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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 127 Fake Crystal

Among her acquaintances, the girls kept looking at her with an envious eye. If gazes could kill, Debbie would have been dead. "Debbie," called Colleen and Curtis in unison. Some men wanted to approach Debbie, Emmett noticed. But when they saw Curtis and Colleen, they stopped. When Debbie, who was eating a snack, heard them, she put the snack down and clinked with the two. "Hi, Colleen, Mr. Lu. " Taking a step back to look at Debbie, Curtis complimented, "You look great. No doubt Carlos has been good to you. " Colleen released Curtis and took Debbie's hand. "Of course. One has just to look at Debbie to know that she is in love," she said, as gentle as the first time Debbie had met her. If Debbie hadn't seen Colleen on the dance floor the other day, she wouldn't have believed the woman could dance seductively like that. Debbie smiled resignedly. Playfully, Curtis pinched Colleen's cheek before he turned to look Debbie straight in the face. "Did you come here on Carlos' behalf?" he asked. "Yeah, he is on a business trip," Debbie replied. Curtis nodded. "Not bad. " He was relieved to see that Debbie and Carlos were happy together. After a short while, Curtis and Colleen were needed somewhere else and left Debbie. So did Emmett. Even though he was only a secretary, many people sucked up to him, on account of having Carlos as his boss. Left alone, Debbie ate some more snacks and went towards the bathroom. When she walked out of the bathroom, there was another woman standing in the hallway. Adorned in an expensive champagne evening dress, and holding a fashionable handbag, the woman must have been waiting for Debbie. Straightway, she called out, "Debbie Nian?" Her voice was not too loud nor quiet, emotionless. It was Portia. 'Why is she here?' Debbie wondered. 'Since Portia is here, is Hayden here too?' Debbie nodded and said, "Hi

However, Portia had no idea about that. She thought Debbie was married to Emmett, the secretary. 'She is only the wife of a secretary

. How dare she mock me!' she thought. Squinting at Debbie, she snorted, "Right. Anybody connected with Carlos is important and powerful, but don't you forget that he is not Carlos after all. He is still just a secretary. So, what are you gloating over? Are you really expecting me to believe that a secretary can give you that much as pocket money? Do you take me for a fool? Or is your husband corrupt?"Debbie felt speechless. She had never said Emmett was her husband. Corrupt? Emmett would never do that. He was always honest. She felt bad about dragging him into this. 'Thank God I married Carlos. Otherwise, Portia and Gail would laugh at me for the rest of my life, ' she thought. "Whatever. I'm busy. Bye. " Debbie didn't want to waste any more time on Portia. "Stop!" Portia called out. She found Debbie had changed a lot. Power never scared her, but she was even prouder than before, not giving a damn about anybody else. From the arrogant way Debbie carried herself, Portia began to suspect her husband was not Emmett but Carlos. Debbie turned her head and said, "I always tolerated, humored and even flattered you. It was all because of your brother, but not anymore. From now on, I will humor neither you nor your brother. ""What do you mean? You are going to see my family as enemies?"Debbie laughed scornfully, "Whatever. " None of the Gu family mattered to her anymore, and she didn't give a hoot about what they thought of her. With her head held high, Debbie walked away, leaving Portia guessing and clutching at straws. She acted calm, but her long fingernails stuck into her handbag, leaving deep marks.