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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 177 Going To New York

Emmett was always on the ball and a quick thinker, but at this moment, Hayden's abrupt words confused him. "Mr. Gu, what do you mean?" "Not enough? How about ten million? I can tell you don't love Debbie. I want her back. So just give me a chance with her. " 'Of course I don't love Debbie. How could I?' Emmett mused. Gu, there must be some misunderstanding," he said. "What is it? More money? Just say the word. If you're worried that you won't be able to find someone else, I'll help you out. With 10 million burning a hole in your pocket, you'll be married in a flash. " Emmett wanted to cuss this guy out. He was stupid—this man on the other end of the phone. He wouldn't stop talking, for one, and he wouldn't let Emmett get a word in edgewise. He kept outbidding himself to boot. Even if Emmett were in a position to bargain, the man just kept going. Emmett couldn't even accept his offer. Finally, he interrupted him. Gu! I know I'm just a secretary, but I can't be bought. Besides, I don't care about your money. If I were you, I'd spend more time with Miss Qin. It's late. Good night, Mr. Gu. " Emmett hung up the call without giving Hayden time to respond. Everyone in Y City knew that Hayden was getting engaged to a daughter of the Qin family. Hayden was furious and tossed his phone on the desk. He hated being hung up on. He rubbed his cheeks in frustration and sighed heavily. 'How do I get Debbie back?' The next morning, Carlos and Debbie were going to make the trip to New York. Before leaving for the airport, Carlos went to his office to delegate his duties. Other people needed to pick up the slack. He wasn't going to have his company fall apart simply because he wasn't there. Debbie slept in. She didn't start packing until she finished her late breakfast. Still, when she was done packing, Carlos hadn't made it home. She waited. And then she even took a nap. It was not until nearly noon that she heard the sounds of a car pulling up. Debbie got out of bed swiftly and dashed onto the balcony. Carlos was back! She waved at the car happily. Emmett got out and opened the back door. Carlos looked at her as he stepped out of the car. "Mr. Handsome!" Debbie shouted to him. Carlos stretched out his arms. Debbie dashed through their bedroom and across the hallway

She was curious. 'How short-tempered can my father-in-law be? Is his temper worse than Carlos'?'When they got to the airport, Megan had already checked in. Emmett was waiting for them at the luggage consignment area

. After checking the luggage, Emmett turned to them and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Huo, happy New Year! I look forward to seeing you soon!""Huh? Aren't you going with us?" Debbie asked. Ever since she met Carlos, Emmett had been around him every day. Now that he wouldn't be around, Debbie found it weird. She had gotten to like the fellow. Knowing that Debbie was disappointed, Emmett was moved. "Don't worry, Tomboy. All of my family members are in Y City, so it would be bad form to leave. The secretaries in New York will pick you up when you get there. I'll see you next year. I'll miss you," he joked, which was rare. "Tomboy?" Carlos asked icily. "Since when are you and my wife so close? It's Mrs. Huo to you. "Emmett had no words, spending his time in stunned silence. He had gone over all the other forms of addresses in his head. "Tomboy" seemed to be the least likely to make his boss jealous. However, obviously, he was wrong. Carlos was way too possessive. Emmett looked at Debbie sympathetically and said, "I feel for you, Mrs. Huo. ""What?" Carlos asked immediately before Debbie could say anything. Emmett wasn't stupid enough to share what he really thought. He chuckled nervously. "I feel for Mrs. Huo because she has such a wonderful husband. Right, Mrs. Huo? The man of your dreams. "It didn't make sense. Carlos knew it. If Emmett really thought he was a good husband, he wouldn't have used the expression "feel for her. " "I hear that your family is trying to arrange blind dates for you. I'll call Prof. Dou. "Hearing this, Emmett became fretful. "Hey, it's almost New Year. Do you have to be so cruel?"Hmm? Debbie looked back and forth between the two. 'Why call Prof. Dou?' "Which Prof. Dou?" Debbie couldn't help asking. Carlos pulled her into his arms and ignored Emmett. "Prof. Marc Dou," he answered while they walked towards the VIP passage