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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 163 Hit On Mrs. Huo

After Jasper noticed his son, Jared, behaved well whenever Carlos was around, he knew the right person to turn, in case the boy got up to mischief. Debbie waved her hand after hearing Jared's explanation. "Save it. If Carlos saw you like this, he would shave you bald and kick your face in. " Then an idea occurred to Debbie. She secretly took a picture of Jared with her phone and sent it to Carlos. "Honey, I want to see you in this hairstyle. " She put a Grimacing Face emoticon after that sentence. Upon reading her message, Carlos called Emmett in. "Call Jasper Han. Tell him that his son is a bad influence to my wife and it's time for him to teach his son a lesson. " "Which son of his?" asked Emmett. "Damon spends most of his time with his fiancée. " Emmett understood. 'It sounds Mr. Huo is getting jealous again. ' He prayed for Jared and then called Jasper. Debbie came across someone she knew before she got Carlos' reply. It was Gus, who was hugging a man. At least Debbie thought so. 'The rumor that he is gay is true, ' thought Debbie. She took a photo of Gus too. Unfortunately, Gus noticed it. He released the person in his arms and walked towards Debbie. "Give me your phone," he demanded. Debbie shook her phone before his eyes and threatened, "You'd better lose that sour expression on your face next time when you see me. Or I'll send this picture of you and your boyfriend to Mr. Lu. " Gus' face darkened. He turned his head towards the person he had just hugged. With short hair and wearing a black jacket, she indeed looked like a man. Without a word, Gus called Curtis himself. "Curtis, Debbie calls me gay. " Debbie couldn't hear what Curtis said on the phone. After ending the call, Gus pointed at Debbie angrily but couldn't manage to utter a single word for a moment. When he finally spoke, it was a demand. "You bewitched Mr. Huo and now you are bewitching my brother too!" he blurted. 'Bewitching?' Debbie laughed. "Should I take that as flattery? Carlos aside, can't you see how much your brother loves Colleen? You must be blind

I'd like you to go with me," Carlos said to her as soon as the phone was connected. "Hmm? Okay. Well, I'd like to ask a favor," Debbie said

. "I remember there's a light gray overcoat in your closet. Try it on later," Carlos continued, as if he hadn't heard a single word she had just said. Debbie thought about what she had in her closet. There were too many clothes. She didn't know exactly how many clothes she had. Then she realized that was not what she was calling for. "Mr. Handsome, I'm calling because of Jared. " Carlos put his feet on the desk. "Do you like that hairdo?""Hmm?" She was puzzled. "The picture you sent me. ""Oh, I found it hilarious, and then I couldn't help imagining what you would look like in that hairdo. " A laugh escaped Debbie's lips. Jared turned to her sullenly. 'My life is in her hands now, and there she is, flirting with her husband. She was even having fun while I'm in deep shit, ' he thought bitterly. "What's so funny about it?" Carlos wondered. "It's hilarious. Didn't you get the picture from me? Didn't you think it was funny?""Debbie Nian! What did you mean by sending me a picture of another man and asking me to copy him? Did you have a crush on Jared, but he turned you down? And now you are trying to make me look like him?" 'Make him look like Jared? What did he mean?' she thought to herself. Before she could speak, Carlos queried, "I'm only 1. 88 m. Do I have to grow ten more cm to be Jared?""Carlos Huo! What's wrong with you?" His weird tone started bugging her. "You're always close to Jared. So today, you eventually started sending me his pictures. Debbie Nian, are you telling me that you didn't do it intentionally?"Carlos retorted. Now Debbie sensed jealousy. "That wasn't my intention. I just thought the hairdo was funny and wanted you to have a laugh. That was all. " Standing next to her, Jared listened on restlessly. She still hadn't gotten to the point of the call yet. 'Sending him a picture of another man to make him laugh?' Jared wondered what was running through Debbie's mind. "Okay, I can forget about the whole thing, but you and Jared won't shop together anymore. "Quietly, Carlos placed an internal call. It was for Emmett.