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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 236 No One Lays A Finger On My Wife

Carlos cast a sidelong glance at Wesley, who was feeding Megan, and left the ward with his phone. Entering an empty room, he locked the door behind him and put the phone to his ear. "Last night, you kept insisting you were freezing, and asked me to hug you. Then you threw yourself into my arms. " Surveying Y City from the window, he flashed a broad smile and went on resignedly, "I just wanted to help you take a bath, but you started hugging and kissing me nonstop. I'm your husband. You think I was going to say no?" Carlos' words made Debbie blush. "That's not possible!" Debbie denied rapidly, eyes wide open. Deep down inside, she asked herself, 'Really? Am I that horny when I'm drunk?' "Nope. It's true. I was glad to oblige," he said in a serious manner. "So I did what you wanted. And then you asked to try something new. Variety's the spice of life. You taught me a few things. " Debbie's mouth was so sore that she suddenly had a bad feeling. "And?" she pried. "You gave me a blow job," he said, stifling his laughter. Debbie wanted to kill herself when she heard this. "You're lying! I'd never do that!" Debbie retorted in a loud voice. Her face was as red as a tomato. 'He has to be lying. I'd never. ' she thought. "No lie. I have to say, you were pretty wild last night. Thanks for the memories," said Carlos with a laugh. 'Thanks. for the memories? Go to hell, Carlos Huo!' she yelled inwardly. "How dare you take advantage of me when I was drunk! Now you've gone too far! You asshole!" she yelled into the phone. "Tell you what. " His voice was cold. After a moment's pause, he added, "Visit Megan. Apologize. Then I'll forgive you. " Megan had cried to him and insisted Debbie apologize to her. Carlos really had no other choice. "Visit her? Apologize? Forgive me?" Bitterness flooded Debbie. "In your dreams! I don't give a damn about your forgiveness. Stay with Megan. See if I care

" Wesley sighed and stroked her cheek. "Don't worry, Megan. I'll make that woman apologize to you

. " At the manor When Debbie walked out of the villa, she saw people working feverishly, and heard several motors droning. Drawing closer, she could see the motorized pumps and people holding hoses into the pool's dwindling supply of water. Confused, she asked a maid who was trimming trees, "What are they doing there?" The maid put down the shears and answered respectfully, "They're pumping the pool, Mrs. Huo. Mr. Huo asked them to fill it in with concrete. " Debbie's jaw dropped. "With concrete? Why?" 'Does he hate to swim? Or did he almost drown?'The maid shook her head. "I have no idea. Why not ask Mr. Huo?""Okay. Thanks. I'll let you get back to work. " Despite her curiosity, she didn't plan to ask Carlos. She came to the parking lot, and stared at the cars, wondering whether she should drive on her own. She was still a little gun-shy, given what happened the last time she was behind the wheel. She decided to ask Matan to drive her for now. Matan came by soon, and Debbie got in the car he drove. As the car approached the gates to the manor, they opened to admit a military car. It was a GAZ Tigr 4x4 Infantry Mobility Vehicle, manufactured by the Russians. This was the closest thing the army had to a HUMVEE. There were only 3, 000 of those things made. Many were still roadworthy. 'Wait, could it be?' Debbie realized who it was. She was about to ask Matan to pull over so that she could say hi to Wesley, but then the Tigr stopped. It was blocking the way. "Mrs. Huo, it's Wesley Li," Matan reminded her. Debbie nodded as she pushed the car door open and got out. Wesley also jumped out of his car, and fixed his sharp gaze upon her. Despite his reluctance, he greeted her politely, "Hi, Debbie. "Noticing his livid face, Debbie guessed this was about Megan. "Hello, Colonel Li," she said with a smile. Wesley nodded and got straight to the point. "I'm here for you. ""Oh, really? Why?" she asked