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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 275 She's Indeed Scary

"You better believe it. Otherwise I would've just bled in vain!" Carlos said to Curtis. The news that Mr. Huo had sex with his wife in the ward, causing his wound to bleed again, soon spread to everyone on the VVIP floor of the inpatient department. Although he was aware of the shock he had brought to everyone, Carlos didn't mind at all, nor did he feel embarrassed about it. As Carlos talked to Curtis, the doctor silently finished bandaging his wound. In a frightened voice, he cautioned, "Mr. Huo, the wound rupture is severe. You've lost a lot of blood again. Please do be careful. " He nodded slightly to the doctor, and told Curtis, "Drive Debbie to the manor before you go home. " Since his wound was worse now, it was impossible for him to be discharged from the hospital that day. Even if he wanted to leave, the embarrassed woman hiding in the bathroom wouldn't allow him to. He might have to stay for another two days. Damon had been laughing the whole time. He teased, "Why? Are you afraid that you might lose control of yourself again and die on top of your wife?" Carlos swiftly grabbed a cushion from the sofa and threw it at Damon. It hit him right in the face. Damon yelled, "Hey asshole! Debbie, come out now! Get a leash on your husband. " Debbie had been listening to their bantering as she stood in the bathroom with her hands covering her red hot face. She didn't dare utter a word or respond to their teasing. "Are you gonna stay alone here?" Curtis asked with a raised brow. Carlos nodded. "I don't mind. She's been attending to me since she returned from England. " He was afraid that Debbie might get bored. He remembered how she had resisted staying in the hospital last time. But that was not the only reason. He knew that she would be pissed if she found out about their plan for that night. He was painfully aware that if he acted first and asked for forgiveness later, it would anger her even more. But he was also certain that if he told her now, she wouldn't allow him to run into anything dangerous in his current condition. So after much consideration, he figured it would be best to keep it a secret from Debbie for the moment. Curtis stood up and tidied his clothes. He walked to the bathroom door and knocked. "Debbie, come out. The doctors and nurses have left. " Debbie was baffled. 'The doctors and nurses have left, but you and Damon are still there. ' she thought, as she blushed. After hesitating for a while, she came out slowly. She had already taken a shower and had changed into new clothes. Her face was as red as a tomato when she greeted Curtis, "Mr. Lu. " Curtis didn't mind that she hadn't changed her way of addressing him. He knew that it would take time for her to accept him as her uncle

Get some sleep after shopping. You can come back here tomorrow. " Debbie hesitated

. Carlos' wound had bled again. She wasn't exactly in the mood to go shopping. But since he had asked her to leave on his own volition, she thought it would be better if she did. Considering he had been so bold to have sex with her in his wounded state, it wouldn't be safe for him if she stayed by his side, just like Damon had said. She decided that she would come later on. "Okay, fine," she nodded. The couple reached an agreement, but Damon had still not agreed to pay for Debbie's shopping expenses. Ignoring his continuous protests, Curtis said, "Debbie, let's go. " He dragged her luggage behind him and escorted her out of the ward. "Hey, don't go! I haven't agreed to anything yet. Hey. " As soon as they were out of sight, Damon stopped at once. As the door closed behind them, the playful expression on Damon's face was instantly replaced by a serious look. He turned to Carlos and persuaded in a stern voice, "Carlos, you don't have to join the action tonight. Wesley and I can handle it. "He was well aware that Carlos had deliberately found an excuse to make Debbie leave. He didn't want to worry Debbie. Carlos lit a cigarette. "I need to be there too. One more person joining in the action will increase the chances of winning the battle. I want to get this over with, once and for all. " Deep down, he didn't wish to get hurt again in the process of protecting Megan, making Debbie angry and worried. They would have already taken action to finish off the enemies if Debbie hadn't come back from England all of a sudden. Their plan had already been delayed. It would become more difficult to fight those gangsters if they didn't take prompt action. Damon took out his phone and looked at the message which Wesley had sent to him earlier. "Wesley has planned everything well and has already set a trap for them. If everything goes well, we will be able to take about a hundred men along with us to root the gangsters out. We will surely succeed. You stay here and get well. "Instead of responding to his concern, Carlos changed the subject. "Where's Megan? How's she doing?""She is awake. But she's scared of your wife, so she wouldn't dare come anywhere near you at the moment. " Damon shrugged. He was impressed by how Debbie had become a beast in Megan's eyes, although she looked like a beautiful angel. Now, whenever Debbie's name was mentioned, Megan would be stricken with fear. Carlos smiled tenderly as he thought of Debbie. "Yeah. She's indeed scary. "'Even I'm scared of her, aren't I?' he thought.