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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 74 Wear Dresses More Often

Carlos selected a pair of high heels and some accessories for Debbie. Now, all that was left to do was put on the makeup. He looked at Debbie's bare face and turned to one of the stylists. "Light makeup. " "Yes, Mr. Huo. " When the stylist was about to rouge her lips, Debbie stopped her, excused herself and ran up the stairs. After a while, she came back carrying a delicate box. She opened the box carefully, treating it as if it had her most precious belongings. "May I use my own lipstick?" she asked with a hopeful smile. Inside the box were dozens of lipsticks of different brands and colors. The stylist was a bit surprised by her request, but then nodded. "Sure. Why not?" Debbie beamed and selected a pink one from the box. Carlos walked up to her and picked up the box casually. He stared curiously at the lipsticks, and asked, "I thought you disliked wearing makeup. Why do you have so many lipsticks?" Debbie answered indifferently, "It's true that I don't like wearing too much makeup. But that doesn't mean I can't have a few lipsticks. " As he put the box back on the dressing table, Carlos immediately remembered what had happened in the Shining International Plaza last time. Olga had snatched a lipstick set from Debbie and instead of siding with his wife, he had bought the set for Olga and even threatened to throw Debbie out of the mall. 'Oh my God! What have I done? Debbie must have felt so wronged back then. ' Carlos realized the mistake he had made and wanted to make amends for the past. Debbie was discussing the texture of the lipstick with the stylist. Little did she know what Carlos was thinking about. Once she was done, she jumped off her chair and ran towards him. She gave him a sweet smile and asked, "Do I look good now?" He was lost in his past memories and was somewhat absent-minded. Staring at her with blank eyes, he nodded without saying a word. Debbie pouted, disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm. She thought Carlos would be stunned by her beauty, but he remained unaffected. She put the lipstick into her purse because she might have to fix her makeup later. The box was taken back safely to her bedroom. When they reached their destination, Debbie finally understood why she had to get up so early that morning. It was already noon by the time she was done with her makeup. After lunch, they arrived at the harbor. There, they boarded a ship and after traveling further into the sea, they had to take a helicopter. When they reached the island, it was already dark. 'I really don't understand these rich guys. Why do they feel the necessity to hold a party on such a remote island?' Debbie had thought to herself on her way to the island. But when she arrived, she soon understood why. While in the helicopter, Debbie looked down at the island and the ocean surrounding it. The green island looked like a giant emerald, adorning the blue ocean

Since when did you two become so close? Is there a story you want to share with me?" Curtis was as curious as his girlfriend to know that. Debbie was too embarrassed to answer her question. She lowered her head, staring at her shoes, not knowing what to say

. When she failed to respond, Carlos reached out to pull her into his arms and said nonchalantly, "She's my wife. Of course, we are close to each other. "Carlos remembered that Curtis had a soft spot for Debbie. He cast a challenging glance at Curtis. Although Carlos didn't know about the nature of the relationship between Debbie and Curtis, he decided to keep her away from Curtis anyway. 'She is my wife and I will be the one to take care of her from here onward, ' he swore to himself. Curtis and Colleen were held speechless by Carlos' declaration. They both stood stunned, not knowing how to react. Shock was written all over their faces. Even Curtis, who always kept his calm, was at a loss for words. As Carlos' friend, Curtis knew that he had gotten married three years ago. But he didn't know that his wife was Debbie! 'So, Carlos' wife is my. ' Curtis thought. "Debbie, come here for a minute!" Curtis said, waving at her. He had kept a secret from Debbie and hadn't planned on telling her now. But it looked like it was time to let her know. If Debbie were someone else' wife, Curtis wouldn't have been worrried about her. He knew that she was not the one to be bullied easily. But she was with Carlos. Curtis knew his buddy well, and he was really worried about Debbie now. Debbie began to walk towards Curtis, but Carlos grabbed her right hand tightly and pulled her back. He said in a low growl, "Honey, you are a married woman now. When another man waves at you and asks you to go with him, you should turn him down. Understand?"Everyone was rendered speechless and Curtis raised his eyebrows in surprise. They wondered why Carlos was so jealous and possessive all of a sudden. Debbie, whose face had become red again, said in a whisper, "Then you come with me. " She didn't want to turn Curtis down impolitely. After all, he had treated her well in the past. "Fine. Next time if someone asks you to go with them anywhere, just call me and I'll come with you. "Debbie looked intensely at Carlos' face, trying to figure out whether he was joking. But it looked like he really meant it. Colleen chimed in, "Hey, Carlos. Curtis only wants to have a word with Debbie. Why do you have to show off your affection in front of us? Are you even the same cool Mr. President anymore?"