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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 191 Piggyback

When she heard that Carlos was going to take her out, Debbie was thrilled. "Awesome! Let's go!" Just as they stepped out of their bedroom, they came across Valerie and Megan who had just come upstairs. Seeing Debbie and Carlos both fully dressed, Megan asked, "Uncle Carlos, Aunt Debbie, are you going somewhere?" Debbie ignored her. Carlos nodded. "Grandma, we're going out for a bit. " "What for?" Valerie asked. "A movie," Carlos replied. It was Debbie's suggestion. Her idol's new movie was just released. She had been talking about seeing it for a couple of days now. It was about time that he took her out on a date, and the theater seemed like the perfect excuse. Megan's eyes lit up. "A movie? Uncle Carlos, I want to go. Can I go with you?" 'Bitch, we're on a date. Can't you see that?' Debbie thought. "Next time. I don't think you'll like this one," Carlos said, flatly refusing. Debbie was relieved. She had been worried that Carlos would have agreed to everything Megan asked. Megan trotted to Carlos and held his sleeve. "Uncle Carlos, I'm bored here. I want to go to the movies with you. Grandma Valerie will go to sleep later, and then I'll have nobody to talk to and nothing to do. Please let me go with you. Please. " Valerie knew Megan's intent. She decided to help her. "Yes. To keep me company, Megan's been cooped up here for days. As her uncle and aunt, you should take her out for some fun. " Several minutes later, Debbie, Carlos and Megan left the house together. In the cinema, Debbie took Carlos to the self-service machine to get the tickets through her phone, while Megan went to buy some snacks and drinks. According to the tickets, Debbie's seat was right between Megan and Carlos, yet in the theater, Megan took somebody else's seat and sat beside Carlos. So now, Carlos sat between the two women. "That's somebody else's seat," Debbie reminded Megan. Megan responded casually, "Nobody else is coming. Uncle Carlos' assistant rented the entire theater. " Debbie was surprised. 'How come I didn't know that?' "My assistant arranged that when you were in the bathroom," Carlos explained. 'Fine. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the bathroom. I needed to keep my eyes on Megan!' Debbie thought regretfully. The movie started. It starred Ramona Lu, a fantastic singer who became an actress. Her success as an actress proved that she could not only sing but also act. It was a period piece, and Megan had to stifle a groan. Megan hated those kinds of movies, where everyone wore robes and even funny headgear, and they had so many rules about the roles of women and society. Even more than today. She much preferred the more fantastic ones, with mighty magics and eye-popping special effects, but she was left with this

After giving Debbie a look of triumphant satisfaction, Megan got in the car. Just then, Carlos closed the door and said to the driver, "Megan is cold. Turn the heat up and drive her home

. " The driver was hesitant. "What about you and Mrs. Huo?" "I'll ask my assistant to come and pick us up. " Megan was deeply disappointed. Through the lowered passenger seat window, Debbie snickered at Megan. After the car had driven away, Debbie wrapped her arms around Carlos' waist and sang and screamed. "I pray to be with you through rain and shiny days. I'll love you till I die. Deep as sea, wide as sky. The beauty of our love paints rainbows everywhere we go. "Carlos smiled and kissed her on the lips. "Love me that much, huh?""Of course," Debbie answered firmly. With a wider smile, Carlos bent over and patted his back. "We might not have a car right now, but you have me. You gotta be tired. Come on. I'll give you a piggyback ride. "Debbie stared at Carlos' broad back. Warmth spread through her body. She raised her head to look at the sky as she tried to hold back her tears. Carlos carried her easily. Riding on his back, she called out, "Carlos. ""Yes?""Why are you so good to me?""Because you're my wife, silly. "Although Carlos' gentleness was nothing new to her, at this moment, Debbie was still intoxicated by his tenderness. The man was nothing short of amazing sometimes. She pressed her cheek against his back to feel his warmth. "Would you have done this for me if I weren't your wife?"Carlos smiled. "No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You're my wife, my one and only. I'll treasure you forever. Remember that. ""Okay. If you go back on your word, I'll. I'll. I'll jump into the sea with you. " Debbie laughed. "No problem. If I ever break my promise, you can punish me however you want. ""Remember, a promise is a promise. ""Yeah. "It started raining as they approached the Huos' residence. Worried that Carlos was tired, Debbie got off from his back. "You've worked all day. I don't want to wear you out in the evening too. "