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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 135 I Love Him

"Yes, a bitch. Opposite sexes attract each other after all, not to mention the fact that it's a good-looking bitch. So my husband likes her a lot," Debbie said as she drew circles on the table with her index finger. The two at the next table heard every word of hers, loud and clear. Unaware of what she actually meant, Hayden commented with a smile, "No matter how much he likes her, it's just a dog. Are you saying that you are not even as important as a dog in his heart?" "I'm wondering the same thing. " Debbie smiled bitterly. When she heard Debbie's first words, Megan accidentally poured hot water on her hand. Carlos asked the waiter to get some ointment for her, but that was it. He didn't do anything else. As Debbie's words turned harsher, Megan stared at the man next to her, a wronged expression on her face. Since he was within earshot, she believed he had heard every single word Debbie had said. However, there was no response from him. His face remained blank. Silently, Megan worked on her emotion. Soon, a single tear rolled down her cheek. Carlos didn't notice it, though. The boy did. He was talking about something, but stopped immediately and asked, "Megan, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Is it something I said? I'm so sorry. " In a fluster, Megan grabbed a tissue from the table and wiped her eyes carefully. "No, it's not. It's nothing. I'm fine," she said. It was only then that Carlos realized that Megan was crying. He frowned and handed her a napkin. "Don't bother her again!" he said to the boy sternly. The boy was the same age as Megan and he was visibly terrified of Carlos from the very beginning. Carlos' order made his forehead sweat. He nodded and then nodded some more. "I. Megan, I'm s-sorry for bothering you. Bye. " As soon as he managed to stutter those words, the poor boy fled. Left alone with Carlos, Megan asked in a low voice, "Uncle Carlos, does Aunt Debbie have a problem with me? She seems to dislike me. Last time, she got mad at Jake when I brought him to the villa. Now she is calling me a. Uncle Carlos, I. " Megan sounded sadder and more desperate as she spoke. She started to pant for breath. Debbie could hear her crying. When she turned to look at her, she saw Carlos comforting the girl, holding her in his arms. She heard him say, "Don't cry. You're in poor health. Crying will only make it worse

I will drive you home right after dinner. " Debbie sat back in her seat reluctantly. She finished her meal like she was assigned some tough task

. Just as he had promised, Hayden got up to drive her home after dinner. His driver brought the car to the entrance of the restaurant. But before Debbie could get in, a Bentley pulled up next to them. Debbie's heart skipped a beat when she saw the license plate. It was Carlos' car. Emmett got out and walked over to her quickly. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo asked me to pick you up. "Hayden, who had just walked around to the other side of the car, didn't hear what Emmett had said. He was about to approach them when Debbie said, "No, thanks. Mr. Gu is driving me home. "Debbie got into the Porsche without another word. Hayden looked at Emmett and thought that the couple was having a fight. That was what he had been dreaming of. Hiding his excitement, he walked over to Emmett and patted him on the shoulder before getting in the car. Emmett watched the car pull away from the restaurant helplessly and called Carlos. Knowing that Debbie was in a bad mood, Hayden didn't talk much in the car. "Where do you live?" he asked finally. His Porsche had just left the parking lot. "Just pull over here. I can go home by myself," Debbie said. They remained silent for a moment. Light music from the stereo filled the awkward silence. Hayden sighed, "Debbie. You don't love him, do you?" He couldn't see any sign of affection in her eyes when she looked at Emmett. Debbie smiled sadly. "Yes, I do. I love him very much. "Hayden read her response as an effort to pretend to be strong in front of him. "Okay, okay. You love him. " He drew closer to her to let her see how sincere he was. "I don't mind being a backup. If you're ever unhappy with him, come back to me, all right?"The genuine look in his eyes confused Debbie. "Hayden, if you really like me, then why did you choose another girl over me in the first place?"Hayden bowed his head in shame. After a moment, he looked up and pulled her into his arms. "Deb, I regret that decision every day. Only after you left me did I realize how important you are to me. "