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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 276 She Is Your First Love

Damon rolled his eyes at Carlos and taunted, "Man, look at you! You are like a teenager who has found his first taste of love. " He paused and then realized something. He stared at Carlos, whose face was still pale from the blood loss, and asked in disbelief, "Wait! She IS your first love, isn't she?" 'Carlos Huo, the CEO of a multinational group, has fallen in love for the first time at 28!' he thought, his mouth agape. "You're so noisy! Get out!" Carlos demanded coldly. "What? You're pissed because I guessed it correctly, huh? Fine. I'm leaving! Humph! I am not gonna tell you when we start the action this evening. " Damon stood up and walked towards the door. "By the way, I will be super busy for the next few days and will have absolutely no time to check up on you. You'd better be nice to me while I'm still here. " Carlos ignored him completely. He unlocked his phone and clicked on his contact list. Damon was pissed off by his cold attitude and turned around to give him a burning look before he left the ward. After leaving the hospital with Debbie, Curtis drove her to the Shining International Plaza. Debbie was too worried about Carlos to pay attention to where they were going. When she snapped back into reality, she saw that they had reached the entrance of the plaza. "Buy whatever you like and put it on Damon's tab. He is loaded. Why not trim the fat off the cat?" Curtis said softly with a smile. Debbie shook her head. "No, there's really no need for that. Carlos has already bought so many clothes and shoes for me, and some of them are still brand new. Damon has a family to support now. " She had only been kidding when she had agreed to go shopping and let Damon pay the bills. "You don't want to go shopping alone, do you? I can keep you company," Curtis offered. He pretended to not know the real reason why she wasn't looking forward to having any fun. 'Why is he insisting that I go shopping?' Debbie thought. "I don't feel like going shopping now," she told Curtis frankly. Her husband was seriously injured. She just wanted to go back to the manor and make some nutritious food for him. "Why don't you buy something for Carlos? It is not Zelda but you who is responsible for buying clothes for him now, right?" 'Seriously? He knows everything going on between me and Carlos, ' Debbie sighed inwardly. "He has many new clothes as well. I don't think he requires any more. " Curtis chuckled and sighed in defeat. "All right. I'll drive you home. " "Thank—" Realizing something, she hit her forehead with her palm. "I need to go to the supermarket. Mr. Lu, you may leave now if you have work to finish. I'll grab a taxi after I'm done

Hayden, you have to help me!" she complained. Hayden, who was working on some important documents, put aside his pen and rubbed his arching eyebrows. "Portia, you've gone too far this time," he said

. 'And it's rude to barge in without knocking, ' he added in his mind. Portia's eyes widened. "Hayden, your own sister's career is being destroyed. Yet all you have to say is that I've gone too far?" She couldn't believe it. Hayden stood up from his seat and went over to her. He patted on her shoulder and said, "Let me guess. You must have offended Debbie again, huh?" He had also crossed Carlos, who in return, had done something unbelievable to the Gu Group in retaliation. The company's shares had dropped dramatically, and Hayden had to work over time for more than a month to make up for the loss. He hadn't had the time to contact Debbie or fly to England to visit her during the last month. Portia was fuming. 'Damn it! Does Carlos have his magical umbrella over the entire city? He has already found out what I had done and even got back at me so quickly!' she thought angrily. Recently, she had gone through days when everything had gone utterly wrong—she had no commercials in hand at all. And it was all because of Debbie! In order to make her happy, Carlos had shut Portia out of the entertainment circle. That was why Portia had asked the pregnant woman to go to Debbie and drive a wedge between her and Carlos. She had done it in a fit of rage. She hadn't thought hat Carlos would dig out the truth so soon. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she yelled at Hayden, "Why would Carlos Huo fall in love with a woman who was dumped by you? I thought a CEO like him would have better taste in women. Is he blind? What's so good about her? She must have seduced him with her fake innocence!" She couldn't accept the reality. She hated to admit that Carlos preferred Debbie over her. Hayden poured a glass of water for her and said casually, "Deb is a good girl. You are blinded by hatred. " He really felt sorry for Debbie; his sister and mother had mistreated her. "She's a good girl? Hayden, I'm your sister! She once cut my precious hair and slapped me before so many people. No one had ever dared to do such a thing to me! She used to suck up to me. And now, she's so arrogant because she's Mrs. Huo. I swear I'll make that title mine. Hayden, you still love her, don't you? How about this? We'll figure out a plan to destroy their marriage. " Portia grabbed Hayden's arm and looked at him with a hopeful expression in her moist eyes. Hayden pulled away from her and said coldly, "She's married to Carlos Huo, not Emmett Zhong. You want me to fight against Carlos? Are you crazy?" He had tried to steal Debbie from Carlos more than once. But whatever he did, Carlos would find out immediately and get back at him with no delay. Portia crashed into a nearby couch, frustrated. The very thought that Debbie was Carlos' wife was torture to her. She had no appetite and she could barely fall asleep at nights