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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 25 Not A Real Boy

Whenever there was an upcoming party or event, Dixon would be in charge of the head count of the people who were going to participate. After all, he was very meticulous about everything -- it was a job for a perfectionist. So, at the mention of Kristina's birthday, he had already asked who was going to come and take part in the occasion. Debbie, who was one of Kristina's good friends, sat up straight as if she was going to make an announcement. "Kristina, you'll be twenty years old, isn't that right?" she inquired, making sure she was not mistaken even though she knew she couldn't be wrong. She knew the celebrant better than anybody else ever did. Kristina took Debbie's arm and gently placed her cheek against her shoulder. "Yes, that's right. I can't wait to celebrate my birthday. It's gonna be grand!" she exclaimed in excitement. It was fortunate that nothing that would harm Debbie had happened last night. Otherwise, the celebrant would have paid no mind to her birthday and would show no interest in celebrating it. However, this did not mean that she did not have a hunch that something bad could have happened the night before. She was wondering how Debbie had managed to escape Carlos' wrath. But, she knew she had better set it aside and just ask her friend in some private time later. Kristina and Debbie were already having their own mini celebration while holding each other's hands in excitement when Kasie, who looked into a vanity mirror to fix her hair, rolled her eyes and snickered, "You should stay away from that tomboy, Kristina. You make it seem like she's your boyfriend. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. " Kristina, who actually genuinely loved the friendship she had with Debbie, cast Kasie a challenging look and snapped back, "You talk as if you didn't use to pester her like I do. " She stroked her long, curly hair and thought, 'I should dye my hair like Debbie's. The colors look great on her. I'm sure it would look more vivid under the sun. ' She compared her hair to her friend's. Debbie put her arm around her friend's shoulders like a boy would and argued in her defense, "Ladies, please do not quarrel over me. There's more to go around. What's our next class? Let's get to it. " "You really are meandering mindlessly, huh? There's no more class. We need to get lunch," Kasie reminded her in a very sarcastic tone. With resignation, she shoved her mirror and books inside her bag and went ahead to the cafeteria. Debbie checked the time and found that Kasie was right. It was almost twelve o'clock. "Okay," she said, "let's go get our lunch then. " She grabbed her bag and stood up from her seat. She led the way and the others followed. The group was leaving the classroom when a boy who was sitting in the first row raised his head. The boy named Gregory Song intensely observed Debbie's retreating figure, his eyes full of affection. He thought, 'May I take part in the party as well, Debbie?' Another boy approached Gregory Song. "Aren't you going to have lunch?" the curious boy asked. Gregory Song immediately broke his contact with the group and packed his stuff confirming, "Yes, I'm coming with you

"Don't make fun of us, you guys! It's my birthday, so you should all listen to me!" Kasie shook her head and said, "Yes, birthday girl, you're right! Saying yes to Dixon is a great idea! Besides, isn't this something we could call 'two happy events taking place one after the other?'" It was their tradition to make fun of the birthday celebrant. They could all clearly recall that the last time, it was Debbie they had made fun of. Everyone burst into laughter at Kasie's statement

. The whole evening was pleasant and fun. Everyone had their fill of excitement and everyone had already shared their bounty. When the party came to a close, Debbie was already blackout drunk since she had downed the alcohol bottle after bottle; she drank more than she had ever done. She stood up from the couch and immediately staggered. Luckily, she was able to keep herself from falling and one of her classmates helped her up her feet. Not only was Debbie drunk -- almost everyone was intoxicated. Jared shook his head and got even dizzier. "Who's still sober? Please," he asked in a drunk voice, "take Debbie back to her house. "A boy in the corner stood up with flushed cheeks and immediately volunteered. He was not drunk -- he was just shy. He finally had a chance to be with the girl of his dreams alone. "I didn't drink too much, so I'll be the one to take her back," Gregory Song announced. He put his glass on the table and walked towards the drunk girl. Jared was a little surprised and taken aback that it was Gregory Song who took the initiative, but he immediately dismissed his suspicion and told the volunteer, "She lives in the East City Villa. " Among all her classmates, Debbie only had four friends who knew her address: Jared, Kasie, Kristina, and Dixon. Upon hearing that she lived in the East City Villa, Gregory Song paused. He felt mixed emotions flooding him from within. The place where Debbie lived was a villa where only the richest and most powerful people of Y City resided. He had started to wonder why the girl of his dreams lived somewhere so luxurious. 'What kind of family is she from?' he thought to himself. Finally, he picked Debbie up and proceeded to the door. He hailed a taxi and gently placed the girl inside before getting in himself. 'What a silly girl! How bold she is to be this drunk! What if someone planned to take advantage of her state?' the boy thought. He stared at her while she was leaning against him with her cheeks colored in crimson. It was as though she had blush on. His heart skipped a beat when he saw such a beautiful sight. He had been her high school classmate for three years, but he had never talked to her before. She was exactly his type -- her cheerful spirit and bubbly character had made him completely fall in love with her. After they had taken the college entrance exam, he had thought that she would select the College of Music, if not the Institute of Physical Education. After all, she excelled at both fields. She was gifted and she had no idea how many people she could attract with these attributes. Gregory Song, however, saw himself without talent in both. The only thing he could do for the girl he loved was cheer her on with everyone else whenever she ran in long-distance races. Indeed, that was his only idea of loving her; from a long, long distance.