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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 110 Let’s Go To The Maldives Together

Not that Lucinda and Sebastian looked down on Debbie. On the contrary, they felt bad about Gail constantly picking on her. It was just that Carlos was so unapproachable. They felt it didn't make sense for him to marry a plain girl like Debbie. "Hayden?" Sebastian tried to remember the man. "He just came home from abroad recently, but in a short time, with the help of his powerful family, he's already quite influential in Y City. I don't know much about him, though. I'll do a background check on him later," he promised. "That's not necessary. Since he's Debbie's husband, she has agreed to bring him here for dinner some day. We'll know more when he comes. " "Okay," Sebastian agreed. When Debbie got to the villa, Carlos wasn't back home from work yet. When she passed by the living room, she saw the tens of bags of various sizes on the floor. It was only then that she remembered she had been on a shopping spree before she had gone to her aunt's. She had bought a load of cosmetics at the Shining International Plaza. Even she herself was shocked by the number of the extravagance. When did she become so wasteful? Was that the right kind of influence she was picking from Carlos? On the nightly shopping spree, she had gone to Shining International Plaza to buy a tobacco pipe for Sebastian. But on impulse, she had visited the cosmetics shop, which happened to be running a sales promo. She was lured by a sales assistant who pushed a pitch of ridiculously discounted items. But when Debbie got to the counter to pay for what she had picked, she realized she had been tricked. She hated their bait and switch sales tactics, but she didn't want the embarrassment of appearing that she was a flat broke ass, so she just accepted the items. With a kit of hydrating toner, lotion, and cream going at $10, 000, the prices were simply over the top, forcing her to call Carlos for his opinion before she paid for anything. It was his money after all. To her surprise, he upbraided her. "Debbie Nian, I have loads of money that you'll never finish a fraction in a thousand lifetimes. You can't afford to be a penny pincher when you have my money and my heart, dear. If you ever hesitate again to spend the money, I'll move the most expensive cosmetics shop in the Shining International Plaza into your bedroom," he warned. After the brief call, Debbie leisurely walked back to the counter and paid for the cosmetics without batting an eyelid. She had been hesitant about the hydration essence and face mask a moment ago, but after his nudging on the phone, there was not a thing she'd leave out. After paying, she called him once more and proudly anounced, "Mr. Handsome, I just blew $36, 570 on the damn things. A good treat, huh?" Carlos was glad that she finally bought herself something fancy, but Debbie despised that needless obscene spending. "All the skin care products are having a sales promotion now. The customers who have spent $200, 000 or more will get a free 8-day trip to the Maldives. Accommodation, refreshments, transportation, all included. Deb, wouldn't you fancy an all expenses paid trip to the Maldives?" Carlos asked. Debbie nodded violently, "Yes, yes, I do. But

There were only a few items for Carlos, but each was exquisite. She marveled at the fancy packaging while she unpacked a face cream. According to the sales assistant, the packaging had won the first prize of an international skin care products design competition

. Did the packaging design make the product look better? No, of course not, but it made it more expensive. That was the point. The cream for men was as expensive as a few sets of skin care products for women. Debbie removed the lid and wondered whether it was gold inside the jar. Wow, it smelled so good. The faint fragrance was simply ethereal. She smeared some cream with her finger and dabbed it on the back of her hand. Later, she found out that it was very effective in hydrating. It left her hand unbelievably smooth. It seemed their pricing was justified, after all. Then she noticed the cologne she had bought for Carlos. To find the perfect scent for him, Debbie had smelled all the cologne samples, but none of them was close to the perfume he usually wore. At last, she had to go with a soft Calabrian bergamot scent, just perfect for her man. When everything was tidied up, it was ten o'clock already. After a bath, Debbie opened several bottles and smeared her body all over. Then she slipped under the covers. Before having a beauty sleep, she intended to play a little bit of Candy Crush Saga on the phone for a while. But seeing the time on the screen, she wondered, 'It's pretty late already. Why is Carlos not home yet?'Immediately, she called him. "Hi. " The phone was answered quickly. "Do you. I'm wondering when you are coming back. It's already 10 p. "'Does she miss me?' Carlos wondered. A smile crept over his face when he sat in the back seat. "I'm on my way. I'll be home in five minutes. ""Oh, okay then. See you later. ""Bye. "After hanging up the phone, Debbie got out of bed quickly, the phone still in her hand. She trotted down the stairs into the kitchen and started to heat up a bottle of milk. Within five minutes, the doorbell rang and Carlos was home, true to his word. How she wished he'd be like this forever