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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 238 Terms Of The Apology

"Oh, I'm not talking about me. How could I flatter myself like that? Only Megan deserves your ultimate care. Everything about her is such a big deal. What perfect guardian angels you make when it comes to Megan!" Debbie scoffed. Carlos and Wesley exchanged a look as they walked behind her silently, and quickened their pace to catch up with her. When they reached the ward, Damon was talking and laughing with Megan, who looked nothing at all like a sick person. Nor did she seem like someone who had just fallen into the river. "A-Aunt Debbie. " Seeing her, Megan looked frightened. She grabbed the covers nervously and moved to the corner of the bed. Debbie sneered. 'She makes it look like I am about to kill her. Bravo, Megan! They owe you an Oscar for this act. ' She did want to kill her, but Debbie knew better than to spend the rest of her life in prison just for a lesser, evil bitch like Megan. Damon noticed how scared Megan was. He stood between Megan and Debbie, glaring at the latter with hostile eyes. Debbie laughed. She ignored him and asked Megan, "Didn't you want me to come and apologize? Now that I'm here, why are you hiding from me, huh? What is this, Damon?" Damon had hardly ever been serious, but at that moment, he gritted his teeth and asked, "You don't sound like you are here to apologize. " Debbie snorted, "When did I say I came here to apologize?" 'Me apologize to Megan? That's not gonna happen even in my next life!' "Then why is she here?" Damon asked Carlos and Wesley, who were standing behind her. Debbie walked around Damon and tried to reach the other side of the bed, but Wesley strode ahead of her and stood in front of Megan. The two men were blocking Debbie's path on either side as if she were some kind of beast. Their fear was hilarious to watch. Turning to Carlos, who was standing nearby quietly, she asked, "Honey, are you going to jump over here to protect her if I make another move?" She pointed to the other end of the bed. "Move away, you two!" said Carlos, giving Damon and Wesley a cold glance. Damon looked at him in disbelief. "How can we? Do you see how arrogant she is? What if she hurts Megan again? Don't forget that she knows martial arts. " "Damon, you flatter me. Don't forget that Wesley and my husband used to serve in the special force. " They could easily throw her out of the room if they wished to. Wesley figured that he might have overreacted a bit, so he stepped aside a little. Debbie finally came to the bedside. Megan clutched at the covers tightly

She didn't want to waste more time on Megan either. However, Megan acted surprised and cried, "What? Uncle Carlos, I am innocent. How could you protect a murderer? You know I can't swim! I would be dead if you hadn't come to save me in time

. How can you let me suffer like this after what my parents had done for you?" Megan got agitated as she thought about her parents. "Calm down, Megan. Don't get too excited," Damon comforted her. Megan inhaled deeply to steady her breathing. Then she looked at Carlos in the eye and said in a choked voice, "All I want is an apology. Is that too much to ask? Uncle Carlos, you used to give me everything I wanted. But now, I can't even get an apology?"Carlos wanted to put the whole thing behind him. Besides, he didn't want to lose his friends over this matter. He took Debbie into his arms and whispered to her, "Honey, you pushed Megan into the river after all. And she's younger than you, isn't she? Could you just apologize to her?"Debbie wrenched herself free from his arms and dashed towards the bed. She tossed the covers away as Megan screamed. Wesley grabbed Debbie's arm and pushed her aside forcefully. Luckily, Carlos followed her and caught her promptly. Debbie bumped into his chest. Carlos embraced her, as he glared at Wesley furiously. He declared in a raised voice, "Wesley, I dare you to touch my wife again!"'And now he is protecting me! Who was it that asked me to apologize to Megan just now? Huh!'Once again, Debbie squirmed out of Carlos' arms and yelled at him, "Save your hypocrisy!" Then she pointed at Damon and Wesley. "You, and you! You're both acting in collusion with him. You two play the bad cops and he plays the good cop, just to make me apologize to her. But guess what? I am not as gullible as you three. Damon Han, Carlos Huo, Wesley Li, you three idiots are all being played by this venomous, manipulative bitch, and you don't even have a clue! I wonder how you became a colonel or a CEO. Damon, if I were Adriana, I would have left you too. "The three men's faces had turned coal black. Never had a woman given them such a harsh tongue-lashing in their whole lives. Debbie took a deep breath and lowered her voice. "Apologize? No problem!" She walked towards Carlos and grabbed his hand, trying to remove the ring from his finger. "I'll apologize to her right now. But after that, you will have to send me abroad for further studies as soon as possible. Or we get a divorce. "