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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 274 My Wife Is Very Strict

'How would I know that?' Debbie thought. With a pout, she scoffed, "If you ask my opinion, I would say yes. Men with power and money tend to enjoy fooling around with women. You're no exception!" Carlos smirked. "I don't care for such petty things. Plus, my wife is very strict. How could I dare fool around with other women?" Debbie grinned broadly. In a gleeful voice, she said, "That sounds better. " The issue was temporarily solved and Debbie soon forgot about it. But the whole matter was not as simple as it had seemed. Carlos had someone look into the issue and check the background of that pregnant woman. After some digging, he found out that there was a backseat driver behind the scenes, someone who had instructed the pregnant woman to stir up trouble between him and Debbie. But he was yet to figure out who that person was. The investigation was still on going. In the meantime, a rumor was spreading like wild fire around Y City. The talk of the city was that Carlos, the omnipotent CEO, was actually sexually impotent, and that his wife was lonely every night because he wasn't capable of giving her any kind of pleasure in the bedroom. This shocking news went viral within a few hours, and even before the next day came, everyone in Y City was already talking about it. Inside the hospital ward, Debbie was overwhelmed by unease. Each time she made eye contact with the sullen man, her heart skipped a beat and she instantly looked away. 'Crap! What should I do? He looks really angry. Should I butter him up?' she wondered nervously. She decided to take some action to cool him down. "Honey, thirsty? Or are you hungry? How about I cook a meal for you myself?" she asked cautiously. Carlos glared at her without budging even a little. He didn't utter a single word. "You know, I've learned some cooking from Ethel in England. My skills have improved dramatically. Do you want to give it a shot?" Debbie tried to coax him. Her words had some effect on him, but not in a way she wanted. His face changed abruptly at the thought of the terrible food Debbie had cooked the last time. "No," he refused bluntly. Debbie had a gut feeling that it'd be better if she stayed far away from Carlos at the moment, considering how mean this man could be. After all, she was the one who had started the rumor, and on top of that, she had talked poorly of his sexual capacity. He wouldn't let her off easily. As she was getting ready to flee, the door suddenly flew open. In came a laughing Damon, who blurted out in a surprised tone, "Oh, my God! Carlos, why didn't you tell me about this before? How could you let Debbie be so lonely every night for the past three years?" He turned to Debbie and said with feigned seriousness, "Debbie, rest assured. I've arranged for a specialist in this field to take good care of Carlos. I'll make sure that he cooperates with the treatment. " Debbie's eyes widened in shock. 'Seriously? Why is he creating more trouble for me? Did he really arrange a specialist to treat Carlos?' She pulled at the hem of Damon's shirt and stopped him from approaching Carlos. "Damon! There's been a misunderstanding. The rumor is—" "I know that the rumor is true, Debbie," he cut in to comfort her in a sad voice

I know how capable you are, Carlos! Poor Debbie. ' He shook his head and grinned. Her moans and his grunts became louder and more deafening

. Damon couldn't stand it any longer and covered his ears. Before leaving, he considerately locked the door for them. Two hours later, it had become darker outside. Carlos sat lazily on the sofa while two doctors cleaned his wound in the ward. The nurses were laying a new set of bedding for him. Curtis shook his head helplessly as he looked at the sheets dampened by the large pool of blood. He chuckled under his breath and asked Damon, "Why didn't you stop him? How could you let him act so recklessly?"Curtis had come to meet Carlos to get him discharged since the latter had insisted on leaving the hospital. Just like Debbie, Carlos couldn't endure the long stay at the hospital. However, much to Curtis' shock, when he arrived, he saw doctors and nurses rushing in and out of the ward. He was worried, wondering if something serious had happened. So he hurried in, only to find Carlos' patient clothes soaked in blood and the ward in a mess. Besides, he could smell the aura of sex in the air. Instantly, he understood what had happened. "I did remind him. But he drove me out of the ward," Damon said innocently. Earlier, when the couple were busy making love, he had gone upstairs to find his friend who was a doctor there, and had been busy talking to him for almost two hours before coming back again. He thought that two hours should be enough for the couple. When he had returned, they were done. But everything inside the ward had been a complete mess. After taking a look at Carlos' pale face and the blood on his clothes, he had burst into fits of laughter. He had even mocked him by saying, "I told you not to get too excited. See what happened now! What's with all this blood on the sheet? And look at you! You look like a pregnant woman after a difficult labor!"Carlos had coldly glared at him without saying a word. Shortly after, Curtis had arrived. Curtis looked around the ward in search of Debbie. "Where's your wife?" he asked Carlos. The doctor was applying some ointment on his wound at the time. Carlos looked at the closed bathroom door. Debbie had been hiding in there ever since they had finished making love. Curtis followed his gaze and looked towards the bathroom. He smiled understandingly. Sitting opposite Carlos, he asked with a grin, "Um. I heard a rumor that had been going around Y City all day. What the hell is that all about?"With his eyes fixed on the bathroom door, Carlos replied calmly, "Ask her yourself. "'She started the rumor, so she has to shoulder the responsibility for clearing the misunderstanding, ' Carlos thought with a frown. Curtis chuckled under his breath. "You two are indeed a weirdly hilarious couple. And anyway, I have no doubts about your capability in bed after seeing this upside-down ward. "