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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 61 Make Outs and VIP Cards

Debbie's eyes scanned across the dishes near her. Then she smirked a bit as she laid her eyes on the raw trout. She hummed lightly and picked up a pair of chopsticks. She took some trout, dipped it in mustard, and then aimed it towards his lips. "Here, open up," she said in a singsong voice. Her friends looked at her as if she were crazy. It was shocking enough that she was feeding Carlos, but that much mustard? "Is that even edible?" whispered Kasie. She was cringing along with Jared and Dixon while Kristina tried to keep to her composure. "Will he eat it though?" Kristina asked. Carlos studied the mustard-wrapped trout before opening his mouth to eat it. Before Debbie could pull out her hand, she felt a hand grabbing her by the head. Her hand dropped the chopsticks as she felt Carlos' mouth pressed down on hers. 'W-What the hell!?' she exclaimed in her mind. "OH MY GOD!" Kasie shouted. "I gotta take a pic and put it on WeChat!" Jared, Kristina, and Dixon cheered and whistled at the scene upon them. She felt his tongue probing the food towards her mouth. The excessive mustard was already making her face red. It even made her nose sore and her eyes started to water. She had this strong urge to punch him but not right now. She wanted to spit it out! But this man kept pressing on, making sure he didn't let her go. 'This isn't a kiss! Damn it!' she screamed in her thoughts. 'I really want to crush his balls right now!' Her tears started to fall. Her hands trembled as she gripped his jacket. 'Looks like I didn't see that coming. Hmph. Two can play this game!' Her grip loosened and she snaked her arms around his neck. A moment later, they were already making out passionately in front of their guests. She was gliding her fingers into his hair as his hand slipped from her head to waist. The other four stared at the scene awkwardly. Jared sighed, scratching his nape. When did Debbie get this soft? Meanwhile, Dixon, who rarely cursed, spoke up. "Are we going to fucking eat or are they going to eat each other? I am so hungry as hell already! I want to eat! Can't they get a fucking room?" Meanwhile, Kristina's eyes sparkled as she clasped her hands together like a fangirl. "Oh my! Our Debbie is actually kissing Carlos Huo! How did she manage to unfreeze his cold heart?" Kasie nodded, "I know right? Our Debbie has grown! She's now kissing a hot rich guy! Shouldn't we excuse ourselves? I mean, things are getting heated up. " A large growling sound filled the room but the two wouldn't stop making out. The rest looked at each other, shrugged, and then started to eat. After a while, Carlos finally released the struggling woman in his arms. As soon as Debbie caught her breath, she immediately sat down. She picked up a cup of tea and drank it to calm herself down. "Ugh. " She poured herself another cup which brought her back to Earth. Carlos, however, was calm as if nothing had happened. He fixed his collar and tie and started eating. As if to comfort Debbie, he put some of the Australian sirloin on her plate. "Eat

Huo and it means a lot to both Mr. Huo and Mrs. Huo! Besides, I've heard that your brother is having some problems with transferring school

. It's said that the new school's principal loves dining here. " 'Damn. Tristan sure did his research well, ' Debbie thought, chewing her lip. Dixon went silent and he was stunned. Unable to find any reason not to take the card, he rolled his eyes at Jared. 'Thanks a lot, stupid pants. This is all your fault. Now I have a debt of gratitude to Carlos! Ugh!'"Thank you. " Dixon finally took the card. He waved at Debbie and took Kristina's hand, ready to leave the place. 'Some friends!' Debbie shouted in her mind. 'They just told me that they wouldn't take the cards. But by the look of it, it seems like Carlos Huo has already bought their souls. Traitors. ' Debbie was already fuming internally. 'Especially Jared. I'll make sure to crush his balls so he will never forget!'"Jared. " Carlos suddenly spoke up. "Yes, sir?" Jared responded and felt shivers travelling down his spine. Debbie rolled her eyes and sneered, "What happened to Mr. Han the fearless? I didn't expect you to get this soft and weak in front of Carlos Huo. "Jared chuckled, embarrassed, "Um. well, he's your husband, after all. Of course, I should show some respect to him. "Carlos raised his hand to Tristan and the latter soon handed a bag to Jared. It was the underwear Jared had bought for Carlos. Debbie felt so embarrassed when everyone saw what was in the bag. She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her so bad. After a giggle to her friends, she covered her face with one hand awkwardly and lowered her head to sip tea. Carlos was aware that Jared and Debbie were just friends, but he just couldn't stand her being close to another man. "Young man, I can take care of my wife. You can just leave everything to me from now on, especially this kind of errand. You know, if you really care about my wife, you can give me a call if you think she needs somebody. Tristan, give him my phone number. ""Yes, Mr. Huo," Tristan replied. "My wife. " Those words rang in Jared's head. He just wanted to puke upon hearing them