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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 233 I'll Sleep With Gregory

Olga was pleased when Debbie looked frightened. She cast a disdainful glance at her and mocked, "Well, if you beg for mercy sincerely, I won't tell Mr. Huo what you just said. " "Beg for mercy? Why would I do so? You're not Mrs. Huo," Debbie said with a raised eyebrow as she stared at Olga. A hint of embarrassment flashed across Olga's face at the mention of "Mrs. Huo," but she stood upright. "Yes, Mr. Huo is married, and I'm not Mrs. Huo. But he doesn't love his wife. So what's the point of being Mrs. Huo? He loves me, you know. Beg me for my forgiveness, and I'll put in a good word for you," she said with a smug expression. Debbie couldn't help but burst into laughter. She eyed Olga from head to toe and taunted, "He loves you? Come on, Auntie! You look even older than him. He should be blind to fall for you. Besides, he has had so many women. Who do you think you are?" Olga's face twitched when Debbie called her "Auntie. " "You. How dare you! I'll tell him that you called him an unfaithful man!" "Go ahead. Tell him," Debbie shrugged. 'Megan, Olga, Portia. He has been with so many women!' she cursed inwardly. How Olga wished she could point at Debbie and call her names at that moment! But someone entered the ladies' room just then, and she had to leave to keep her image. Debbie started after her. "Auntie, you'd better hurry up. If I reach Carlos Huo first, I'll snitch on you. " Since Debbie was wearing sneakers, she trotted towards the dining hall effortlessly. Olga believed her threat, so she quickened her pace. Debbie had almost reached Carlos' table, while Olga was still pretty far away from him. She started running to catch up to her. Her six-centimeter leather heels gave away as she stumbled and fell to the floor, spraining her ankle. And yet again, tragedy struck Olga. "Aargh!" she screamed, lying on the floor in the middle of the dining hall. Everyone turned to look at her. Even the pianist stopped playing and stared at the woman on the floor with his mouth agape

"Hmm," was Carlos' short reply. Not knowing what was on his mind, Olga continued to snitch on Debbie. "Mr

. Huo, I bet Debbie is trying to seduce you. You don't know how flirty she is. I saw her making out with Hayden Gu at the investors' dinner last time. And now, she's dating Gregory Song. Mr. Huo, you need to—"Before she could finish, Carlos interrupted her. "You want to seduce me as well, don't you?" he asked in an emotionless tone. Olga didn't expect Carlos to ask her such an embarrassing question. In a shy voice, she replied, "Mr. Huo, I've been in love with you for years. You know—"Again, Carlos stopped her. "Olga, I'm a married man, and you know that. Go to the Shining International Plaza and buy whatever you want. That is my thanks to you for accompanying me to dinner tonight. We won't be seeing each other anymore," he said coldly. Earlier this evening, Curtis had told him that Debbie and Gregory were going for dinner at this restaurant. He had then called Olga and invited her to dinner. Olga panicked when she heard his abrupt words. Huo, I—" She tried to say something to save the situation. In the parking lot, Carlos' driver held the car door open for them. Carlos placed Olga in the back seat, straightened his suit and said in an icy tone, "And do not offend Debbie Nian ever again. "The fierce look in his eyes told Olga that he was not joking. Besides, Carlos was never a man to joke. His threat was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky to Olga. She didn't know how to respond. Watching Carlos retreat, Olga had a bad feeling. 'Is it possible that Debbie Nian is Mrs. Huo? No, no, no! That's impossible. Huo would never marry a woman like her!'When Carlos returned to the restaurant, Gregory and Debbie, who had been busy with their eating contest earlier on, were nowhere to be found. He rubbed his arching brows and dialed Colleen's number. "I'm at the restaurant. Why didn't you come?"With a guilty conscience, Colleen explained, "I'm stuck in traffic. ""You better ask your brother to send my wife back right now. If he fails to do so in the next ten minutes, he will be missing some very important parts of his body," he threatened