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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 94 Let's Go Home

Now that Debbie had had her revenge on Gail, nothing else mattered. As for the man in the picture online, she declared, "That's not Carlos Huo. That's my boyfriend. " She believed that making her relationship with Carlos public would only bring herself more trouble. Hearing her words, her friends thought to themselves, 'Come on! That is Carlos Huo. ' The girl who had come to ask for Carlos' contact information left the classroom with doubts of her own. Debbie took out her phone and complained to Carlos, "Mr. Huo, your fans are totally crazy. If they want your contact information, why didn't they just ask you in person while you had classes at school? Now that they know I know you, they keep coming to me for all kinds of information. Not even half a day has passed and crazy fan number 33 found me in the classroom. This is madness!" She didn't get any reply for a while. Half an hour later, her phone buzzed. "You should get used to it because I might make your identity as Mrs. Huo public anytime. " If he did that, more girls would try to find her. And this time, they would be pissed off that Mr Huo was off the market! She shivered at the thought of their reaction to the news. "Mr. Huo, please have some mercy on me. Let's keep this low-key. Just like how it was three years ago," she pleaded. Carlos smiled at the other end of the phone. "Deb, it's too late for that now," he replied. 'The moment I lost my heart to you, I knew that you were the one. You are mine and you are not going anywhere. I want you by my side for the rest of our lives and I can't wait to tell the whole world that you are my wife, ' he thought to himself. Debbie, on the other hand, was terrified by what would happen once everybody knew she was Carlos Huo's wife. She totally freaked out when another one of Carlos' fans ran excitedly towards her. 'Argghh! I can't stand this anymore. It's driving me crazy! Whoever wants to be Mrs. Huo, please be my guest. I'm more than willing to give the title away. ' But then she pictured another woman dining with Carlos, traveling along with him, having fun with him, sleeping in his arms. Just imagining those scenes was enough to upset her immensely! That crushing feeling completely cleared her head. She knew what she wanted now. She shoved Carlos' enthusiastic fan aside and whispered to Jared, "I need money. Get me a job in some other bar. I need to sing. " Jared stared at her for a moment and then shook his head. "You know what? You're insane! Your husband is generously rich. If this were some other woman, she would be busy enjoying her comfortable life. But you? You want to work part-time! What are you thinking?" Debbie was frustrated. "There's something that I want to buy. It will be more meaningful if I buy it with my own money," she explained. She only had around $20, 000 left from the money she had made by drinking

She then looked him in the eye and slammed her lips on his. Three times! That would definitely help her get through, she thought. However, the man's face darkened and frowned

. "Debbie Nian, did you wipe your mouth after eating? " Debbie bit her lips and looked elsewhere. That hadn't occurred to her. An innocent mistake. But it was not too late for her. She could still make up for it. She quickly drew a tissue and was about to wipe her mouth when it hit her that it might be wiser to wipe the tyrant's mouth first. So, she gently wiped her husband's mouth with a grin and then her own. After throwing the tissue into the bin, she wrapped his neck from behind and asked, "Mr. Handsome, do I get an A for my performance?" "I didn't feel much sincerity. Perfunctory kisses don't satisfy me. " Frustrated, Debbie buried her face in his neck, and rubbed it back and forth; her breath drifted lightly against his skin. Carlos' hand stopped in midair. 'This woman is doing it intentionally, ' he thought. He slowly put down the chopsticks and wiped his mouth and hands clean with a wet napkin. The next second, Debbie was pulled into his arms and seated on his lap. She looked at the door nervously, her face red. But they were in a private booth, so no one would come and interrupt them. Carlos took her hand in his and then pulled her in for a deep kiss on the lips. His tongue was restless in her mouth; his breathing became heavier and heavier. He whispered to her in a husky voice, "Let's go home, shall we?""Yes," came her swift answer. She was aware of what he meant. Compared with making out with a snake, kissing Carlos sounded like a much better choice. So she had agreed to it without thinking when he had suggested that they go home. Carlos didn't even wait for her to finish her dinner before dragging her out of the hotel and heading home. What would happen after they got home was way too exciting for Debbie. Too embarrassed to look at Carlos, she kept her head down and pretended to play with her phone, flushing as she thought about the impending scene. When they were about to arrive at the villa, Carlos' phone rang suddenly. Debbie raised her head and saw the caller ID on the LED screen of the vehicle backup camera—Megan. Carlos answered the call immediately, "Hi, Megan. "Megan sounded scared and anxious as she blurted out, "Uncle Carlos, there are some men at the gate of my housing community. They seem to be looking for something or someone. I've been waiting for them to leave for half an hour, but they are still here. What should I do?"Carlos' face turned dark in worry and fury. He steered the wheel while saying, "Go to the security guards' room and wait for me. I'm on my way. ""Okay, but hurry," Megan urged. "Okay. "By the time the call ended, the excitement and sweetness in Debbie's heart had died away. "It must be those men from last time. We're going to Megan's place to pick her up," Carlos said in a hurry.