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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 249 He Can Date Anyone He Likes

Some people were giving interviews, while some were still checking in. Everyone wore a broad smile. Debbie was excited; you could hear it in her voice. "Holy cow! Would you check out all the star power? Look! Isn't that Lady Jasmine from 'The Story of Yanxi Palace?' Wait. " She pointed at another handsome guest dressed from head to toe in elegant formal attire. "He. he. That's the guy from 'The Wandering Earth'!" She couldn't remember who he was, but he certainly looked like a leading man. Gregory was amused. "Come on, Debbie. You're the most important guest today—wife of the CEO of ZL Group. It's my honor to be here with you," he joked. Debbie gave him an embarrassed smile. The main reason she came here was to keep an eye on Carlos and his date. "Let's go find Jared and Kasie," she suggested. She had called them before she came here. She found Jared soon enough. The girl on his arm was none other than her cousin. "Sasha!" she exclaimed. Sasha was thrilled to see Debbie. She jumped to her and took her arm. "Deb, I knew you'd be here. I'm here with Jared. " 'Sasha and Jared?' Debbie was confused. She turned to Jared, who seemed a little impatient, and asked, "I had no clue you knew each other. When did this happen?" Jared rolled his eyes and answered, "It's all thanks to you. " "Me? Why?" Debbie was more confused. Sasha beamed, "He was on a phone call back then, and I heard him say 'Debbie. ' So I went to him and asked about it. Then we realized that we both knew you. He's a great guy. " Saying that, she squeezed his hand. "Wow, such a coincidence!" Debbie was amazed. Jared cast a casual glance at Gregory and asked, "Why are you guys here together?" Gregory reached out his hand and greeted him politely, "Hi, Jared. " Jared reached out, shook his hand, and nodded. Then he said to Debbie, "I thought you'd be here with your hubby. Where is he?" Before she could answer, the host on the stage announced, "And now to give the opening speech, here's Mr. Carlos Huo! Put your hands together, ladies and gentlemen. " Upon hearing that, everyone turned to look at Carlos, applauding enthusiastically. Our hero was in a tailored black suit and dark brown leather shoes. His pace was steady, his bearing confident and unhurried. He was the picture of poise, handsome and cold all at once

'So Gus isn't gay. ' Meanwhile, Kasie held Debbie's arm and said in a whisper, "Really? Great! When Emmett finds someone new, I can start dating younger guys. " Debbie rolled her eyes and snapped, "Hot for younger guys, huh? How about Jared? He's in his twenties

. " "No! Stop! I'd rather be with Emmett. " "Hah!" Debbie laughed at Kasie's reaction. Gregory stood there, listening to the girls banter. To him, Debbie's laugh was so magical that it lifted his mood and warmed his heart. "Deb!" a familiar voice said, interrupting Kasie and Debbie. Debbie turned her head to see Hayden, a woman in a gorgeous yellow gown at his side. She was the daughter of the Qin family, and Hayden's fiancee. Debbie greeted him in a polite yet distant manner, "Hi, Mr. Gu, Miss Qin. "Hayden cast a sidelong glance at Carlos, who was surrounded by a group of people, and then looked at Gregory. "You're here with Mr. Song?" he asked Debbie. Debbie wanted to nod, but Gregory opened his mouth before she could reply. "You've got to be kidding, Mr. Gu. I could never have the honor to be Debbie's date on such an important occasion. We're old friends from school. "'Why is he lying?' Debbie was confused. 'Why not just tell Hayden the truth?'Hayden gave him a smile and clinked glasses with him. No one knew whether he believed what Gregory said or not. Despite his fiancee's presence, he told Debbie softly, "I was going to ask you to the expo, but something happened. Please choose whatever you like. It's on me. "Hayden's fiancee cast a burning glance at Debbie. Debbie cried inwardly, 'What's he trying to pull? Is he trying to get her to hate me?' When Debbie and the woman had last met at a party, she had destroyed her evening dress with a glass of wine. So she didn't need a reason to dislike Debbie. And now her date was trying to make nice with Debbie. It would come as no surprise to Debbie if she woke up to find this woman holding a knife to her throat. Debbie took a deep breath and tried to ease the tension. "Thank you, Mr. Gu, but I'm good. My husband is here. He's got this. "Hayden, however, acted as if he heard nothing. He looked around and offered, "I saw a set of jewelry, and you'd look dazzling in it. How about we go have a look?"Debbie's smile froze as she insisted, "No, thanks. Save your money. In fact, why don't you see how it looks on Miss Qin?"