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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 201 Scandal

Portia's explanations made Blanche feel better about her plan. She was still wary, but Portia seemed logical about this. "But it's not easy to get close to Mr. Huo," she said to her daughter. "I know. From now on I'll work harder to stand out. You and Dad can try your best to get me the invitations of the parties, dinners, and commercial activities Carlos will attend," said Portia. She had been trying to be a better woman all the time. It used to be just for show, but now it was for Carlos. She understood that only an exceptional woman deserved to stand by him. In New York The next morning, some professionals came to the Huos' house to investigate the case involving the missing items. Debbie just wanted to get out of there, so she left the house with Carlos without asking the men anything. She felt much better after wandering around and having some fun. When the sun started to set, it was time to go back. She wanted to find Carlos to go home together with him, but then she learned that he wasn't in the office, so she had to head home alone. Since it was late, she ate dinner outside. When she went back inside, not a single soul was around. The chandelier in the living room had been switched off. Only some dim wall fittings in the hallway were on. The place was almost eerie now. Debbie paused. She could almost hear ghosts, but she wasn't sure what it was. The shadows on the walls did little to dispel the unsettling feeling. She peered into the gloom, trying to see into adjoining areas, but had little luck. She changed into slippers at the vestibule. Just as she walked into the living room, some noises startled her. This wasn't her imagination this time. Debbie looked towards the sound. A shadow was descending the staircase, trying to be stealthy. Debbie swiftly hid herself behind the shoe cabinet and watched. It was a man, she was sure of it. And the man seemed to be. At the corner of the stairs, he knocked over a potted plant but was quick enough to catch it. He looked around carefully. Seeing that no one was around, he moved on. Debbie followed him cautiously. To her surprise, the man walked towards the storage room she had cleaned. He walked into the room and locked it from inside after looking left and right shiftily. Pressed against the wall, Debbie walked quietly to the door of the storage room and listened carefully as she held her breath. Someone was talking. Too bad she couldn't hear clearly. But one thing was clear—there was a woman inside! Debbie had a nasty feeling something bad was going to happen

"Nothing. Just curious. You know some things have gone missing in this house recently

. We all should be more careful. "James thought about it for a while, and an idea popped in his head. "Carlos won't be back for awhile. Why don't you go to her room and ask her why she went there? And tell her not to wander around. It looks suspicious as all hell. "All Lewis heard were "Carlos won't be back for awhile," and "go to Debbie's room. " He swallowed and nodded immediately, "Sure, Uncle James. I'll tell her. "A trace of contempt appeared in James' eyes as he found out how horny Lewis looked when it came to Debbie. He concealed his emotions and suggested, "Let's go upstairs. ""Yes, Uncle James. " Lewis took a huge gulp of soda and followed him. As soon as they left the living room, a figure snuck out of the storage room, left by the back door, and walked towards the servants' quarters. Once she was back in her bedroom, Debbie wondered if she should tell Carlos about the disgraceful affair she had discovered. Should she pretend nothing happened or tell Carlos the truth? If she kept her mouth shut, she would feel bad about keeping something this big from him. But if she said anything, surely the matter would turn the house upside down like a torpedo. She had started thinking about the question the minute she walked in. She thought about it during her shower. She thought about it when she was brushing her teeth. After being mentally tortured by the question for more than half an hour, she felt like she was having a meltdown. "Oh, whatever. " She finally gave up and pushed the thought aside. Lying in bed, she started reading updates on Weibo. That was much more fun. She typed the name Carlos Huo in the search bar, and saw all the news about him. Most posts were focused on his marriage. The night deepened. It was past 11 p. , and yet Carlos was still not back. "Mr. Huo, honey, when are you coming home?" she couldn't help asking him in a text. But there was no reply. She waited around for about five minutes. Then she texted him again. "Don't work too late. I'm waiting for you to tuck me in, honey. "