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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 219 The Truth

As soon as Debbie finished eating, Carlos peeled a banana and handed it to her. Damon saw this. He looked at Carlos earnestly and said, "Bro, I'd like a banana too. " For the first time since Jared, Damon and Adriana had walked into the ward, Carlos spoke. "Beat it!" Seeing his brother getting bullied, Jared snorted, "Don't be so bossy. Your wife's here. " The others laughed. The atmosphere inside the ward was pleasant. Everyone was happy, except Carlos. "Tell us what happened," Curtis said to Debbie. The smile on Debbie's face froze when the accident was suddenly brought up. She looked at Carlos. He was confused by her look. "If you have something to say, just say it. " "It's true. I mistook the gas pedal for the brake. " They were rendered speechless by her careless mistake. Debbie, however, was wondering if her friends would believe her if she told them that Megan was involved in the accident. And Carlos. Would he trust her words? Luckily, Wesley wasn't in the ward. Among the four, Carlos and Wesley valued Megan the most. If Wesley were there, he would be pissed at her if she told them that the accident was caused by Megan. 'Should I tell them that Megan not only provoked me, but also purposely told Carlos that I had taken birth control pills?' Debbie pondered silently. She blamed herself for being too weak. She shouldn't have let Megan get to her so easily. She had learnt her lesson. Even if she decided not to tell the others the truth, she would get back at Megan sooner or later. She promised herself. Noticing that she was in a bad mood, Colleen patted her hand and said, "It's okay. If you don't feel like talking, just forget about it now. You are fine, that's all that matters. " Adriana chipped in, "Get some rest. When you are ready to talk, Mr. Huo will be here beside you. If there's some problem, I'm sure he'll fix it for you. " Debbie was still silent. Jared couldn't hold his tongue anymore. "Tomboy, you have never been so hesitant before. What's wrong with you? " It was true. She used to speak her mind anytime, anywhere. That used to be her trademark. But now, she couldn't

Carlos was waiting at the door. Silently, he escorted her back to the bed, one arm protectively around her waist. It was unnecessary, but he insisted

. So in the end, she was kind of carried back to her bed. As soon as she sat on the bed, her dinner arrived. It was a huge meal. Since her hands weren't injured, it never occurred to Debbie to ask Carlos to feed her. She told the nurses to lay the table for her, and began eating. However, Carlos was angered because he thought that as her husband, he wasn't being relied upon at all. He closed his eyes to suppress the anger building inside him. When Debbie finished eating, he sat on the bed and said, "Now, tell me. "Debbie stared at him and asked, "Tell you what?""How did you fall into the river?" The car window had been broken. It seemed that she had been smart enough to break the window with the emergency hammer to save herself under the life-threatening circumstance. "Where were you when I fell into the river?" she asked as she wiped her mouth and studied his face carefully. Carlos thought about it. The accident had taken place yesterday afternoon. So he was. "In my office. " During the time she had her accident, he hadn't arrived at Orchid Private Club yet. But he was about to leave. Debbie sneered, "Is it so difficult for you to tell me the truth?" She knew that he had gone to Megan's place and had told her about the examination result as soon as he had left the hospital. Carlos' brows knitted tightly. He didn't understand what she was talking about. "Have I ever lied to you?""You're lying to me NOW!" If he wasn't lying, how would Megan have known that they had gone to the hospital? "Debbie Nian, why are you trying to push my button? What good does it do you to make me angry?" Carlos lifted her chin and forced her to look at him in the eye. Debbie wasn't afraid. She brushed his hand away and retorted, "Push your button? How? Are you angry because I exposed your lie?"Carlos stood up, trying to calm down. "Sleep. We'll talk when you have a better attitude. " He started walking towards the door. "Carlos Huo!" Debbie called from behind him. Carlos stopped, but didn't turn. "If I tell you that the accident had something to do with Megan, will you believe me?"Carlos turned around now. Debbie looked serious. "What do you mean?" he asked with a frown. "While I was driving, I got a call from Megan. She told me that you went to her place after you left the hospital, and that you told her you were very disappointed in me. " Debbie stressed every word and spoke slowly. "She also said that you told her that you'd realized that she was the one who loved you the most and that you would never leave her. And she was the one who told you about the birth control pills. "