, until a mutual friend of theirs exclaimed that Kasie's boyfriend and Portia's looked alike. Portia's face fell. She snatched Kasie's phone and looked at the picture. Then she glared at Kasie and demanded when she had started to fool around with her boyfriend behind her back. Born into a rich family too, Kasie rarely feared anyone. She always hated Portia for bullying Debbie. Thus, at that moment, Portia's hostile attitude worked like an ignition. Kasie instantly exploded with rage. Things escalated quickly

Huo, you are not that arrogant. On the contrary, you have kept your marriage secret. " Hearing Kasie's angry remarks, Debbie explained resignedly, "The fact that we're married will come out sooner or later

. In the beginning, I kept it secret because I didn't realize I liked Carlos and I wasn't sure how long our marriage was going to last. Now I don't want it to be in the limelight. I'm not ready for drama. You can see for yourself how influential he can be. I bet some international movie star's sudden marriage wouldn't even be so sensational as his. "Kasie didn't understand what Debbie was thinking. But she was sure that if people knew she was Mrs. Huo, no one anywhere would dare touch her. "Do you intend to keep it a secret for the rest of your life?""Nope, of course not. I'm also worried that many women will pursue Carlos since they think he is single. Carlos and I have agreed to announce our marriage as soon as I graduate from university. " Too many women drooled over Carlos. On several occasions, while she was with Carlos, she had seen his many curious SMS notifications from Emmett, who as a PA manned two of Carlos' other phones. Constantly, Emmett kept blocking other women's phone calls and texting to put Carlos in the loop. Kasie was relieved when she heard Debbie's response. "Are you done dressing yet? It feels like forever. I've gotten to the Shining International Plaza. Are you out of your house yet, my dear Mrs. Huo?""Almost. Let me just put on some lipstick. Today, I want to step out looking fabulous. " Everyone loves beauty. Debbie was no exception. Taking her sweet time, she put on some foundation primer, BB cushion, and lipstick, before finally she was good to go. Right out the house, she went to the garage, where more than ten fancy cars were parked. Looking around a few times, she was dazzled. Carlos had bought her a red Porsche Cayman, but she had never driven that car once. One night, she had told a joke in bed, but Carlos had taken it seriously and gone ahead to buy another car. Actually, she had read that joke online and casually shared it to Carlos. "Although I've made a lot of money, I'm also good at saving. Only that today, I was tempted to splash cash on a Maserati. Thank God I didn't buy it. Otherwise, I'd have parted with a cool eight million dollars. "