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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 90 In The Hospital

"Okay, fine," Carlos replied resignedly. "You know, I intended to have a passionate night with you yesterday, but this injury totally ruined my plans," he confessed. He had been patient with Debbie for a long time. If he waited any longer, he was afraid that something wrong could happen to his manhood. Debbie gave him a glare and seized the opportunity to complain, "You should have known better than to get yourself injured. Maybe God doesn't want you to get your own way. " "If that had been the case, then my injuries wouldn't have landed on my arm. Deb, I can push myself up with one arm. How about we have a try?" Debbie's heart was racing and she could hardly maintain her composure anymore. Carlos seemed odd to her today. He kept hitting on her and as if that wasn't enough to throw her off the mark, he was very handsy as well. Desperate for a way to contain her surging emotions, she stomped on his foot and snapped, albeit frivolously, "Keep your hands off me!" Carlos was amused by the shy and annoyed expression on her face. He bowed his head and kissed her forehead softly before whispering, "Honey, I'll go to the hospital with you, but I think I deserve a reward for the trouble. " Hearing him call her honey again, Debbie couldn't help smiling and taunted quietly, "And what reward does this child want?" "This, of course. " He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply on the lips. Nothing else could be heard anymore in the room except for the heavy breathing of the two. Some time later, Debbie walked out of Carlos' room again with burning cheeks, looking definitely rumpled. She fetched a mask from her bedroom and asked Carlos to put it on. Just as they were about to leave, Debbie reminded him to put on a pair of sunglasses too. After that, she took a glance at him and decided that everything was finally set now. They left the villa and headed for the hospital. Emmett had already made an appointment for them with the doctor. In the consulting room, the doctor looked at Carlos' wound carefully and changed his dressing. It took about two hours to complete the process, after which, they left the doctor's consulting room. Debbie had been under the impression that they would be heading back to the villa immediately, but to her surprise, Carlos was holding her hand and leading her to the inpatient department. "Where are we going?" she asked in confusion. "The inpatient department. Megan was hospitalized and is being kept under observation. " Hearing Megan's name, Debbie didn't respond and just followed him silently. Hardly had they reached the door of the ward before they heard the sound of Megan's laughter emanating cheerfully from inside, in stark contrast to the hospital's general ambiance. At that point, Debbie noticed an evident smile on her husband's face, and secretly, made a face in disapproval. Walking inside, they noticed that Damon and Wesley were already there. Megan was sitting on the edge of the bed, giggling at Damon's jokes. Her eyes brightened when she saw Carlos and Debbie. She ran towards Carlos, calling in a cheerful voice, "Ah, Uncle Carlos, Uncle Carlos, you are here. Are you okay? Does it still hurt?" Seeing her trotting over, Carlos released Debbie's hand and spread his arms to catch the girl. "Mmm, I'm fine. But you be careful. You shouldn't do anything strenuous right now. " "I'm fine too

"What did the doctor say?" he asked Wesley, who had been looking out the window the entire time and seemed the least interested in their rift. "Asthma again. But it's fine

. She can be discharged from hospital tomorrow. " Wesley withdrew his gaze from outside and finally turned towards them slowly. Carlos didn't reply. He pulled Debbie closer to him and sat down on the sofa with her. Crossing his legs, he settled in comfortably and watched Megan and Damon chat and laugh together. A moment later, the door of the ward opened again. Curtis and Colleen walked in. "Debbie," Curtis greeted as soon as he saw Debbie. "Hi, Mr—" Debbie was about to stand up to greet the man, but Carlos pulled her back to the sofa and wrapped his arms around her. She looked at him with a perplexed gaze. Carlos explained his stance, though in a highly indifferent tone, "This is a hospital, not a school. You don't have to be so polite to him. "Curtis only smiled at his unfriendly remarks. Debbie rolled her eyes at Carlos helplessly and greeted Curtis and Colleen once again. "Hi, Mr. Lu. Hi, Colleen. "Curtis nodded and walked over to Megan. Colleen, on the other hand, walked closer to Debbie, and asked, "How's Carlos' arm?"Debbie was puzzled. She looked at Colleen who was smiling at her and wondered, 'Carlos is right there. Why doesn't she ask him directly? Why is she asking me?'Before she could recollect her thoughts and respond, Colleen said in a louder voice, "Debbie, you're Carlos' wife. Why is it so embarrassing to talk about your husband's injury?""He. Um. " Debbie was confused too much by the situation to form a coherent answer. Seeing confusion written all over her face, Colleen pulled her away from Carlos, took her arm, and whispered with a smile, "Last night, when we got to the villa, you were sleeping beside him like a piggy. You must have been really tired from taking care of Carlos. "It was only now that Debbie realized she and Curtis had dropped by the villa the night before. It only dawned on her now that there were so many people who had watched her sleep. Debbie turned her head and rolled her eyes at Carlos. "Why didn't you wake me up when Colleen dropped by last night?"Carlos raised his eyebrows and apologized, "Sorry. I won't do it again. "Seeing how cute the two were being together, Colleen laughed. It was only now that she remembered to ask about Megan. "Megan, when will you leave the hospital?"Megan replied in a sweet voice, "Thank you for asking, Colleen. I'll be discharged tomorrow morning. "Curtis reminded her, "Call her Aunt Colleen. "