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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 264 Mr. Huo’s Smile

The driver was British. Debbie was pretty sure he couldn't understand Chinese, so she decided to continue talking to Carlos in her native tongue. She smiled and cajoled Carlos, putting on her sweetest voice. "I decided a couple days ago. I was in a bad mood then. Can you stop being mad at me, honey? You know how much I love you. I'm wearing the watch you bought me. " She was also wearing the ring Carlos got her. Only, she was wearing it around her neck as a necklace, just like before. "Are you also wearing the studs Hayden bought you?" "No. I already mailed those back and blocked his number. Honey, my love for you is as pure as moonlight and as deep as the sea. " At the other end of the line, hearing Debbie's declaration of love, Carlos grinned from ear to ear. "You're set up with drivers, bodyguards, and cooks. I've got a friend you can call if things go south. I'll text you her number later. " "Okay, okay, whatever you say, honey. So can Emmett stay?" For a moment, Carlos went silent again. She could tell she said something wrong. She was also sure he'd let her know about it. 'So that's what all this is about. ' "Hee hee, Mr. Handsome. " Debbie pleaded with a giggle. "Debbie!" her husband snapped. "Yeah?" she replied immediately. "So it's about Emmett again. Do you remember how many times you've tried to get me to go easy on him?" Every time Emmett made a mistake, she would plead with Carlos for him, sweeter and softer than ever. She wouldn't even do that for herself. But she liked the guy. He was well-meaning, no matter what. "I just don't want him in trouble because of me. He helped me out. And you didn't thank him but instead plan to exile him to some remote village. That's not fair. " "He deserves it," Carlos said firmly. His stubbornness frustrated Debbie. "Alright, I won't take up more of your time. Bye, Mr. Huo. " Her tone became icy cold. Carlos rubbed his throbbing temples. Before she hung up, he said, "Okay, okay. He's not in hot water anymore. Happy? " Debbie said joyfully, "Thank you, honey. Muah!" Carlos let out a silent sigh. "And don't think you can get away with this again. You know this pisses me off!" he warned. "No problem

But before she finished the draft, she discarded it. When their marriage had been a secret, she had never displayed her love for Carlos in public. Now that the whole world had known she was Carlos' wife, she thought, why not? So she posted what she was going to say to Carlos in the Moments on WeChat instead

. "Honey, the French fries in this restaurant are amazing. I'm waiting for you to come steal a few from my plate," she said. Below these words was the picture she had taken. She also sent her location along with it, and then it was done. This was the first time she had declared her love for Carlos in Moments. She wondered if he'd comment on her post. 'He probably will. But what if he doesn't?' They had few mutual friends, but there were people who knew them both. It would be messed up if he didn't respond in kind. And she was so worried she couldn't even enjoy the delicious food anymore. She stared at her phone. Her mind was fully occupied by thoughts of Carlos. 'Has he seen my post? Why hasn't he said anything yet?'Then her phone tinkled. She grabbed it quickly to read the message, but it was other people asking her meaningless questions. Her update had racked up more than two hundred likes. But still, there was no trace of Carlos. 'He must be busy. He'll comment later, ' she comforted herself. Looking at the food on the table, French fries, roast steak, beef pie, roast chicken. suddenly, she understood why Carlos had hired Ethel Mei to take care of her. She didn't feel so hot right now. Her stomach just didn't seem to like this kind of food. It was okay to eat it once, maybe twice, for a change of pace. But to eat it every day would kill her. 'Carlos is so thoughtful. He is so good to me, ' she thought happily. She picked up her phone to check the comments, and then she saw something from Carlos! Her eyes were glued to the screen, hands holding the phone tightly—she didn't want to miss one single word. "Mrs. Huo, you're waiting for me to eat junk food with you?"'Junk food?' Debbie stared at the fries. 'Never mind. He doesn't have much time to comment, because he's so busy. ' Then she replied to his comment, "Yes, if you love him, take him to eat junk food. "In his office, Carlos smiled at her words. Zelda, who was doing a report, was confused. 'I'm talking about something serious and irritating. Why is Mr. Huo smiling? What's so funny?'She checked the file from beginning to end but found nothing amusing. "Um, Mr. Huo. " Zelda said cautiously. Instantly, Carlos' smile was gone. He looked at her with a poker face and said, "You're in charge of this project. Now that there's a problem, it falls on you guys to make it right. ""O-Okay, Mr. Huo," she replied nervously.