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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 109 He Is Good To You

Not only did Carlos provide everything for Debbie materially, but he also supervised her school performance whenever possible. It just didn't make sense for her to slack. Taking a deep breath, Debbie bragged with a smile, "I'll be more successful than you are. I'll take over your position and make you stay at home to take care of the house. If you upset me, I'll make you stand barefoot on a porcupine. And, if you make me happy, I may take you outside for a vacation. It feels great just thinking about it. " She laughed. Amused by the gloating look on her face, Carlos chuckled. He kissed her hand and said, "I'm looking forward to the day that your aspirations are fulfilled and you take over my position. I'll be glad to take care of our baby at home and cook for you for the rest of our lives. " He couldn't help but smile as the scene played out in his mind. Hearing him mention the word "baby," Debbie blushed as she felt her heart leap in her chest. 'Having a baby with him would make me unbelievably happy, ' she thought to herself. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, which startled Debbie out of her day dreaming. Pulling her hand away from Carlos' grip, she picked up the glass of juice on the table, pretending to take a sip. Carlos' hand was left motionless in midair. He was so surprised by her reaction, for a moment, he forgot to put his hand down. "Debbie Nian, is it so embarrassing to be with me?" he asked quietly. Clueless to the pain that her reaction had inflicted upon her husband, Debbie asked in confusion, "What? Of course not. " In fact, it was quite the contrary. Debbie wished the whole world knew Carlos was her husband. It was just that Carlos' identity was too significant, so she wanted to be inconspicuous. Remembering the person at the door, Carlos answered, "Come in!" The door opened and the waiters entered holding numerous dishes in their arms. It was time to eat. The dishes were served efficiently. As the waiters left the room, Carlos began putting food onto Debbie's plate for her to eat. He continued to do this until she was stuffed. Afraid that she still wasn't full yet, Carlo offered to order even more dishes. Before he could call the waiters back, Debbie grabbed his hand, put it on her belly and said, "I'm so full. Touch my belly and check it out yourself. " Assured that her belly was bulging out, Carlos closed the menu with one hand, while his other hand moved upward away from her belly. "Carlos Huo!" Debbie yelled, grabbing his rogue hand. A satisfied smirk flitted over his face. "Let's go. " Carlos stood up as if nothing had happened. As he began to walk away from the table, Debbie quickly followed him, sliding her arm into his. "Are you going back to your office?" she asked. "No, I have to meet with a client at Clouds Road

There were only a few CEOs under thirty in Y City. Lucinda decided to ask Sebastian about it later. When Debbie left, Lucinda immediately called Sebastian

. "Where are you?" she asked. "I've just arrived home. Open the door. "Upon seeing Sebastian outside, Lucinda opened the door and quickly pulled him into the living room. Sebastian was so tired he could barely move his feet. "What is it? Why are you being mysterious?" he asked, irritated. "How many 28-year-old CEOs are there in Y City?" Lucinda asked. Sitting on the couch, Sebastian rubbed his temples to relax a little. "Why are you asking?" he responded after a glance at his wife. "I told you that Debbie was married, right?""Yeah, so?""Tonight, Debbie dropped by and brought me some lipsticks that cost thousands of dollars each. She also brought you a fancy tobacco pipe. She said it was her husband's money. Guess what? Her husband is a 28-year-old CEO!"Hearing that this was about Debbie, Sebastian focused up. He thought about it and then replied, "A 28-year-old. Hayden, who has just started to make a name for himself in Y City, seems to be 28. There is the son of the Xue family, the oldest son of the Zhang family, and Carlos Huo of ZL Group. "Thinking of Carlos Huo, Sebastian seemed to gain some energy. "Could it be Carlos Huo? I heard on the news that he carried some college girl out of a hotel room this morning. " he said. 'Could the college girl be Debbie?' he wondered. Lucinda had heard of Carlos Huo before. While she knew who he was, she didn't think it could possibly be him. "Carlos Huo? That's impossible! Stop freaking me out! As far as I'm concerned, he doesn't even know Debbie. They are people from two completely different worlds. How can he be Debbie's husband? Let's be realistic. I say it might be Hayden. He and Debbie know each other. They used to date. "Rich and powerful, Carlos Huo was beyond their imagination. The wedding of such a man wouldn't have been so discreet and private. The news of his marriage would have traveled throughout the city. He also wouldn't have married such a lowly girl. When Artie was alive, Debbie had lived several years as a wealthy spoiled girl. But compared to the Huo family, her family's wealth was practically nothing