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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 282 She Is A Victim

"Kasie was drugged? What drug? Who drugged her?" Emmett asked anxiously. "Er. " Debbie was too embarrassed. "That kind of drug. " At that moment, Kasie got close to the phone and murmured, "Emmett. I want to have sex with you. " Debbie was shocked. Even Emmett didn't know how to respond. It was as though his whole world had just collapsed on top of him. After a long pause, he managed to say, "Tomboy, take her to the hospital. I'm on my way. " "Okay," Debbie answered. Kasie held Debbie's waist tightly and rested her head on her shoulder. "Emmett, shame on you! Are you a man or not? If I am not gonna make it, you'll regret your decision. " Kasie was only half-aware of what she was saying. Emmett had to be firm with her. He asked Debbie, "Which hospital are you heading for? I'm on the Phoenix Road right now. " Debbie looked out the car window and saw The Third People's Hospital not too far away. "We'll arrive at The Third People's Hospital soon. " "Got it! Please take care of Kasie for me. " He hung up. Kasie whispered in Debbie's ear, "Deb, I feel like. I'm going to explode. Deb, let me kiss you. " 'Oh my God! This drug is so potent. It can turn a straight person gay. ' Debbie's eyes widened as Kasie got closer to her. She shook her head and pushed her down. "Stop it, Kasie! I'm not gonna make out with you. Just lie down on my lap. " Kasie struggled violently in Debbie's arms. She really couldn't take it anymore. "Tomboy, help me. I'd rather die than go through this. Please help me. Call Emmett! Call him. If he refuses to have sex with me. I will sleep with. " Kasie paused, and looked at the man in the driver's seat

" He was fuming. 'I will kill the asshole with my own hands! I will get justice for her. ' Debbie heaved a sigh of relief

. "Good. Actually, she did almost get raped, but. " "What?" Emmett was confused now. 'So, was Kasie raped or not?' "Don't worry. I rescued her in time. She's still a virgin. Emmett, do you think premarital sex is immoral or something? Why did you turn her down when she said she wanted to have sex with you?" Debbie patted his stressed shoulder. Emmett wiped the sweat off his forehead. 'She was just fooling around with me! Thank God!'Seeing that Emmett was panting, Debbie poured a glass of water and gave it to him. "Oh, by the way, where is Carlos? You said you would tell me in person," she asked. At the mention of Carlos' name, Emmett's face changed and he seemed very nervous. He drank the water in one gulp. Debbie raised an eyebrow. She noticed his nervous expression. She took the glass from his hand and poured him another glass of water. Again, he drank it in one gulp. Debbie gave him a third glass of water, and Emmett finally broke the awkward silence. "Mrs. Huo, please forgive me. If I sell Mr. Huo out this time, he will surely fire me. So. "Debbie didn't know how to respond to his helpless words. "Rest assured, Mr. Huo will be back either today or tomorrow," he added. Debbie snorted, "Rest assured? What are you all hiding from me? Carlos is still wounded and has been missing for two days. How can I rest easy?" Debbie gnashed her teeth and thought angrily, 'I won't spare Carlos this time. 'Emmett didn't know how to calm her down, and had to change the subject. "Who did this to Kasie?" he asked. With a sneer, Debbie said, "If you don't tell me Carlos' whereabouts, I will ask Kasie to break up with you. So, do you want to get fired or do you want to break up with Kasie?"Emmett couldn't believe that she would threaten him like this. 'Seriously? I really can't bear this couple anymore. 'When he didn't respond, Debbie yelled at her friend, "Kasie, wake up! Emmett is breaking up with you— Argh! Don't pull me! Let me go!"Emmett grabbed Debbie's wrist and pulled her out of the ward. There were many people passing by outside the ward, so Emmett let go of her hand. After all, people might recognize her.