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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 80 Three Terms

To ease the tension, Debbie took a deep breath and said, "You might be more open-minded since you grew up in Norway. " Then with a delicate smile, she added, "But I'm conservative, and you can't behave like this again, Megan. Or else I may misunderstand you. " In response, Megan nodded and excused herself, saying, it would be better if she left, so that Carlos and Debbie could have some personal time alone. "That's a good idea, considering your uncle Carlos is a married man. It's inappropriate for you two to be alone," Debbie cut in ahead of Carlos. Then she winked at him and added, "Honey, I'll go back to school later. The driver can pick up Megan when he drives me to school. " However, Carlos didn't answer her back. Looking at Megan who was putting away her homework, he said, "Megan, I'll ask the driver to drop you home now. " "Who am I supposed to respond to between the two of you?" asked Megan, unimpressed by conflicting instructions. Carlos shot Debbie a warning look and walked to the door, where he instructed, "Zelda, tell the driver to drop Megan home. " "Yes, Mr. Huo. " On the spot, Zelda called the driver. After Megan had left the office, Debbie turned around and was ready to leave too, when Carlos grabbed her hand. "Come in," he said. "No. I'm not staying," she replied stubbornly, which came as a shock to the secretaries who had been observing what was going on in the CEO's office. 'Lord, did she just say no to Mr. Huo?' Anticipating their boss would explode with rage, they all pretended to bury their heads in work. Everyone was afraid that they would be the victim of their boss' impending fury. "I said, come in," Carlos continued in a colder tone, still holding Debbie's hand. The expression on his face indicated that his demand was non-negotiable. However, Debbie shook his hand off and shouted, "I already said, no!" She cast the man a glare and turned around. But the next thing she knew, her feet were off the floor, Carlos holding her by the waist and carrying her into his office. "Carlos Huo, put me down! You sleazebag! I'll kill you! I'll. " The woman's voice trailed off when the door was shut. The secretaries exchanged terrified and confused looks and lowered their heads again. In his office, Carlos put Debbie down on the sofa. She tried to get up, but was stopped every time by Carlos. After some exchanges of moves between martial arts masters, she was overwhelmed and confined to the sofa, Carlos' body closely against hers. Humiliated and angry, she wanted to curse, but as soon as she opened her mouth, a pair of wet lips pressed down. The man was fierce. Yet the scent on his body was so enchanting for a moment, Debbie almost forgot to fight

But then she recalled Megan kissing Carlos and how calm Carlos had been. The kiss must have happened a lot of times and he must have become accustomed to it. Ignoring her hostile tone, Carlos ordered, "You have no right to throw away gifts that have cost me an arm and a leg!" "That depends

. " Debbie finally got a chance to negotiate with Carlos, who was trying to read what was going on in her mind. All of a sudden, Debbie wasn't angry anymore. She locked her arms around his neck and observed, "I have three terms. "Debbie might have forgotten that Carlos was a successful businessman. How was it possible for him to agree to trade one term for three terms. "No problem. But to be fair, you have to agree with my three terms too," Carlos said firmly. Three for three, it sounded fair, but why did she feel she had missed something? And she didn't know exactly what was wrong. To make Carlos agree with her terms quickly, she nodded, "Fire away. ""Ladies first. "Debbie had to begin, "First, you have to call Megan and get the lipsticks back. But I won't take the broken ones. "In disapproval, Carlos' mouth twitched. "You already told her those lipsticks were a gift. How do you expect me to ask them back? I can buy you new ones. ""No, I only want those. " She wouldn't let Megan benefit from their argument. Carlos was lost for words. Noticing his silence, Debbie stood up and declared, "I see no point continuing this talk. "For the first time in his life, Carlos felt so helpless. "Okay. Your next term?" 'Debbie Nian, good for you!' he thought. "You can't stay with her alone for more than five minutes. No, five minutes is too long. What if you are not so good in bed? One minute! You can't stay with her alone for more than one minute!" Debbie said, holding up her index finger, even though she saw clearly that Carlos' face had turned black. He didn't think it was funny at all. 'This woman! How could you humiliate me like this? Underestimating my ability in bed? I'll let she know how good I am at that, woman! Right now!'He pulled her hard towards him and held her tightly. "Hey! What are you doing? You haven't said yes to my second term yet! Where are you taking me?" she asked nervously. But Carlos didn't respond. Off he carried her towards the lounge. What was he going to do?