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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 185 I'd Rather Find A Boyfriend

Emmett told Kasie honestly, "I'm really fed up with blind dates. I can't stand them anymore. I'll send my father your pic and tell him we're dating. Then at some time in the future, I'll tell him we've broken up. Sounds good?" "Get bent! You think I'm that desperate?" Emmett stared at her, eyes wide. He really knew next to nothing about women. "But I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend. It's just. Ah screw it! Name your price," he offered, resignedly. "Well, you buy me a bunch of roses, a handbag and some clothes. Do that, and you won't just get my pic, but we can take selfies together. Way more convincing. Okay?" 'What?! That's some serious time and money! This woman's gone too far! I'd rather find a boyfriend who can support me, ' Emmett cursed inwardly. But the more he thought about it, the better it sounded—Kasie's demands, not the boyfriend part. Maybe then his dad would get off his case. Despite his thoughts, he said through gritted teeth, "Deal! You're Mrs. Huo's friend, after all. I just need to make some arrangements and pay the bill here. Then we'll go to the mall. " He called the IT manager and assigned some tasks to him before leaving the cafe with Kasie. After they arrived at Shining International Plaza, Kasie led Emmett to a store, picked up a handbag which she'd had her eye on for a long time, and put it in Emmett's hands. "Just buy this. I don't need roses or clothes. " The handbag stood out because of its strange shape. Emmett was a little shocked by Kasie's taste, but said nothing. He needed this, so he just went along with whatever she wanted. He took it to the cashier's desk, and much to his surprise, it only cost him around $200, 000. He had thought it would cost more than 1 million dollars. Then he went back to Kasie and handed the well-packed handbag to her. She kissed the package cheerfully. 'He's not a bad guy at all. Even more generous than my dad, ' she thought. "Hey, Mr. Zhong. If you buy me a handbag every month, I'll be your girlfriend," she offered. "Really? A handbag a month is enough to buy you?" Emmett retorted, rolling his eyes. "I thought you loved Mr. Lewis Huo. What would he think? Do I look like a fool to you?" With a serious look, Kasie explained, "Lewis? I broke up with him a long time ago

'Debbie is celebrating the Spring Festival in New York now. And according to the news, Carlos took his wife to New York to celebrate the Spring Festival with his family. ' Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head

. Debbie wasn't married to Emmett! Instead, her husband was actually Carlos Huo! 'If she's married to Carlos Huo, that would explain why she wore a priceless diamond ring, and why Curtis Lu and Damon Han protected her at that party. Not to mention why she's the largest shareholder of Orchid Private Club, ' Hayden mused. Only Carlos was able to spark a change in Debbie in such a short time—she was much more graceful and elegant than in the past, and one of the most prominent figures in Y City. No wonder Hayden had never seen any kind of affection between Debbie and Emmett. 'I was such a fool!' he thought. His face paled at the thought. In the past, he was sure that Debbie would come back to him, despite the fact that she had already married. After all, he was practically a prince compared with Emmett. He really thought her husband was Emmett, who couldn't hold a candle to him. But now he knew Debbie's husband was Carlos Huo—the richest and most powerful man in Y City. Hayden clenched his fists tightly; he didn't think Carlos would actually fall in love with Debbie. It was not that Hayden looked down on Debbie; he just thought that no matter what she did, she didn't deserve Carlos. 'There must be a reason behind this. Maybe Carlos is hiding something? Like sexual dysfunction? I guess so. No wonder he won't tell the public who his wife is, ' Hayden thought to himself. He took out his phone and dialed Debbie's number to ask her something. But to his disappointment, her phone was off, and the call went straight to voice mail. As soon as they left Shining International Plaza, Kasie asked Emmett, "Hey, why the hand over my mouth?"Emmett turned to look whether Hayden was behind them. Then he looked Kasie in the eye and explained with resignation, "Mrs. Huo doesn't want everyone to know she's married to Mr. Huo. ""I know. Tomboy is my best friend, and we have no secrets between us. ""Then do you know Tomboy turned Hayden Gu down? Told him she was a married woman?"Kasie nodded, "Yeah. So? Get to the point. ""Mr. Huo loves his wife, and he wants the whole world to know Tomboy is his one and only. But she doesn't like the limelight. So Hayden thought I was her hubby. I let him think that, because I want Tomboy to be happy. And if she's happy, so is Mr. Huo. "Kasie was totally confused. "Okay, so why did you shush me?"