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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 250 Is Mrs. Huo That Tough

Hayden stood still with a calm face and swirled the red wine gently in his glass. As Debbie was hesitating to leave, a man swiftly walked on to the stage, a microphone in his hand. He started, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to take up more of your shopping time. " Carlos' voice boomed through the microphone. Again, it proved how influential he was in the city. As soon as he had started speaking, the noisy crowd turned pin-drop silent, with their eyes glued to him. With his eyes fixed on a certain individual, Carlos flashed a smile and continued, "I would like to take this opportunity to pick a unique wristwatch for my wife, as an apology to her. " This time, the hall erupted in an uproar. Finally, it was time to meet the mysterious Mrs. Huo! The crowd cheered and exclaimed as they scanned the hall to look for a lady who would most likely be Mrs. Huo. Debbie's heart skipped a beat. She clutched her wine glass tightly, holding her breath. 'What in the world. is he trying to do?' she wondered, nervously. She shifted her gaze towards the stage, only to find that he had been looking at her all this time. Their eyes met. The affection in his eyes was so evident; Debbie was completely mesmerized. But she was nervous and worried. 'Why did he mention me all of a sudden? Is he planning to really apologize to me in front of so many people? He is a CEO! Doesn't he care about his self-esteem? Isn't this going to be a disgrace for him?' she wondered with a frown. "Tomboy, Tomboy! Mr. Huo is going to profess his love for you in public!" Kasie exclaimed excitedly as she shook Debbie's shoulders. However, Debbie didn't take in any of her words; she wondered what Carlos was up to. Ignoring the commotion among the guests, Carlos spoke again. "But. my wife has. " he paused and smirked before continuing, "a very short temper. I'm afraid she won't forgive me even if I give her all the priceless valuables here. " The guests grew restless. More and more spectators began to whisper to each other. Inevitably, Debbie heard the people next to her talking. "Oh, my God! Who on earth is his wife? She's so daring that she would show her anger towards Mr. Huo," a guest wondered loudly. "Is Mrs. Huo that tough?" "I was wondering the same

She looked lovelier than ever with her big eyes popped out in shock. Although she was dressed in a simple, low-key manner, she was charming enough to attract people's attention. Carlos found it hard to take his eyes off her

. Portia was stunned and muttered in a shaky voice, "Why? Why her? How? Wasn't she married to Emmett?" Portia and her mother had been so excited when Carlos' assistant had contacted Portia, inviting her to attend the event with him. They had even celebrated, hoping that she would be Mrs. Huo in the near future. But now, her blood was boiling with jealousy. Recalling the scenes where she had deliberately taunted Debbie made Portia blush out of embarrassment. She balled up her fists, and gritted her teeth in rage. She seemed ugly as she turned green with envy. 'Debbie Nian, that annoying woman! Why can't she just go to hell? Why is she married to Mr. Huo? And moreover, Mr. Huo spoils her so much. My brother had dumped her in the past; how did she become Mrs. Huo now? Why? Why?! This is so absurd!!'Portia cursed in her mind, unconvinced by the sudden turn of events. As everyone watched on, Carlos pulled Debbie into his arms and kissed her gently. This caused a rumble of excitement in the hall. A round of thunderous applause, screams and whistles arose from among the guests. Carlos broke his embrace and looked at the stunned woman. With a thin smile, he grabbed her left hand and put the watch on her wrist as he apologized, "Honey, I'm sorry. Forgive me, please?"The watch fit Debbie's wrist perfectly because Carlos knew her size already. Kasie pinched Debbie's arm to remind her excitedly, "Debbie, wake up! Forgive him! Come on!"Jared had already been squeezed a few meters away from them by the cheering crowd. But thanks to his height, he was still able to see everything clearly. He exclaimed, "Debbie, forgive him! Say you love him!"Hayden clenched his fist tightly and snapped, "What are you so excited for? She's not your wife. ""Hey!" Jared yelled angrily. He really wanted to pop Hayden in the face, but seeing the happy couple amidst the crowd, he suddenly understood why Hayden was so pissed. Jared grinned. He casually rested his arm on Hayden's shoulder and mocked, "Pal, you're only playing a walk-on part in Debbie's love story. Quit being jealous. "Hayden responded with silence. The dumbstruck Debbie finally came back to her senses after being pinched by Kasie several times. She lowered her head to look at the watch on her wrist. It was beautiful and dazzling.