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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 186 I Always Stand By Your Side

"Remember, mum's the word. It all rests on Tomboy's decision. Anyway, I'm just helping them to cover their marriage. And I can't do anything until I get the green light to let everyone know. So I have to pretend that she's my wife, until she says otherwise," explained Emmett. Kasie finally made a sense of the situation. "So, you mean that everyone thinks you're Tomboy's husband, even though you never said anything. You just let people think what they want, right?" "Exactly. " Emmett sighed helplessly. His boss's wife wanted to keep a low profile. "But still. Why keep it a secret from Hayden Gu? Isn't it better to let him know? If he knew Mr. Huo was Tomboy's husband, he might stop pestering her. " Emmett and Kasie continued to walk along the road, engrossed in a talk centered around Carlos and Debbie. She asked, and he felt it was only fair to let her know what was going on. That way, she might not let anything slip either. Carlos wasn't happy with her at the moment, and maybe if she understood more about the situation, then she might even be able to help. After pondering Kasie's question for a short while, Emmett said, "Maybe Tomboy just didn't bother explaining anything to Mr. Gu. " Emmett had always been impressed by Debbie's unique personality. There were many reasons why. But what impressed him most was her attitude toward the title of "Mrs. Huo. " If any other woman were in Debbie's position, they probably would let the whole world know that Carlos was their husband. But Debbie was different. She had silently kept it a secret for three years, and more surprisingly, she had even wanted to divorce Carlos. She was actually trill, not a faker, not just trying to attract Carlos' attention. Luckily, Carlos had figured out who she really was and had done everything to win her over. Or else, they probably would have already divorced. Emmett and Kasie kept carrying on like this until they reached the gate of Kasie's apartment building. Before they bade each other farewell, Emmett tried to call Debbie one last time. To his surprise, the call went through. Kasie's jaw dropped when she saw how Emmett's face changed all of a sudden. With a pathetic expression on his face, he begged in a feigned sobbing voice, "Mrs. Huo, you have to help me!" "Emmett?" Debbie stifled a yawn, trying to wake up. "What's wrong?" she asked in confusion while rubbing her sleepy eyes. She had just woken up and powered her phone on when Emmett called. Hearing the noise from the bedroom, Carlos guessed that Debbie was finally awake. He put aside his work and walked out of the study, only to find that she was on the phone. Then, he called a housemaid downstairs and asked her to prepare food for Debbie. "I was only complimenting you, but Mr. Huo got angry with me and intended to send me to D Country. You know there are too many strong men there. What if I get hurt? Mrs. Huo, you know I always give you my full support. I've hidden your marriage from others like you asked. I've even blatantly gone against my boss for your sake. You have to save me!" Emmett exclaimed

Nothing had ever happened between him and Olga, but every time Debbie deliberately mentioned her, it sounded like he was in the wrong and he had to surrender to her, no matter what. Realizing that Carlos meant to let him off, Emmett gave Kasie the thumbs up. He cleared his throat, pretending to be serious, and answered formally, "Yes, Mr

. Huo. I'll be sure to clock in on time after the holiday!"A relieved sigh escaped Emmett's chest after he hung up. He turned to Kasie and said excitedly, "Tomboy has helped us out! We're saved!"Kasie rolled her eyes at him. It didn't surprise her at all. She had seen it many times before. Carlos was head over heels in love with Debbie. Of course he would do everything she asked. Emmett admired Debbie even more. "You know? Debbie is even better than I thought. She has turned a cold and scheming CEO to a docile husband! Can you believe that?"Kasie nodded in agreement. Then she thought of how Debbie behaved in front of Carlos last time, and said, "But I think Mr. Huo is really great too. Debbie used to be a strong tomboy with no filter, but he has turned her into a sweet girl now. "After a moment of silence, Emmett looked up at the sky, sighing with sentiment. "As long as Mrs. Huo is willing to undress herself in front of Mr. Huo, I bet he wouldn't mind giving her his life!" He had witnessed their love story from the start to this moment. He had seen clearly how Carlos had changed from a cruel and imperious CEO to a loving husband who spoiled his wife to the hilt. Kasie wasn't convinced though. "Aren't you exaggerating?"Emmett squinted at her. "No, I'm not. I'm telling the truth. You're too young to understand these kinds of things. " He still remembered how passionately Carlos stared at Debbie on their way back from Southon Village. 'Mr. Huo was like a beast stalking its prey the whole way. If I hadn't been there driving the car and Debbie hadn't been too shy, he probably would've had sex with her straightaway in the car. I think he must have had a hard time controlling himself back then, ' Emmett thought. Kasie let out a cold hum. "What did you say? I'm too young? Huh! I'll be an undergraduate very soon. Don't take me for a kid, okay?""Yes, yes. You're not a kid, but I'm a few years older than you. In my eyes, you're just a kid. By the way, could you please dye your hair black again? You don't look good with the yellow hair. "'Yellow hair? But this is brown!' Kasie sulked. "I think we have nothing in common. Goodbye!" she said and turned around to leave. In fact, she had intended to dye her hair black before the new semester, because students were not allowed to dye their hair. Right then, a middle-aged woman in pajamas came downstairs. Seeing Kasie, she asked curiously, "Kasie, who's this guy?"Emmett assumed that this woman might be one of Kasie's neighbors. In a good mood, he decided to make fun of Kasie. "Hi! Nice to meet you," he said playfully. "I'm Kasie's boyfriend. "