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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 258 I Have No Mom

Debbie caught up to Carlos and grabbed his arm. "Give me my watch back. I'll put it and the diamond ring on every day. " "You don't need to say anything more," he said nonchalantly. Debbie took a deep breath and said, "I'll return the ear studs to Hayden tomorrow. Believe me, I did turn him down. He put them in my purse without my knowledge. " 'Hayden is such a troublesome man. I swear I'm gonna beat him to a pulp, ' she thought. Carlos shook her hands off and walked towards the door. Debbie was taken aback by his indifference. In a feigned choking voice, she said, "Honey, I'm afraid of sleeping alone. " Carlos opened the door. But before leaving, he said, "I'll be in the study. " Debbie heaved a sigh of relief. 'Thank God! I thought he was leaving the manor. But it's almost time for bed. He must be mad, and probably doesn't want to spend the night with me. I must do something to appease him. ' Instead of going after Carlos right away, she took off the stud she had put on to piss him off, removed her evening dress and walked into the bathroom. After about half an hour, she got out of her room in her pajamas. She went to the kitchen and retrieved a cake from the refrigerator. She sliced a big piece and put it on a plate. With the cake in her hand, she went straight to the study. Without knocking, she pushed the door open and strode in. She used to knock before, but Carlos had told her that it was unnecessary. So now, she was used to just walking in casually. Carlos was on the phone. His expression changed when he saw her, but he looked away quickly. Biting her lower lip, she put the plate on the desk. Slowly, she cut a small piece of the cake with the fork and brought it to his lips. Carlos ignored it, and spun his chair around to face his back towards her. The call was still connected. Curtis, who was at the other end of the line, was telling Carlos that he would be going to A Country and staying there for about a year. Surprised, Carlos asked, "What for?" "We're opening a branch in A Country. I have to deal with the administration there. " Curtis was not sure how long he was going to stay in A Country. Frustrated about being ignored completely, Debbie looked at the cake in her hand and gobbled it up herself in her anger. Her eyes widened. 'Wow, this is really yummy!' She took several more bites before turning Carlos' chair back towards her, and then brought another piece to his lips. As if she were invisible, Carlos said into his phone, "When will the wedding be held? Okay, we'll be there. " Debbie tugged at Carlos' clothes, gesturing for him to eat the cake. But he didn't respond. She grew impatient. But soon, she had this crazy idea forming in her head

"Debbie didn't know how to respond to that. Yes. According to the documents, Curtis was Debbie's

. uncle. Her mother was Ramona, the popular singer whom she used to like a lot. Ramona and Curtis had the same father, but different mothers. After a long pause, she said in a hoarse voice, "Mr. Lu, thank you for taking care of me all this time. But let's just be strangers from now on. "She hated her mom for abandoning her, and she hated the Lu family now. Curtis' smile disappeared. He couldn't believe it. He had thought that Debbie would be thrilled after learning about their true relationship. But she had chosen to break off all relations with him instead. "Debbie, I know that I shouldn't have kept this from you. But trust me, I bear no ill will. ""I know," she said in a low voice. 'I know that he did everything for my own good, but I really can't accept anyone from that family. '"Debbie, your mom didn't abandon you on purpose," he said softly. 'Ramona had her own reasons for doing that. '"I have no mom!" Debbie yelled into the phone at the top of her lungs. She lost it when Curtis mentioned her mother. Bitterness flooded Curtis. He never thought that Debbie hated Ramona so much. He tried to coax her, "Okay, okay. Please don't be mad. Listen to me. Let's just pretend that none of this happened, and live happily like always. Okay?"'Live happily like always? I see that woman on TV every day. How can I pretend like nothing has changed? It's lucky that I'm leaving this country. ' An idea suddenly popped into her mind. She wanted to call Carlos and tell him that she never wanted to come back to Y City, ever again. Without answering Curtis' question, she hung up abruptly. After a few moments' consideration, she called Emmett. "Is everything ready for my departure?" she asked. "Yes, Mrs. Huo. Everything is ready. Zelda is booking a ticket for you to England for the day after tomorrow," he replied. Closing her eyes, she said, "I want to get on a flight to England tomorrow. ""What?! Mrs. Huo, is something wrong?" he asked in disbelief.