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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 79 Jealousy Reared Its Head

When Tristan got Emmett's call, he had just returned to the office. Emmett's question caused him to think about the lipsticks Carlos had bought Debbie. In his opinion, a gift meant their relationship was okay. So he replied, "They're fine. " "OK. Thanks," Emmett said. After ending the call with Tristan, he called Debbie. Debbie didn't realize she hadn't talked to Emmett in a long time until she got his call. "Hi, Emmett," she said. She was about to go to Carlos' company to return the lipsticks when her phone rang. "Boo. hoo. How. how are you, Mrs. Huo?" Emmett cried over the phone, which made Debbie shiver. She thought something awful must have happened. "What's the matter?" she asked. The next moment, Emmett asked cautiously, "Mrs. Huo, is Mr. Huo with you?" "No. Why?" she wondered. Hearing that Carlos wasn't around, Emmett stopped crying and his voice went back to normal. "Mrs. Huo, I was sent away to carry bricks on a construction site because of you. I've been in this dull, terrible place for a month. You can't imagine what I've been through. When you pour yourself a drink and look out the window of your comfortable villa, do you ever think of me? Does it hurt when you do?" Debbie was surprised to hear that. 'Emmett? Carrying bricks? Because of me? Why didn't Carlos tell me? I asked him about Emmett, but. ' "Sorry, I didn't know," she apologized. "Now you know. I want my old job back. You're Mr. Huo's wife. Can you help me out? If you bring me back, I'll do anything for you. Anything," Emmett pleaded. "Do anything for me? What about my husband?" Debbie asked. "Well, do anything for both of you. " Debbie promised she'd put in a good word, but she couldn't promise that Carlos would forgive him. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he said that was fine. After ending the phone call, Debbie looked at the cartons of lipsticks, wondering what to do next. She had been thinking of returning the gift to Carlos. She intended to do so resolutely, so she would know that she couldn't be bought like that. She wasn't happy. But Emmett's phone call made her hesitate. She had to give it more thought before going to Carlos' company and talking to him. When Debbie visited ZL Group later, Carlos had just come back to his office after a meeting with a client. Just like last time, Rhonda received her at the reception desk. The difference was, this time Rhonda trotted over to her as soon as she saw her. "Nice to see you, Miss Nian. You're here to see Mr. Huo, right?" Without giving Debbie a chance to say anything, she added with a smile, "Mr

"No. I just came here to give these back. Bye," she said to Carlos

. It was quick, and decisive, just not quite the way she had envisioned it. But, then again, she hadn't imagined she'd run into Megan here. Who knew what Carlos did with Megan when Debbie wasn't around? "Eh? Debbie. " Megan called behind her. She had no idea what she did, or why Debbie was acting this way. But Debbie didn't stop. She couldn't stop. She certainly wasn't going to stay there a minute longer and continue to be humiliated. Each stride was purposeful and as long as she could comfortably make them. There was no way to make this any better, and then—"Stop!" Carlos called out coldly, causing Zelda to gasp. 'Who is this woman?' she wondered. 'And what does Mr. Huo have to do with her?' Zelda knew something was up, now. The visitor was clearly furious, but why? 'Does she think Mr. Huo owes her something?' She decided to wait, and watch. Debbie paused. She turned around and asked in a sarcastic tone, "Yes, Mr. Huo? I'm rushing off to school. Is there a problem?"At this point, Megan had already ripped open one box of lipsticks. The smile on her face said everything. She was ecstatic, practically glowing. It somehow made Debbie feel even worse. As if she hadn't noticed what was going on at all, she exclaimed, "Wow! These colors are fantastic! I don't have any of these. Uncle Carlos, did you ask Debbie to buy these for me?"Debbie and Carlos were stunned. 'I said "giving back" the lipsticks not "bring" them. What is she? Mentally challenged? Why does she think the lipsticks are for her?'Debbie looked at Carlos and sneered, "Yes, your Uncle Carlos bought those for you. They're limited editions. Enjoy!"That made Megan even happier. She put the lipsticks back into the bags and hopped to Carlos' side like a rabbit. "Thank you, Uncle Carlos! I love love love them!" Then, right under Debbie's nose, she stood on tiptoe and kissed Carlos on the cheek, just as she had kissed Curtis on her 18th birthday. Watching this, Zelda retreated to her seat. 'I'm right. It seems Miss Lan is going to be Mrs. Huo. Huo is ten years older, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as they love each other. But who is this stupid woman at the door? Mr. Huo and Miss Lan are having a moment there and she is still hanging around, being the third wheel. So annoying, ' she thought resentfully. For a second, she wanted to grab Debbie and drag her out of the office. Debbie looked at Megan in shock. 'How could she?' She had kissed Curtis right in front of Colleen the other night and just now she had kissed Carlos right in front of Debbie. Suddenly, it dawned on Debbie what Colleen had meant by 'watch out for Megan. 'At the same time, Megan seemed to have realized that she messed up. "I'm sorry, Debbie. Habits. But now that you are my auntie, I'll work on it. "'Habits?' Debbie couldn't help wondering. 'How many times has she kissed him? And does she kiss him like I do?'