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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 169 She's My Wife

Debbie bid Kasie goodbye and was about to get into the car when Portia grabbed her arm—hard. "No! We're not done!" Portia yelled. Her men would arrive in a few minutes. She had no intention of letting Debbie off the hook so easily. Before Debbie could respond, Lewis pulled Portia away and snapped impatiently, "Get the hell out of here, Portia. I thought you were an ice queen, but you're really as clingy as an octopus. " He didn't love Portia; he just took it as a challenge to melt the ice queen's heart. But now she was getting on his nerves. Portia trembled with anger at Lewis' remarks. With red eyes, she pointed at him and shouted, "Dammit Lewis! You're cancelled! I'm telling my mom to call off our engagement. " Debbie had guessed right—Portia and Lewis were about to get engaged. "Whatever. " Lewis shrugged and got into the car. Seeing Debbie remain motionless, he urged, "Hurry! Get in the car! You don't want her bitch cooties, do you?" Portia broke out into curses. "Lewis Huo, you're an asshole! Everyone in your family is!" Debbie, trying hard to suppress her giggles, got into the back seat. Lewis was not angered by Portia's words. "My family? Does that include Carlos?" Portia stopped as soon as Lewis mentioned Carlos. She cast a murderous glance at Debbie and threatened through gritted teeth, "Debbie Nian, just wait and see. " With a wide grin, Debbie clapped back. "Oh, don't forget to tell your brother—I kicked your ass and cut your hair. " "You!" Portia was too angry to utter a complete sentence. The car soon drove off, leaving Portia behind. Her long fingernails dug into her palms, leaving deep marks. At the ZL Group Lewis and Debbie made a beeline for the CEO's office. Most employees didn't know Debbie, but they knew Lewis. The elevator came to a halt on the 66th floor. Staring at the closed door of Carlos' office, Lewis nudged Debbie forward and said, "Remember our arrangement. You go in first. " Debbie was dumbstruck. 'Seriously? You're really afraid of Carlos, aren't you? I can understand why Jared is scared of Carlos. But you're his cousin! Besides, he's not that scary!' she thought to herself. There were only two people in the secretary's office—Emmett and Zelda. Zelda stood up from her seat and greeted Lewis, "Mr. Lewis Huo, good evening. " She was quite surprised to see Debbie. Lewis leered at her, and a wolf whistle escaped his lips

"Relax, man! I didn't hit her. It was Portia Gu. She slapped her!" It was the first time that Debbie had seen Carlos lose it like this, and she was a little scared as well

. She then realized that Carlos had always been rather kind to her when she had offended him so many times. Lewis' pleas snapped Debbie back to reality. She grabbed Carlos' arm and explained, "He didn't hit me. I kicked his ass. "Carlos then let go of Lewis, placed the teapot back on the table and warned him, "If she hits you again, don't fight back. ""What?! But why?" Lewis was in stunned disbelief. Carlos straightened his suit and said indifferently, "She's my wife. "'She's Carlos' wife?! That means she's my cousin-in-law. ' Lewis almost choked on his own tongue. Ignoring Lewis, who was too shocked to stand up, Carlos buzzed Emmett. "Get in here. And bring some ice. "Then he led Debbie to the couch, sat down and stroked her cheek softly. "So it was Portia?"His voice was soft, but Debbie could somehow feel danger. It came back to her now, how people used to describe Carlos—cruel and cold-hearted. Debbie grabbed his hands and coaxed him, "Honey, cool down. I got even with her. I slapped her several times, and even cut her hair. So just let it go, okay?"Carlos, however, was not easily convinced. "Leave her to me," he said. A cold shiver ran down Debbie's spine, as his tone suggested that he would kill Portia. "Don't, Carlos. I don't care. It was nothing. Leave it to me, please. "At this moment, Emmett came in with an ice pack and handed it to Carlos. Lewis was still lying on the floor, but Emmett didn't even blink. However, when he spotted Debbie's swollen cheek, he asked worriedly, "Mrs. Huo, what happened? Did someone hit you? Does it hurt?"'Who had the nerve to hit Mr. Huo's woman? Look at Mrs. Huo's fair skin. That must be stinging, ' he thought.