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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 151 I'm Debbie's Husband

At around 8 p. , the elevator descended gracefully into the hotel lobby and a couple walked out, hand in hand. The woman had zipped her coat all the way to the top, put her hood up, and pulled the drawstrings tight. No one would be able to recognize who she was. "Mr. Huo, are you going out? Do you need a car?" the lobby manager asked with the utmost respect. "No," Carlos answered shortly. "Yes, Mr. Huo. Do you need any other services?" "No. " "Sure, Mr. Goodbye. " The manager always made a fuss whenever Carlos was around. On their way out, Carlos and Debbie had to bear the greetings from several hotel staff passing by. When they finally left the hotel, she heaved a long sigh of relief. Somehow, Carlos was not happy with her reaction. He cast a sideways glance at her and asked, "You feel ashamed of being with me, don't you?" 'Not again! I've told him a dozen times. ' Debbie was exasperated at the stupid thought but decided not to act it out. She grabbed his arm and told him with a sweet smile, "Honey, could you please wait until I graduate first? I'm not mentally prepared to live under limelight just yet. " Then she added playfully, "You know who you are—the great Carlos Huo. It's quite a big thing to be your wife and sometimes, stressful too. " Carlos' heart went soft at her words, but he managed to maintain a straight face. "Behave yourself. Don't hang onto my arm like that," he demanded frivolously. "It's all your fault! My legs are killing me. I am not the one to blame," she snapped back playfully. If it weren't for her rumbling stomach, she would still be tormented by this old goat. Carlos couldn't maintain his long face any longer, and his eyes reduced themselves to slits in his affection. "What do you want to eat?" he asked in a soft voice. "I don't know. I've never been to this city before. Let's look around and find something good to eat. " She suddenly remembered that one of her cousins was a freshman in some university in this city, but she didn't know the exact address. She took out her phone from her pocket and asked Carlos casually, "Hey, do you know T City Film Academy?" "Yes," he responded cautiously. "Do you know where it is?" "About a couple of miles from here. Why?" Debbie was elated at the news. She dialed a number and told Carlos, "I'd like you to meet someone, okay?" "You know someone here?" he remarked in surprise

But Debbie had kept it quiet. She didn't want anyone to find it out just yet. Sasha had such a big mouth that Debbie's face instantly blushed

. She stole a glance at Carlos, only to see him chuckle. Covering Sasha's mouth, she snapped, "No! I did no such thing. Just shut up. Let me introduce you to each other. "Nodding repeatedly, Sasha was dying to know who the man was. "Let me guess. Is he your boyfriend or something?"Sasha's bluntness would have been quite funny to some boys, but it made Debbie feel shy. She was getting the feeling that maybe, it hadn't been a fine idea to invite Sasha to have dinner. At that moment, Carlos cut in, "Hi, I'm Carlos Huo, Debbie's husband. ""Husband? Carlos Huo? Aaaaaaaaargh!" Her voice rose to a scream. So penetrating was her pitch that everyone in the restaurant heard her. Not until a waitress entered the room to check on what was happening did Sasha realize that she was overreacting. She gave the waitress an embarrassed smile and mouthed an "I am sorry" at her. After the waitress had left the room, Sasha held Debbie's hand and asked, "Deb, he's Carlos Huo! I was just about to tell you he looked like Carlos Huo, and he IS him!"Debbie covered her ears and complained, "Would you please lower your voice? If you keep yelling like this, Carlos and I are going to leave. "Carlos, who preferred quietness to noise, was a little unhappy, but as a cultured man, he didn't show it. Afraid that Carlos would get angry, Sasha flashed a wry smile. Clearing her throat, she apologized to him in a lowered voice, "I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not that noisy by nature. I just got too excited. "On the inside, she still believed that any girl who had met Carlos Huo in person and known he was her cousin's husband would act like this. After all, he was super handsome, super rich, and super mysterious. He was the dream lover of countless girls, and what wouldn't they give for one moment with him? Carlos decided to let it slide with a kind smile. "Never mind. Have a seat, please. "Sasha sat opposite Carlos. Debbie wanted to sit next to her, but Carlos grabbed her hand and pulled her into a chair beside him. Upon seeing the two of them acting coy, Sasha covered her mouth with both hands and giggled naughtily. Debbie knew Sasha's favorite food and had already told Carlos about it. He had ordered the dishes while Debbie was waiting for Sasha. This way, they didn't have to wait long and the food was served soon. Debbie put Sasha's favorite caviar roll onto her plate and asked casually, "Your sister is in the city as well. We just came from Southon Village together. Did she contact you?"Despite the fact that Gail hated Debbie, she was fond of her sister, Sasha. After all, blood was thicker than water