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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 245 This Is Unfair

Carlos cast a sidelong glance at the woman holding his arm, and then let go of David. He shook off Debbie's hands, pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "Uncle Noel, it's me, Carlos. You may have to inspect The No. 1 Nightclub. I suspect they are engaging in organized prostitution. " The manager was shocked to hear his words. 'Dammit! We're so screwed!' he thought. Putting on a pitiful look, he pleaded, "Mr. Huo, David was wrong. Please don't be mad at him. " Carlos gave him a cold glare and said, "Get out. " The manager didn't dare disobey his orders. He shut his mouth and quickly left the private booth with David. Only Debbie, Kasie, Carlos and his friends were left behind in the booth. Curtis was aware that Carlos was about to teach Debbie a good lesson. To protect her, he pulled Debbie to his side and stood between her and Carlos. "Carlos, why not let Debbie stay with Colleen for a couple of days? Her visa has been issued already, right? How about we drive her to the airport then?" Curtis offered. Debbie was amused by the current scenario in the booth. She was now standing behind Curtis. Everyone else, except Carlos, stood behind her. Damon's date was long gone. There were nine people in the booth. And Carlos was confronting eight of them. But strength wasn't always the solution for victory. Carlos straightened his suit and looked at Debbie, who was standing behind Curtis. "Come here!" Debbie was not afraid of him—she was boiling over with rage. She wanted to ask him whether he had been with Megan the past week. "What do you want with me now? You can do whatever you want, but you deprive me of my lawful rights. Don't you think it's unfair?" Carlos looked her in the eye and retorted, "It is not your lawful right to hang around with other men. " Staring defiantly at him, Debbie snapped back, "My husband is cheating on me, while I am left to stay alone at home. I can't live like that!" "Stop your nonsense! When did I cheat on you? I was just hanging out with my friends. " "Hanging out with your friends?" Debbie sneered. "Mr. Lu has brought his fiancee along. Wesley is with his girlfriend. Damon has come alone. You are the only one who is here with your mistress. Shame on you! " The rest of them were at a loss for words. Even Damon, who was hostile to Debbie most of the time, had nothing to say to her now

But he hadn't expected that he would be at the receiving end of this jealousy pang. Debbie cast a stern glance at Emmett. Her sharp black eyeliner made her look like a strong woman

. "Did you sleep in the company last week? What if he had slept with other women in the middle of the night?" Emmett stepped backwards and shook his head. "I. I don't know. Mrs. Huo, please go on with your reprimanding. I better shut up now. " He was immediately freaked out by Debbie's question. Carlos didn't know how to explain himself; Debbie always found a way to retort. Even Damon was defeated by Debbie's chopping logic. 'I'm really lucky that Adriana is not hard to deal with, like Debbie. Otherwise, it would have been such a headache. Adriana is such a good wife; I need to treat her well, ' he mused. 'Go on reprimanding Carlos?' The others were amused by Emmett's frightened reaction. Carlos was short-tempered, and they had never dared to offend him. But Debbie was not afraid of him at all; she was clearly throwing a tantrum in front of him. Although he tried to threaten her, she didn't give a damn. Everyone looked at them with sheer excitement. 'Reprimand Carlos?' Debbie rolled her eyes. In a mocking tone, she told Emmett, "No, no, no. I wouldn't dare reprimand the great Mr. Huo. Why would I even try to? He always chooses other people over me. Did you know that he even filled my favorite swimming pool? Unbelievable, right?" 'And what's more. he knew I was mad at him, yet he banged me again and again while I was completely drunk. He is an asshole! A pervert! ' Carlos sighed with profound resignation. "Debbie, can you stop this nonsense? It was you who had wanted to fill the swimming pool. "Debbie was confused. "You are lying! I never said that," she snapped back. Carlos was too tired to argue with her. He said coldly, "Let's go back home and talk. "He grabbed her wrist and tried to drag her to the door. Debbie was startled by his sudden move. "No! I'm not going anywhere with you. Let go of me! I'm staying with Colleen!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. She broke herself free and hid behind Colleen's back.