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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 170 Share Happiness And Sufferings

The concern that Emmett showed towards Debbie really touched her heart. "It's all right. I feel much better now, but it's nice of you to ask," she said with a friendly smile. "Emmett Zhong!" Carlos' voice sounded as cold as ice. Emmett shifted his gaze to his boss and answered, "Yes, Mr. Huo!" "Your heart must be broken now, huh?" Carlos asked, emotionless. Emmett nodded honestly. He always had a tender heart for women. Besides, Debbie had always been nice to him. Debbie somehow sensed something was not right with Carlos, and winked at Emmett. However, Emmett didn't get her point. Instead, he asked innocently, "Mrs. Huo, what's wrong with your eyes? You got hurt? Shall we call a doctor over to check?" Debbie was speechless. 'I did what I could, but he didn't get me. Can't he see that Carlos is in a terrible mood right now?' she wondered. "Emmett, it seems that you care about my wife very much," Carlos said casually as he dabbed the ice pack onto Debbie's swollen cheek. He turned to Lewis, who had stood up from the floor, and ordered, "Lewis Huo, don't just stand there while this dumbass pokes his nose into my business. Strike him in the face!" Only then did Emmett realize he had almost stepped on a landmine. His face turned pale. With a cold smile, Carlos continued, "In this way, you can share in her happiness and suffering. " Debbie was at a loss for words. 'Carlos is way too possessive, ' she thought. "Please don't get me wrong, Mr. Huo. Ah, I remember I have something urgent to attend to. I'll take my leave now," said Emmett and quickly turned to leave. But just as he was about to step out of the door, Lewis blocked his way. "Emmett, you know, on this turf, I'll only play by my cousin's rules. " Then without a second thought, he swung his clenched fist to strike. Only by a whisker did Emmett dodge. With quick darting steps, he retreated from Lewis and cast an imploring glance at Debbie. "Mrs. Huo, please help!" The exchange at the door amused Debbie. Holding back her giggles, she clutched at Carlos' right arm with both hands and pleaded in a cute way, "Honey, Emmett was just showing his concern for his boss' wife. Don't get mad at him, okay? Besides, he's your right-hand man. How will it benefit you, if he gets hurt?" "Do you think he's that indispensable?" asked Carlos with a dismissive snort. "We have an abundance of talented people. His absence would make no difference. " 'How cruel he is!' thought Debbie

" He understood why Debbie disliked Megan. Megan was wholly dependent on Carlos and his friends. It was perfectly normal for Debbie, his wife, to feel uncomfortable when she saw another girl invading her space

. But Megan had just come of age. If anything, Carlos planned to send her abroad to study in a few years. Hopefully, that would put Debbie's worries to an end. If all went well, Megan might as well find a boyfriend there. "Okay," Debbie answered in a low voice. She didn't want Carlos to think she was a mean woman. Carlos kissed her again. "Don't worry. I won't let anyone cross you, okay?"Relieved by his promise, Debbie cuddled his neck and said, "You cannot go back on your words. If someone crosses me, I'll go have fun without you. ""Without me? How would that be?""There are many things I can do. Maybe, I'd even go clubbing with a random handsome guy, just to blow away your money. That must be really interesting. Aargh! Carlos Huo, don't bite my ear!""Really? You still have the energy to mess around with another guy? Am I such an incompetent husband?" Carlos pressed her against the bed, his eyes as dark as ink. A cold shiver ran down her spine as she looked him in the eye. He looked more menacing than wolf now. "No, no, no! I was just kidding. Mr. President, don't take it seriously. Mmm. " She was unable to talk anymore as Carlos gagged her with his lips, his hand rubbing her chest. In the Gu family's houseWhen Portia got home, Griffin and Blanche were still waiting for her in the living room. They wanted to find out how she was getting along with Lewis. They were freaked out when Portia appeared in front of them. Blanche held her daughter's hands and asked anxiously, "Portia, my dear, what's wrong with your hair? And your cheeks are swollen. What happened?"Unable to handle the questions, Portia burst into a crying fit, wailing like a baby. When Portia finally spoke, Griffin, who was in poor health, almost had a seizure. "It was Debbie Nian. Her friend has been hitting on Lewis, and when I confronted the girl, Debbie attacked me with a barrage of punches. To add to the humiliation, she pulled out a pair of scissors and cut my hair, while threatening dire consequences to anyone who'd attempt to help me. More so, people fear her on account of Emmett Zhong—her husband. Mom, it was so humiliating, I wished for the ground to open up and swallow me. ""Debbie Nian?! " Both Griffin and Blanche were shocked to hear that name. How the hell would Debbie have the guts to bully their beloved daughter?