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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 100 My Willful Wife

When Debbie heard what Carlos said, she sneered. "Haha! Don't tell me how to feel! Are you a control freak or something? Sorry, not today. " "And you're as impossible as ever!" Carlos commented. He didn't like to be disobeyed. 'Me? Impossible?' she mused. "If I'm impossible, then you're unfaithful!" His eyes widened at her words. Rage flashed in his eyes. Finally, he said, "You've got a smooth tongue, and I want to give it a try. " Before she could know it, he leaned toward her and pressed her red lips with his. "Mmm. " Debbie tried to break free of his grip, but to no avail. Realizing what was happening, Emmett coughed to conceal his awkwardness and then raised the partition of the car so that the couple could have a private space. The passionate kiss lasted a long time, and Debbie seemed to be suffocating. She didn't know how many minutes the kiss lasted, but it was not until she felt his erection that he finally let go. She sat straight, adjusted her messy clothes and pushed him away. "Get off me! God, you're heavy!" Carlos, however, remained where he was. "Honey, I'll bang you the day you stop bleeding. You don't get it yet—I need you!" he said in her ear, voice husky from lust. More likely, he felt less like a man when a woman told him no. Debbie's heart skipped a beat. She could tell from his expression that he was trying hard to fight against his desire. On the one hand, she thought she should just give in. After all, they might be the only couple in this world that hadn't had sex after being married for three years. On the other hand, this was her first time and she really felt nervous. "D-Don't be in such a hurry! I think we need to find a feng shui master to choose an auspicious day. " she stammered. 'I need to find a feng shui master before I have sex with my wife?' Carlos was amused by her reaction and decided to play along. "I think we also need a press conference to tell the world that Carlos Huo is about to sleep with his wife. Sounds good?" "Uh. haha. " Debbie gave him an embarrassed smile and murmured, "That's not necessary. " He withdrew his hand from her sweater, sat up and kissed her lips softly. Her lips were a bit swollen from his long, passionate kiss. She was really turning him on! His voice softened when he said, "Honey, I was wrong. I shouldn't have pissed you off. Please don't be mad at me anymore. Okay?" After being hugged and kissed, somehow Debbie felt much better. Now that he had apologized, she heaved a sigh of relief and complained, "I must have been a playboy in my past life and you were a woman who loved me deeply and I broke your heart. That's why you're like this. " Carlos tried hard to suppress his giggle and said, "I think you've got it backwards. That's why you're like this. " He was a wise and intelligent man in business, but in front of his wife, he acted like a fool. He had no idea why she was mad at him or how to cool her down. The only thing he could do was apologize. But was that enough? It is said that an apology without change is manipulation. Was that what it was? But Carlos Huo was too proud to think about these things

"There's no need for that. We have a heater in the classroom. " It would not be that painful if she just sat still and didn't strain herself

. "All right. Call me anytime you don't feel well. " He finally let her go and sat up straight. Looking at her messy hair and clothes, he reached out his hands to help her smooth her hair and adjust her clothing. Then he zipped her up and kissed her on the cheek again. It was still snowing outside, so he knocked on the partition and ordered Emmett, "Take the car on campus and park it. See that she gets to her dorm. " "No, no, no! Please don't. I can walk. " There were only two Emperor cars in Y City, and Carlos' was one of them. If people saw her riding in an Emperor car, she would again become a hot topic. She didn't want all the attention. In fact, that was the last thing she wanted. Why couldn't he just drive a Buick or a Volkswagen like everyone else? Last time she was the talk of the town—she had made a show of confessing to Carlos, in order to get back at Gail. Although only a couple of people had seen it, almost every student had been talking about the matter for days. And the furtive looks and whispers, as well as the pointing, drove her nuts. If they saw her being driven to her dorm in that car, she could imagine she would once again hit the headlines. And all she wanted right now was peace and quiet. "Why not? Don't you want people to know we're a couple?" Carlos asked, not happy. Even though she had told him she loved him in public last time, that was because she wanted to mess with Gail. He knew that, too. Carlos was frustrated and wondered why Debbie was acting like this. Debbie was a little startled by his reaction. She immediately put on a mollifying smile and explained, "Don't get me wrong, Boss. You know who you are. If people saw me in your car, I wouldn't get a moment's peace. Really!""Hmph! You are not allowed to get out unless you give me some sugar. "Debbie snaked her arms around his neck, kissed him on the lips and called out in a sweet voice, "Honey!"He held her, pressed the back of her head and kissed her affectionately. He didn't let her go until she started to struggle. While Debbie was rearranging her down coat, Carlos pressed a button to lower the partition and told Emmett, "Open the door for Debbie. ""Yes, Mr. Huo. "'Seriously? I can open the door myself. ' Debbie wanted to turn him down, but Emmett had already left the car. Before getting out, she zipped her coat to the top, put her hood up and pulled the drawstrings tight, so that only her eyes were exposed. When she entered the dorm, Kristina was still asleep. But not for long. Seeing a shivering Debbie running into the room, she stuck her head out of the quilt and sleepily asked, "Hey Tomboy, when did you leave?""I just went back home to fetch something. It's snowing outside. Why don't we enjoy the winter wonderland and take some selfies?" While saying this, Debbie took out a heating pad from the drawer and plugged it in. Wrapping it around her hands, she felt much warmer now. Sitting up, Kristina looked at Kasie's empty bed and asked in confusion, "Didn't Kasie sleep in the dorm last night? I wonder where she went. "