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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 248 Let My Wife Know

Debbie's sudden refusal made Gregory's heart ache, but he was reluctant to give up. "Debbie, this expo is being held by the ZL Group, and many international celebrities will be attending. Invitations are hard to come by. Emmett, Kasie, and Jared will be there as well. You'll be going abroad soon, right? Why not take this opportunity to have some fun?" After a pause, he added while feigning indifference, "If you really don't want to go, it's fine. I'll go with Colleen and her boyfriend. I hope they don't give me the cold shoulder for ruining their date. " Debbie was confused. "I thought you didn't like these kinds of activities. Why are you mad keen to go this time?" "Oh, here's the thing. I collect watches. And this is a world-wide expo. There will be many limited-edition watches. I really need to see them in person. " Debbie began to wonder, 'It's held by ZL Group. Carlos just asked me to go to an expo with him. Is it the same?' "Will Carlos be there?" she asked. After some hesitation, Gregory murmured, "He will be there, but. " He didn't know if he should tell her the truth. He didn't want to drive a wedge between the couple. Debbie's heart skipped a beat when he said "but," and she asked, "But what?" "Nothing. Didn't he tell you about the expo?" he asked curiously. The whole world would have its attention turned to the expo, and Carlos should be taking his wife to it. Yet. "He told me, but I refused to go with him," she said honestly. Now, for some reason, she regretted having turned Carlos down. Since Debbie had already declined Carlos' offer, Gregory didn't think she would accept his invitation. "Well, since you want to stay home, I better leave you be. Bye, Debbie. " "Wait!" Debbie stopped him. "Gregory, did Carlos do something to you after he had seen us together at that restaurant?" On one hand, she was afraid that her petty husband would've done something to hurt Gregory. On the other hand, she sort of knew that he wouldn't because Gregory was Colleen's brother. "No, he didn't. Carlos is always nice to me," he replied. The truth was, when the new semester began, most of the teachers began to pay more attention to him. They left him with more homework, and made him the class monitor and commissary in charge of literature and art. He was much busier than before

Well, Emmett and Tristan had already gotten used to their boss's abnormal behaviors when it came to his wife. However, it was Zelda's first time dealing with this. "Hmm

. " Carlos put his phone on the desk and walked towards the lounge. He knew what was on Zelda's mind, but didn't bother to explain. 'I have a possessive wife, and I have to play along, ' he thought. He didn't realize that he was the same as well. Last time, when he had gone to the fashion show with Portia, Debbie saw it on TV and smashed it into pieces. He didn't want to piss her off this time, so he tried calling her many times. But she didn't answer. Zelda would have to tell her on his behalf. 'If Debbie calls me after learning about this, I'll pick her up and declare something important to the public using this opportunity. If she acts as if nothing happened. No. That won't happen. I know her well, ' he thought with a smirk. At the New District Exhibition CenterMost of the rich and powerful people in Y City had gathered at the venue. The place was flowing with all kinds of people. The jewelry and watch exposition was being held by ZL Group. The company had been preparing for this event for months. Vintage jewelry and limited-edition watches produced by the ZL Group were to be displayed at this event. The two spokesmen at the exposition were popular international stars. Hundreds of security guards were responsible for the security of the venue. The parking lot was occupied by luxurious cars. Some people had to park their cars about two kilometers away from the venue because of the immense crowd. Prominent figures from various industries were pouring in—officers, businessmen, and celebrities. Men were in their best suits, and women in beautiful dresses. When Debbie and Gregory arrived at the venue, they had to park their car a kilometer away and walk to the building. Debbie had chosen a pair of five-centimeter stilettos to match her evening dress, which rubbed her heels all the while she walked. Many who didn't have invitations stood outside the building. They were mostly fans of celebrities, and had come a long way to support their idols. Gregory showed the guards their invitations, and led Debbie inside. The place was decorated extravagantly. The jewelry and watches were separated from each other by individual glass cases. There were thousands of people in the building already