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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 200 I'm Going To Be Carlos Huo's Woman

"What? I thought Light Shade Entertainment was going to sign me after the New Year. Why did they decide against it all of a sudden? Who replaced me?" Portia yelled into her phone. "What? Don't tell me you don't know! Mr. Zhong? Emmett Zhong! Could he be behind this?" Portia suddenly stopped shouting when the person on the other end of the line said something. "I didn't expect a little assistant to be so resourceful. " she murmured in disbelief. All her commercials and modeling contracts had been cancelled. What was more, Light Shade Entertainment also decided not to sign her. After hanging up, Portia went back into the living room and threw her phone onto the couch. It bounced obligingly among the cushions before landing again, finally still. Hayden had just come back from New York and entered the house, overcoat in hand. Portia trotted up to him and asked anxiously, "Hayden, you're friends with the CEO of Light Shade Entertainment, right?" Hayden was about to take a warm bath after a long journey. He didn't miss a beat and asked in reply, "Yeah, I am. What's up?" "Then call your friend and ask him why he didn't sign me. " Light Shade Entertainment was the leading international company in the entertainment industry in Y City. It was Portia's dream to be an entertainer of that company. With Hayden's help, the CEO of Light Shade Entertainment had agreed to sign Portia after the New Year celebrations were done. But Portia's assistant had just called, and told her that all her commercials and modeling contracts had been cancelled and Light Shade Entertainment had decided not to sign her. "Really?" Hayden asked, as he stopped and turned to look at Portia. "But why?" Portia's eyes reddened. She took a deep breath and said in a choked voice, "I don't know either. " "Don't worry. I'm calling my friend now. " Hayden took out his phone and dialed a number. He hung up inside two minutes. He stared at his sister and was lost in his own thoughts, saying nothing. Portia was impatient. "Hayden, what did he say?" "Have you seen Debbie recently?" he asked. Before Portia could respond, a sharp voice chipped in, "Hayden, why talk about that bitch? Are you really that hung up on her? You want to piss me off, don't you? Why did you suddenly go to New York? You should've stayed and celebrated the New Year with us. " Hayden turned around to see Blanche walking down the stairs, clad in a night gown. Fury was written all over her face. Ignoring her questions, Hayden repeated his question. "Have you seen her?" "Yes," Portia nodded, and wondered whether it had something to do with Emmett. Hayden had long known that Portia couldn't stand Debbie, but he hadn't taken it seriously before. He didn't want to be caught between his sister and his beloved woman. But maybe he should have. A niggling doubt tickled the back of his brain. He wondered if it wasn't so much about Portia, but instead his last liaison with Debbie. Carlos seemed like he was okay with it, but what if he wasn't? Now that Hayden knew that Debbie was Carlos' wife, he thought he'd better remind his sister

"Mom, please get me in touch with Carlos Huo," she said. "What for?" Blanche asked in confusion. Looking Blanche in the eye, Portia said with determination, "I'm going to be his woman

. " That was the only way she could step on Debbie and teach her a hard lesson that she would never forget. "NO! Don't you know Mr. Huo is married? You're not going to be anyone's mistress," Blanche snapped. There was no way that would end well. Men made endless promises to their mistresses about how they'd divorce their wives and marry them. They rarely did, and if the mistresses got pregnant, well, that was all over. Portia was not willing to be an ordinary man's mistress. However, Carlos Huo was not an ordinary man. Being his mistress was much better than being an ordinary man's wife. Portia said in a calm voice, "Mom, I don't think Carlos Huo loves his wife. Otherwise, he wouldn't have kept her a secret from the public. He has gone to parties with Olga a couple times. Besides, he walked out of the hotel with a college girl last time, and I'm sure that wasn't Olga. See? He has so many women. Men are all unfaithful. And Carlos is no exception. Have you ever heard of the daughters of the prominent families in Y City getting married? No! Of course, Carlos' wife is not from a powerful family. Do you think I can't drive Mrs. Huo out of the Huo family and replace her?""Um. " Blanche hesitated. She had to admit that Portia had a point, but she was afraid that people might gossip behind her back. After all, it would be disgraceful if Portia was a mistress. Portia knew what was on her mother's mind. "Mom, don't worry. I don't think people would gossip about me. Carlos is so rich and powerful, nobody will trash talk him or his woman. After I become his woman, our family will be more respected. "'After I become Mrs. Huo, I'll ask him to fire Emmett Zhong!' she swore to herself. Blanche had been thinking of marrying her daughter to Carlos instead of Lewis. Despite being the general manager of ZL Group's New York branch, Lewis wielded little power in the company. But the truth was, Carlos had turned this offer down without hesitation. Left with no other option, she then decided to marry Portia to Lewis. After all, Lewis was Carlos' cousin. The Gu family could still benefit from an association with Carlos.