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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 189 The Idiot

Debbie shifted her gaze toward Valerie and Megan, who were both pretending to ignore Lewis. Frowning, she wondered why they paid no attention to his lewd behavior. Lewis put a hand in front of her eyes, blocking her view, and asked, "Debbie, why are you looking at them? Eyes on me, okay? I'm hot, right?" Debbie rolled her eyes and turned around to go upstairs. "Want me to lie or tell the truth?" she asked, walking past him. Catching up with her, Lewis said, "Lie to me, then. " "You're not hot," she replied purposefully. Lewis tittered. 'That's a lie, so she means I'm a good looking guy!' But he didn't want her to beat around the bush to praise him. He wanted to hear it from her lips directly. "And the truth?" he asked expectantly. Debbie turned around and looked into his eyes. "The truth is—you're so ugly that when you walk into a bank, they turn off the cameras. " Lewis was stumped by her words. Seeing the frustrated look on Lewis' face, a few housemaids in the living room giggled under their breaths. Even Megan couldn't help but cover her mouth to stifle her laughter. As Debbie continued to walk toward the staircase, she was shocked to spot a woman standing on the landing of the staircase. It was Miranda, who was dressed neatly. It seemed like she was going out. Embarrassed, Debbie forced a smile and greeted, "Hello, Aunt Miranda. " Oblivious to Debbie's greeting, Miranda fixed her eyes on her son, who was ready to run away, and reproached in a cold voice, "Lewis, you idiot!" Scolded by his mother in front of others, Lewis lowered his head in shame. He walked to the sofa, sat down next to Valerie and asked, "Grandma, what did you need?" Valerie kept silent while Megan answered instead, "Grandma lost her string of Buddhist prayer beads. No one can find it. Have you seen it?" "Nope. I couldn't care less about things like that. Why would I take it?" Lewis replied nonchalantly as he stroked his messy hair. Seeing Miranda finally leave the living room, he quickly stood up and rushed upstairs. Debbie had just closed her bedroom door when she heard a knock. She opened it, but in a split second, flung the door to close it. However, Lewis reacted so fast that he had already squeezed part of his body in before she could close the door. Wearing a lewd smile on his face, he said, "Hey, wait. Debbie—ugh! Don't close the door. Let me in!" No one knew how much Debbie wanted to kick this guy out of her room. Gritting her teeth, she swallowed her anger and flung the door open straightaway. "What do you want now?" she yelled. "My cousin left you here alone. You must be lonely, so I just want to keep you company. I'm so considerate, aren't I? Don't bother to thank me," he said, winking at her. Debbie had never known anyone more shameless than him. He actually thought he was a great guy. When really, he was a creep

For instance, Valerie was strict; James was ill-tempered; Tabitha was docile; Carlos was cold; Lewis was frivolous and Miranda was arrogant. At dinnertime, the ambience of the dining room was as odd as usual. Everyone sitting at the dinner table was immersed in his or her own thoughts

. But for Debbie, it was lucky that James wasn't having dinner at home, thanks to work. As usual, Megan took any chances to stir up trouble during meal time. "Uncle Carlos, I want to eat that dumpling, but I can't reach it," she said with a pitiful look on her face. Debbie discreetly rolled her eyes. Megan always wanted to eat the food in front of Carlos! Obviously, the food wasn't the point. If Carlos gave in to her and helped her dish up food, then she could pretend she was his girlfriend. Debbie wasn't the only one who got it, but everyone else could see through her too. However, no one dared to make a comment because each time, Valerie would look at Megan affectionately and nod approvingly. Carlos was eating soup when Megan spoke to him. On hearing her, he put down his spoon, took up his chopsticks and reached for a dumpling. As he was about to pick up the dumpling, Debbie suddenly stretched out her chopsticks, picked it up and put it in her mouth. Carlos didn't think anything of this and moved his chopsticks toward another dumpling. However this time, Debbie thrust her chopsticks forward and snatched the dumpling from his own. Then, the couple began the "pick-and-snatch" game. Debbie had stuffed nearly an entire plate of dumplings into her mouth. Fortunately for her, the chef had made each of the dumplings fairly small, so it wasn't a problem for her to fill her mouth with one after another. On the other hand, Valerie and Megan had been watching the couple the whole time, their faces deadpan. Lewis tried so hard to stifle his laughter that his face went red. Tabitha remained silent, but just asked a housemaid to fetch Debbie a bowl of soup. In the end, Carlos stopped trying to pick up any dumplings. He was afraid Debbie would choke to death. He placed the whole dish of dumplings in front of Debbie and looked at Megan. "Megan, your aunt Debbie likes eating dumplings. Maybe try another dish," he requested. Debbie stared lovingly at Carlos, her eyes glittering. She felt her heart melt. Her husband looked extremely handsome in her eyes whenever he tried to protect her. Megan inhaled deeply, trying to keep the smile on her face. "Never mind. Since Aunt Debbie likes dumplings, just let her enjoy them. Uncle Carlos, please have a bite of this meat," Megan said as she picked up a slice of roasted meat and put it on a clean plate. Then, she asked the housemaid to carry it to Carlos. Debbie felt gloomy. 'Can't you just eat quietly? Why all the drama? Maybe Carlos should enroll you in a drama academy since you're so talented at acting. You'll surely be an A-list actress, Megan!' she thought angrily