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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 232 I Like Chubby Girls

Gregory looked at the set menu Debbie was pointing at, and felt his stomach grumble. In order to not be a killjoy, he gulped and told the waiter, "Same for me. " The waiter's jaw dropped at their request. Trying to suppress his astonishment, he offered with a smile, "The dishes you have ordered are a bit too much. How about I take you to a bigger table?" Debbie turned him down politely saying, "No, thank you. This table is just fine. " Carlos and Olga were sitting at the nearby table. Debbie wanted to see how her husband was going to flirt with another woman right before her. Soon, a couple of waiters walked to their table, pushing trolleys of food, and served the dishes. Olga was shocked. Looking at the three small plates before her, she said to Carlos in a whisper, "Oh my God! How can a woman eat so much? Just one of those set menus she ordered is enough to last me three days, and two of them will last me a week!" Carlos cast an indifferent glance at her and replied, "A good appetite is a blessing. " Olga hadn't expected him to defend Debbie. She gave him an awkward smile and shut her mouth. After a pause, she added, "She's already big-boned. If she keeps eating like this, no man will like her. " "I like chubby girls," Carlos said with a stern face. Olga didn't know how to respond. 'Why is Carlos defending Debbie again? Or does he say that because he doesn't like my skinny body, ' she wondered. Olga said nothing more, and began to eat her food in a graceful manner. Debbie swallowed a mouthful of spaghetti and began to stab the beefsteak with her fork. She looked at Gregory, who seemed dumbstruck, and said, "I'm gonna consider this beefsteak as my husband, and I'm gonna stab him and tear him apart. " She cut through the meat with so much anger. But that was all she could do. She sliced a piece and put it into her mouth. "Your husband? He. " Gregory stole nervous glances at Carlos from time to time. He knew that the couple had a fight, and he was afraid that Carlos might lose his temper and take Debbie away any time. But his sister had once told him that Carlos was his wife's slave. Gregory thought his worries were uncalled-for. Debbie swallowed the meat and cut Gregory off. "My husband? He eloped with an old woman. " "Ahem!" Gregory choked on his drink and coughed violently. He stole a quick glance at Carlos, curious to know his reaction. Carlos looked at the woman in front of him and thought, 'Although Olga is not even thirty yet, she does seem like an old woman compared to Debbie

Huo, I need to go to the bathroom for a moment. ""Mm-hmm. " Carlos didn't raise his head to look at her

. Olga didn't mind his cold response, she knew he was a man of few words. She grabbed her purse, and walked towards the ladies' room as well. Debbie sat on the toilet seat, boiling with anger. She opened WeChat and sent Carlos a message saying, "Carlos Huo, you not only plan to marry Megan Lan, but are also buying cosmetics for Olga Mi. I really can't live with you any longer. Name your price and we'll have a clean break-up. "Carlos' reply came almost immediately. "A clean break-up? Why don't you stay where you are and I'll come to you? We'll discuss our future in the ladies' room. "'He's coming in here? Discussing something in the ladies' room? He is so weird!' she thought. "Just discuss it on WeChat," she typed angrily. "You want to have a clean break-up with me so that you can be with Gregory Song, don't you?" he replied. Debbie gripped her phone tighter. It took her several deep breaths to calm herself down. To piss Carlos off, she answered shortly, "Yes!" Then she readied herself and walked out of the cubicle. Olga was smoothing her hair standing before the wash basin. Seeing Debbie through the mirror, she sneered, "Debbie Nian, you are really good at seducing men. First, you hooked up with Mr. Gu, and now you are with the son of the Song family. "'And she had even hugged and kissed Mr. Good thing that Mr. Huo doesn't like her. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to mock her like this now, ' Olga thought with a smirk. "You should feel lucky that I'm not interested in Carlos Huo. Otherwise, you wouldn't be hooking up with that unfaithful man," Debbie snapped back in a cold tone. Olga fumed with rage when she heard Debbie call Carlos "an unfaithful man. " Stepping on her high heels, she walked up to Debbie and glared at her. "How dare you call Mr. Huo an unfaithful man! I'll tell him about this. He will definitely wipe you from the face of this world. Just wait and see!"Debbie grabbed a tissue to dry her hands. Feigning terror, she mocked a plea, "Oh, please don't do that, Miss Mi!"