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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 150 Getting Close To The Truth

"Emmett, you're being too polite. We'll leave you be. You know where to find me if I'm needed," said the manager with a smile. "Thank you, Mr. Yue. " Emmett had already made arrangements to make sure that Carlos and Debbie arrived at the hotel a few minutes before the others. Five minutes after Carlos had entered his room with Debbie, Emmett parked the car in the parking lot and then walked back to the hotel. When the others reached the hotel, they didn't see Carlos' Emperor. Jared looked around. When he saw neither Debbie nor the Emperor, he asked one of Carlos' bodyguards where Debbie was. That was when he learnt that Debbie had arrived at the hotel a few minutes before them, and that most possibly, she was already in her hotel room. Jared hesitated a little before he decided to call her. However, she didn't answer his call. To put it more precisely, she cut the call. 'What's wrong with her?' Jared wondered. After pondering over it, he whispered to one of the bodyguards with a goofy smile, "Mr. Huo is here, isn't he?" Emmett had told the bodyguards when to talk, and when to keep their mouths shut. The bodyguard assumed that it should be safe to answer Jared's question, so he nodded. 'That's what I thought, ' Jared gloated. Deciding to leave the couple alone, he put his phone away and strolled into his room humming a tune as he pulled his luggage behind him. Just as Jared had imagined, the scene in the Presidential Suite was screeching hot. Its two occupants had been apart for too many days. Debbie was stripped down to her bra and panties. Lost in Carlos' kisses, she lay in bed, enjoying their reunion. When her phone rang, Carlos turned it off impatiently, without even checking who was calling. His lips never left her body the whole time. "Wait! I have to take a shower first," she said as Carlos' breathing got heavier. Southon Village was too cold and lacked facilities. So she had never got the chance to have a proper shower. "Let's bathe together afterwards," he moaned in her ear. "But I haven't showered in days," she confessed, a little embarrassed. Knowing he was a neat freak, she thought that he would let her go the moment she said that. However, Carlos didn't care. He continued to do what he wanted, without a word. He had wanted to have sex with her in the car on their way to the hotel. But Debbie had turned him down saying that it was embarrassing with the driver in the car

" "What's her family like?" a gossipy girl asked. "So many posh cars came to pick her up. She must be rich

. " Gail cleared her throat and acted sad. "Actually, she is from a poor family. She had a tough childhood. Her parents got divorced when she was little and her dad died later. "Gail's words at once denied the theory that Debbie was from a rich family. However, they saw that Debbie was living an extravagant life. They wondered where her money came from. Another theory popped up into everyone's head. Yet, no one dared to say it since her good friend, Jared, was among them. But he could sense what they were thinking. His good mood disappeared in an instant. He started yelling, "You bunch of pathetic nosy idiots! Debbie may be rich or poor, but what does it have to do with you? Debbie's boyfriend is rich and he loves her. He came to pick her up today. Moved by the fact that you all had volunteered for some public good, he decided to give you people some comfort. And now, you are all talking about Debbie behind her back! I'm ashamed to be with you knuckleheads. "It was true that Carlos had sent the cars because the students had volunteered to help the villagers and kids in Southon Village despite the cold weather. Also, he had taken care of the expenses on the road, including the food, hotels, and the transportation. Carlos somehow made the students attribute everything to Debbie. The students quieted down after Jared's outburst. Gregory, who had been silently staring at his phone all the while, decided not to utter a word, no matter what. Back in the village, he had seen Debbie get into Carlos' Emperor and Emmett was driving the car. In the city, Carlos was the only one who could boss Emmett around. Considering the fact that Carlos' car had reached the hotel five minutes earlier than them, he figured that they were trying to avoid the others. He assumed that Carlos had indeed come to the village and had been in the same car with Debbie. He had always refused to give any heed to the rumors about Debbie. But now, it all added up. Debbie's boyfriend, whom Jared had just mentioned, had to be Carlos. Gregory recalled that the other night when Debbie had gotten drunk, she had gone to Carlos' house. Debbie had shouted "Carlos Huo, I love you" ten times on campus. She had confessed her feelings for Carlos in Curtis' presence and she hadn't faced any punishment for doing so. If Debbie and Carlos were really lovers, then all of those made perfect sense