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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 225 This Is Your Home

"Let go of me. My legs work just fine!" Debbie yelled as she struggled in an attempt to break his grip. But Carlos didn't loosen his forceful grip on her hand until they reached the edge of the bed. With strength, he freed her hand, throwing her onto the soft bed. Debbie awkwardly lay prone on the bed, bouncing a bit while shouting angrily, "Carlos Huo! Are you nuts? If you don't want to see me, then don't come back home! Oh, well. This is your home, not mine. I'll get out. " As she said this, she got out of the bed and trotted toward the doorway. "Stop!" Carlos ordered coldly. With his authoritative voice, he always could assert power over everyone but Debbie. It occurred to him that she was the only person in this world who dared to go against him time and again. The angry woman had disappeared from the bedroom after slamming the door loudly, leaving Carlos alone with himself. Why did she constantly get angry with him when he only wanted the best for her? It seemed to him that their relationship was a bit like a child and a parent. He would make a rule or re-direct her, and she would throw a fit because she wasn't allowed to do what she wanted right then and there. Sometimes, she would bring him to the end of his rope. She had only gotten a few steps away when Carlos caught up with her and carried her in his arms. Feeling her legs leave the ground all of a sudden, she yelled, "Let go! You jerk! I don't want to see you. " Her voice was suddenly muffled. The man had kicked the door closed and pressed her against it to kiss her blabbering lips. Realizing his intent, Debbie took the chance to ridicule him while gasping for air, "You want to have sex with me? But aren't you angry with me for taking birth control pills? Aren't you worried I'll take them again?" Thanks to this topic, Carlos flared up more. He glared at Debbie intently, warning, "Debbie, if you eat just one more pill, I won't let you have even one bite of food. " "Whatever, no sex anyway, then. Since you don't trust me, why sleep with me? Get lost! Get away from me. Aargh! Ouch! You're hurting me. " Debbie stopped her attempt to wriggle out of his arms by his sudden gesture. Carlos tightened his grip on her waist. "Why are you turning me down? For Hayden?" Debbie really wanted to pop him in the face. Why was he talking about Hayden? What did he have to do with this? In a huff, she snapped, "Are you high right now? Hey, stop, stop! I was wrong. I didn't. " Debbie was now shrieking, her deafening pleading sounds echoing through the house, even though their bedroom was well-insulated. Until the wee hours in the morning, the pleading, moaning and heavy breathing sounds finally subsided and everything returned quiet again. Weakly lying prone on the sofa, Debbie felt really remorseful. She felt like a fool. She shouldn't have angered a night beast who hadn't tasted its prey for a long time. She had reaped the consequences herself now. Some people say that fight sex of a couple is some of the best sex you can ever have. Your blood is already surging through you, your adrenaline is high, so why not? Angry sex can sometimes make you feel better. But not in this case. They had sex for a whole night, but Carlos wore a cold face the whole time. Even when they reached climax, he didn't affectionately call her "Deb" or "Honey" as he usually did. Thinking of it, Debbie felt even more frustrated. 'Whoever talked about fight sex never met my husband. It's not true at all!' she thought gloomily. The next afternoon, Debbie woke up from her long sleep, and she slept even longer due to her exhaustion. Like usual, Carlos had already gone to work. She raised her sore arm, grabbed her phone and texted Carlos. "Shouldn't you go visit my uncle and aunt during Spring Festival?" When they were in New York, Lucinda had called Debbie, inviting her to have a meal together with Carlos

"Did you call Debbie before her car accident?""N-no. " Megan replied, her lips trembling. "Megan!" Carlos shouted, his tone becoming stern again

. Unlike Debbie, Megan couldn't resist this man's powerful demeanor, and he broke her resolve. This time, she couldn't hold back her tears. They flooded her eyes and poured down her cheeks. "Uncle Carlos, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. I didn't think she'd get in an accident. That day, I knew you had a fight with Aunt Debbie and that you were unhappy. I felt really guilty, so I went out to call her in order to soften her anger. At first, she didn't answer, then I used another phone to contact her. When the call finally went through, I apologized to her sincerely. Instead of accepting my apology, she confronted me about telling you about the pills. I admitted it, and then she hung up on me. I didn't think she'd have an accident after the call. Uncle Carlos, please don't get mad at me. Please?"Stone-faced, Carlos stared at her and continued to ask, "What else did you talk about?""Aunt Debbie said. that you loved her the most. So she warned me to stay away from you. That I've been pestering you all the time, annoying you. I promised her. Uncle Carlos, I feel bad now. I know it's wrong to hang around with you so much since you're married. But I just can't get you out of my head. I'm sorry. It's all my fault. "Megan sobbed, her breath becoming short. Carlos massaged the upper part of his nose near the eye-sockets, feeling his head pounding for the trouble. To avoid her asthma attack, he had no choice but to comfort her, "Don't cry. I didn't mean to blame you. ""Hmm. Uncle Carlos, I hear you. I won't cry as long as you don't get angry. " She turned her tears into smiles as she went to get a tissue. After leaving Megan's house, Carlos got in his car and called Tabitha. "Mom, it's me. ""Carlos, what a surprise! You're not busy now?""No. Mom, when did you see Debbie take birth control pills?" Carlos asked outright. There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line. Tabitha figured that it must be Megan who told Carlos. Carlos waited on the phone patiently. After a while, Tabitha finally opened her mouth. "I think it's good she took a contraceptive, since your grandma and dad don't like her. It'll be a problem divorcing her if she gets pregnant with your child. "