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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 253 Marry Me

"Hello, Mrs. Huo," a guest greeted Debbie. Wherever she went, people greeted her politely. Wearing a rigid smile on her face, she nodded to each of them. Finally, Debbie found Kasie and Sasha in front of one of the watch counters. They were happily selecting their favorite watches. "Hey, you two—" "Mrs. Huo, good evening!" Before Debbie could call out to Kasie and Sasha, people started gathering around her once again. Even the saleswoman at the watch counter stared at Debbie with sparkly eyes. Debbie felt so helpless. She wanted to leave the place as quickly as possible and go back home. She didn't want to stay there any longer. "Debbie, perfect timing! Come here! I need your opinion on something," Kasie said excitedly as she pulled Debbie closer to her. She and Sasha were confused as to which watch to buy. Sasha looked at her cousin with so much admiration and marveled at her popularity, "Debbie, you're living an amazing life! You know, I was really interested in some of these watches, but Mr. Huo had already bought them for you before I could even get to them. I'm super jealous of you right now! Oh, when will I meet such a wonderful husband?" Debbie was a little taken aback. 'Carlos bought me more watches? When? I didn't see him buy any, ' she wondered. Confused, she asked, "What are you saying? He didn't buy any more watches except the one on my wrist. " They had been together the whole time. But she never saw him buy any other watch. Sasha nodded firmly. "He did! I saw it with my own eyes. Every item you looked at for more than a few seconds was immediately bought for you by his assistant. " Debbie's jaw dropped. She hadn't noticed it at all. It was such a waste of money! How could Carlos squander money like it was nothing? In an instant, Debbie turned around and ran her eyes around the hall. She was going to look for Carlos and lecture him about the importance of money. But Kasie grabbed hold of her arm to stop her from going away. "Don't leave yet! Tell me which of these to buy first!" Debbie quickly looked between the two watches Kasie was pointing at and chose the one on the right. "This. It fits your image and temperament. " Kasie sighed helplessly. She said, "Yeah, I thought so. I prefer this one too. But it's really expensive. My mom gave me five hundred thousand dollars, but this watch is worth seven hundred thousand. " Although she had saved some money in secret, it was still not enough to buy the limited edition. Debbie turned to the saleswoman and inquired, "Hi there. Do you think you can give us a discount on this watch?" Before the woman could speak, Kasie answered for her, "No, I already asked her. " "Please wait for a moment, Mrs. Huo. I will consult my manager," the saleswoman said quickly and then picked up her intercom to call her senior. Kasie and Debbie exchanged curious glances with each other. Soon, the saleswoman returned and said, "Mrs

She couldn't let him pay the bill for her any more than this. But it was too late. The payment was done and the receipt was printed

. Frustrated, Kasie took out her phone in an attempt to send him the money. She said gloomily, "You're just an assistant. How much money do you earn every month? I'm transferring you the money right away. My dad is rich anyway. If I don't spend his money, it'll all go to his mistresses or some bastards. " Emmett took her phone away, closed the payment app and locked the phone screen. "I don't get many chances to spend my money. Besides, Mr. Huo gives me a ton of money. It's more than enough to open a supermarket. So if I don't spend the money on you, I might end up taking it all to my grave when I die. "Kasie paused, blinking. "But this watch is seven hundred thousand dollars, not seven hundred or seventy dollars. "If the person spending that much money like water was someone like Carlos, she wouldn't have given a damn about it. But Emmett was just his assistant. Kasie felt sorry for him. Seeing the gloomy look on her face, Emmett drew closer to her and whispered, "Honestly, I have only dated one girl in the past, but I never bought her anything. So I've saved up quite a lot after working for Carlos all these years. If you promise to marry me now, I can even buy a new house in the neighborhood next to your home. "'Marry him? Buy a house in the neighborhood next to my home? If I remember right, the price of that property is at least fifty thousand dollars per square meter. 'Kasie burst into laughter at the thought. She held his arm and teased, "Emmett, are you proposing to me? That was not formal at all. I will not say yes to such a flimsy proposal!"Emmett put his wallet back. "You have to promise that you'll marry me first. If I formally propose to you and you say no, then I'll be so humiliated. ""You've got that backwards! If you don't propose to me first, how can I promise you anything? So you should make a formal proposal first. ""Fine, I'll do it. I'll propose, and you have to marry me. Deal?""Deal. You do it and then I'll maybe say yes!"Emmett smiled and threw a glance at Debbie who was some distance away. Carlos was helping her put on the sneakers. He looked back at Kasie and said, "Mr. Huo is taking care of Debbie now. You come with me. ""Where are we going?" Kasie asked. Emmett held her hand and led her to a jewelry counter. There were a few dazzling diamond rings inside the glass case. He raised an eyebrow and told the stunned Kasie, "Go on, pick your favorite. "Carlos apologizing to Debbie had already become the focus of that night's event. But Emmett wouldn't mind stealing Carlos' thunder and proposing to Kasie as long as she chose a diamond ring right away.