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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 176 Intimacy In The Car

Hayden's intense reaction annoyed Debbie. She tried to pull her hand away, but his grip was too tight. "Debbie? Mr. Gu?" a sarcastic voice cut in. It sounded familiar. Debbie turned her head to find that Olga was standing behind them, watching with a smirk on her face. To avoid trouble for both Debbie and himself, Hayden reluctantly released her hand. Debbie never liked Olga. And life was too short to spend it around people she didn't like. She'd long ago promised herself that if it didn't make her happy, make her money, or make her better, she didn't have time for it. So certainly, she didn't have time for Olga. She turned around and walked away, as if the newcomer were invisible. Olga's cheeks were burning with embarrassment. 'What a snooty bitch! And right in front of Hayden, the most eligible bachelor in the city. ' Olga decided that she had to do something to save face. "Debbie Nian!" she called out shrilly. Debbie turned and looked at her coldly. "What? You want more? Another glass of wine on your dress maybe?" Olga replayed the events of their last meeting in her mind. It consumed her, and she was lost in thought for a moment. She remembered how Debbie had humiliated her in front of so many people. She remembered the crushing embarrassment, the cold, wet feeling of the wine seeping through her gown, the looks on the faces of the other guests. The happenings of that night still burned in her mind, fueled her rage, and sapped her self-control. She finally gave into her feelings and lost it. Looking at Debbie riding on the crest of success, she sneered, "Shut up, you showoff! Who the hell do you think you are? You think because you're married to Emmett you can do what you want? When I become Mrs. Huo, I'll kick you and Emmett out of ZL Group and out of Y City!" Her stupid words sent Debbie into a wild wave of laughter. She couldn't stop. After a long while, she finally calmed herself down and said, "I think Mr. Huo is married. So you're Mrs. Huo? Or just the other woman?" Instinctively, Olga thought it was a good idea to make Debbie think she was Mrs. Huo, so she retorted, "God, you must really be stupid! As a daughter of the Mi family, I would never be the other woman!" Raising her eyebrows, Debbie pretended to be surprised. "So, you mean you're Mrs. Huo?" "And why would I tell you?" Olga snorted. Debbie put a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter. It was getting harder by the moment not to expose Olga's lie. Then she remembered that Carlos had said he would take care of things with Olga, so she decided to leave it to him. However, their bickering confused Hayden. He looked at Debbie and asked, "You're Emmett's wife and you don't even know who Carlos' wife is?" Olga's face turned pale. She had forgotten Debbie's relationship with Emmett, Carlos' personal assistant. If anyone knew who the real Mrs. Huo was, it was him. And Debbie probably knew too. 'What if Debbie blows my cover?' Olga was worried. Debbie acted as if she didn't notice the expression on Olga's face. It was pretty easy to ignore her normally, so this came naturally to her. She told Hayden conspiratorially, "Of course I know who Mrs. Huo is. That's why I was laughing. Looks like someone's pretty on the outside, but ugly and stupid inside

' But Emmett didn't dare express his thoughts, so he silently rolled up the interior screen to spare himself the awkwardness. Although the interior screen had been rolled up, Debbie covered Carlos' mouth tightly in case he said something cheekier. Carlos smiled and took her hand in his

. "Why're you embarrassed? Emmett doesn't mind. Look, he even put the privacy screen up. " "Is this why you're acting like this?" Debbie rolled her eyes. Carlos moved closer to her with a mischievous smile. "How would I ever get lucky with my wife if I cared what anyone else thought?" Debbie cupped his face and said, "Seriously, I made Miss 'Me' very angry today. "Carlos took her hands away. "How?""Last time, I poured wine onto her dress. This time I threw shade at her and called her out on her lie. ""What lie?""She said she was your wife. Is it true?" Debbie looked at him, expressionless. "You want to know who my wife is? How about I show you? That would be more convincing. " With that, he pressed Debbie against the back seat and climbed on top of her. Meanwhile, he blamed Emmett in his heart. 'Next time, I'll pick up my wife by myself. And once again, I've missed the chance to have a moment with my wife in the car, thanks to Emmett, the third wheel. '"Dammit honey, just wait. I fought with that chick a lot. And today I didn't reveal we were married. But it felt like I was playing her. What will happen when she finds out? "Carlos grabbed her hands, trying to stop her from pushing him away. "I don't think we need to worry about Olga. I told her grandfather I'm married. I didn't stutter. He promised me he wouldn't try to fix me up with her anymore. "Debbie replied, "There's another problem. She likes you. Great, you got her grandpa off your back. But you need to let Olga know. ""I'll tell her you're my wife next time. I'll keep my distance. " He was glad to do that. He had been waiting to tell everyone Debbie was his wife. "Okay. " She didn't like Olga and couldn't be happier to keep her away from their lives. The further away she was from Olga, the happier she'd be. She and Carlos had enough problems to fill a lifetime, and it would be nice to get some peace and quiet every once in awhile. After driving Carlos and Debbie back to the manor, Emmett went back to his own house. On the way, he got a call from Hayden. So apparently Hayden's assistant came through and found the number for him. Emmett answered the call, wondering why he didn't recognize the number on the caller ID. Hayden didn't mince words. "Emmett, I'll give you five million. Divorce Debbie Nian. "