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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 112 It Can Nourish You

Despite the fact that she had practiced martial arts for many years, Debbie was still no match for Carlos in stamina. Last night, she had begged him to let her go many times, but instead of giving her a break, Carlos had worked on her harder and even taunted her. "I'm getting up now. See you later in the classroom. Don't call Carlos!" Debbie sat up on the bed, and blushed, looking at the clothes scattered on the floor. "All right. See you then. You better hurry up. Otherwise, your husband will punish both of us again," said Jared. He was so scared of Carlos that he'd tried everything possible to stay away from him. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Debbie went down the stairs to have lunch. Just then, Carlos called her. "Deb, what are you doing now?" he asked in a soft voice. Hearing the voice, Debbie couldn't help but remember what had happened last night. "I'm going to have lunch," she said through gritted teeth. Of course, Carlos noticed the anger in her tone, and chuckled, recalling images of an alluring Debbie in bed. "Deb, you're the sweetest girl on earth. The kind of girl I never thought I'd find all my life," he teased. "Carlos Huo, you're a flirt!" Debbie said, blushing even more. The smile on his face turning into a thoughtful look, Carlos said, "Honey, I want to go home now. " "What? Now?" she asked in confusion. "Does the lunch in your company not taste good?" she added. "I want to taste your sweet wine now. In fact I'm in the mood right now as we speak," he said in a suggestive whisper. Originally, Debbie wanted to go to the dining hall. But now that Carlos kept on teasing her, she was afraid that Julie would hear him and decided to go to the balcony. "Carlos Huo, how shameless you are! One more word and you'll be hauled over the coals!" "Boo. hoo. I'm so scared. I don't want to get your rough side of the tongue. But how can you be so cruel to your dear husband?" With an affected dismissive gesture, Debbie waved her right hand in the air as if chopping an invisible Carlos. "Are you kidding me? If you come near, I'll beat you to a pulp," she joked. "Anyway, I know where to hit you if I have to inflict the worst pain. You are an old goat with lots of fans out there on social media. How would it pan out if I leaked some juicy stuff to your fans?" Not until she had gotten laid did she realize that she didn't know him at all. She had underestimated him all along. "Ouch!" Accidentally, she bent and twisted trying to stretch her back, only to trigger sharp pain that reminded her of the crazy night they had together. She immediately cursed him again, "You're a bad egg! My whole body is aching. You jerk!" A smile of accomplishment flashed across his face. "Honey, I was wrong. I'll be more gentle the next time we bang. And by the way, the sooner we can, the sooner your body will get used to it," he added with a giggle

'Never mind, Debbie. Don't pay attention to those people, ' she consoled herself. Then she saw the comment from the man with the name "C", which said, "You want to go to the Maldives?"She replied without hesitation, "Yes, of course

. " And she added a Proud emoji. After Julie served lunch, Debbie put her phone aside and concentrated on her meal. But somewhere midway, a light bulb went off in her head. She picked the phone up again and sent Carlos a text message. "Old man, give me your WeChat account. "Putting down the chopsticks, she opened the Weibo app and followed Carlos. Carlos must have been very busy—he had only posted two updates on Weibo. Done two a year apart, both posts were ads for the ZL Group. Despite this fact, he still had tens of millions of followers. 'This is so unfair!' Debbie thought. She had posted more than a thousand updates, but she only had about a thousand followers. She envied him. She then searched for Curtis' Weibo account and followed him as well. He had millions of followers. Then Colleen. Much to Debbie's surprise, Colleen was the chief editor of a fashion magazine. No wonder she always stepped out in those stunning outfits! Just as Debbie sent a private message to Colleen, Julie passed her a bowl of soup. "Debbie, eat the soup first. It has taken me hours just to prepare it for you. ""Thank you, Julie. Wow, it smells so yummy. What a terrific cook you are!" Debbie flashed a sweet smile. Honestly, she liked Julie very much. Since she had moved into the villa three years ago, Julie had always been there to take care of her. And they got along so well, much like sisters, despite the fact that Julie was only a maid. "Really? I'm humbled to hear that. Anyway, eat while it's still warm. " Julie was amused by Debbie's reaction. Picking up the bowl, Debbie took a sip and frowned. 'It tastes a little weird. Sort of a herb, I guess. What did she add to it?' The way Julie looked at her with a satisfied smile only confirmed the suspicion. "Julie, what's in the soup?" she asked curiously. "How do you like it? It's a secret recipe from one of my friends and it's very nutritious, ' Julie said, the smile on her face growing even bigger. "But that's just a tip of the iceberg. The recipe is an aphrodisiac, which will also increase your chances of conceiving a boy," added Julie, now, smiling like a complete idiot. "What?!" Debbie choked on her soup and coughed violently.