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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 203 Megan's Declaration Of Love

Seeing so many people had failed to stop Carlos, Megan thought she'd give it a shot. She approached him and tried to talk him out of it, but she only got one single tug at his sleeve before she herself was pushed away. The push was so fierce she stumbled backwards to the wall. Holding her injured arm, she stood there and didn't dare to take another step towards the enraged man. By now, the house was a total mess. Everything was in disarray. The potted plant was tipped over, and dirt spilled onto the carpet. The little decorative table was knocked over, and the knickknacks it once held were all over the floor. Pools of blood stained the carpet darkly in places where Carlos' victims had bled. Even the wall hangings were knocked crooked. This was the worst anyone had ever seen the place, but anyone who might want to try and clean up the place was held in check by Carlos' white-hot rage. Tabitha walked to Debbie and pulled her arm. The young woman was still at a loss. Caught off guard, she staggered and managed to steady herself by pressing her hand against the wall. "This is all your fault! Everything was okay before you married him. But look what's happening now! Because of you, Carlos is beating his own father! What kind of monster have you turned him into?!" That brought Debbie to her senses. She handed Carlos' coat to Connie, trotted over to him, and grabbed his raised hand, now balled into a fist, covered with blood both fresh and congealing. "Carlos, Carlos, please stop. He's your father. " she sobbed. The madman regained his sanity when he heard her cries. "Carlos, listen to me. There's nothing wrong with elders scolding their kids. Please don't hit him again, okay?" Valerie was so angry she could barely stand, even though Frasier and Gloria were supporting her on either side. She pounded on the floor with her cane and shouted, "Sinful! This is utterly sinful! Carlos, he's your father! How could you do this?" Carlos glanced at the others nonchalantly and ignored all of them. He pulled Debbie closer to him and asked, "Does it still hurt?" That was the second sentence he had said the whole evening. Shaking her head, Debbie answered, "No. Let's go to our room. " "Your room?" Valerie walked over and glared at Debbie. "Debbie Nian, you saw it yourself. Not that we don't welcome you, but you ruined the peace in this family. " It seemed true. Debbie forced her tears back and apologized, "I'm sorry—" As soon as the words came out, Carlos squeezed her hand. Valerie gazed at her grimly. "I don't need your apology. I'm sure you've shaved years off my life. Divorce Carlos if you're not trying to make me die soon. " 'Divorce!' Debbie's heart twisted into a knot. "Here's what you do

"You think I'll agree to that?" "I—" "Uncle Carlos!" a ringing voice interrupted Debbie. They both turned their head. In the dim light, they could see Megan running towards them like a butterfly

. She threw herself into Carlos' arms and started crying. "Uncle Carlos, please don't go. I don't want you to go. Boo-hoo. hoo. " Carlos disentangled himself and comforted her. "We're leaving for Y City in three days. Take care of my grandma for me. ""Uncle Carlos, I want to stay with you. Don't leave me alone. Can I go with you? Uncle Carlos, Aunt Debbie, please. "Megan's crying was too real. Tears streamed down her face, her voice was hoarse from grief. For a moment, even Debbie almost believed her. She was worried that Carlos would go soft and agree to take the vicious girl with them. Then she would have to not only cry but also bleed inside! Carlos took Debbie to the car and said, "Wait for me inside. It's cold out here. "It was indeed cold outside. Debbie got in the car and sat by the window. Nonetheless, as soon as Carlos closed the door, Megan embraced him again and sobbed, "Uncle Carlos, I know you think I'll get in the way if I stay with you and Aunt Debbie. Besides, Aunt Debbie doesn't like me. But you know what? I don't like her either, because she stole you. Uncle Carlos, I've liked you since the day you took me in. " Her declaration of love caught Carlos off guard. His brows knitted. "I was going to tell you on my 18th birthday, but that day, you told me you were married. Uncle Carlos, can you imagine how heartbroken I was? I like you so much, but you married someone else. "Words failed Carlos. He was always resolute and cold when he handled things with the women that were obsessed with him. Debbie used to be the only exception. But now there was Megan. "Megan, listen up," he said seriously. "Yes," Megan nodded, her eyes and nose red. "I love your aunt Debbie, and she is my one and only. I only love her. Do you understand?"