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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 60 What A Surprise!

When Jared's friends found out he just bought fresh underpants for Carlos, they all burst into laughter. Some held their stomachs, trying to catch their breath in between. "You crazy bastard!" one of them even said. "So, man, have you imagined Carlos dominating you on bed?" Kasie teased. "Like, you jack off as you imagine him blowing you off?" Jared's cheeks turned red in embarrassment. Annoyed, he shouted, "Stop it! I'm straight as hell! I'm not gay!" The elevator finally came to a halt when it reached the fifth floor of the Alioth Building and Tristan greeted them. Upon seeing Debbie, he walked up to her along with the manager. "Good day, Mrs. Huo, welcome. " Debbie's eyes widened as she saw Tristan. She felt a bit shy when he addressed her as "Mrs. Huo". Then she turned to her friends and gestured towards him. "Guys, this is Tristan Zheng, Carlos' secretary. " "Good day," her friends greeted him and felt shy as he gave them a polite bow. "Good day to you as well," Tristan smiled. "Follow us and we shall lead you to the best private booth in this building. " Debbie and her friends felt uneasy as they sat down. Tristan and some waitresses served the dishes. And obviously, it was something Carlos' secretary shouldn't do. She took the seafood platter from him and offered, "Tristan, there's no need to do this. Just sit down and have a meal with us. " Tristan shook his head, smiling as he bowed. "Thank you for your kindness, Mrs. Huo, but I am afraid that I'll have to turn down your invitation. I have to go back to the office later. " Debbie didn't protest and gave him a smile. "Is that so? Since you still have work to finish, it's best to take your leave now. Don't worry, I can take care of my guests. " "That's right," Kristina nodded. "You are being too kind to us. Don't mind us. We're old enough to take care of ourselves. " She felt like she was in seventh heaven as it was the first time she had entered such a fancy restaurant. She felt a bit shy with the hospitality shown by Tristan and the manager. As for Jared, he felt at home. After all he came from a wealthy family and was used to these kinds of places. He gave a smirk to Debbie. "Hey, Tomboy. Since I got your husband some underpants, can you ask him to give me a VIP card of this restaurant?" Debbie rolled her eyes and replied sarcastically, "Oh sure, I will. " "Really?" Jared laughed. "No. I don't have the VIP card myself either," Debbie retorted, her face deadpan. Having these kinds of banters with Jared wasn't new to her anyways. At the end of the day, it was just a friendly exchange between friends

There were ten main courses, mushroom soup, some mousse cakes, flan, and a fruit platter. To top it off, the waitresses also served them some green tea and a bottle of fancy wine. Joining her friends who posted photos on social media, Debbie posted nine photos in WeChat Moments and captioned, "Great food

. Great company. Great time!" As they enjoyed the dishes, Kasie kept prying Debbie about her sex life with Carlos. "Girl, you should tie him up and ride him. Men love that kind of thing! It's bound to blow his mind off!" Then they felt their spines shiver as they heard the door open. Their cheerful banter gradually faded. Debbie's face turned into different shades of scarlet as she recalled Kasie's words. The next thing she knew, they all stood up from their seats. Kristina was so nervous by Carlos' sudden appearance, she accidentally kicked her chair as she stood up. She chewed her lower lip, trying to avoid Carlos' gaze. Debbie was forced to put on a cheery facade. "Hi. I didn't expect you to pay us a visit. "'Oh man!' she thought to herself. 'This is really embarrassing. Heavens help me if he ever heard any word from Kasie a while ago. 'Carlos walked towards her. "I'm just passing by. "Tristan secretly shook his head behind Carlos. He perfectly knew that Carlos had cancelled a meeting just to see her for lunch. A waitress immediately brought an extra, prepared set, and poured a glass of red wine and a cup of tea. She gave Carlos a polite bow when she was done. Carlos sat down. He looked across them and said coldly, "Have a seat. "They obediently sat down. Jared chewed his lower lip. His right eye twitched as he remembered that he bought underwear for the man in front of him. As silence filled the air, the waitresses quickly removed the dishes and brought new sets of dishes. Tristan was about to serve Carlos food when the latter raised a hand to stop him. He wiped his hands with a clean towel and silently looked at Debbie. Then he slightly cocked his head to the side. His eyes moved at his empty plate, and then back at her. It was obvious that he was asking, no, ordering her to serve him. Debbie couldn't do anything but only stare at him in awe. She wouldn't dare to turn him down in front of so many people. She also felt her friends' eyes boring into her and observing her every move. It seemed like they were interested in knowing how she interacted with him. Debbie took a deep breath, calming herself down. She thought to herself, 'You can do this, Debbie. Patience is a virtue. Don't lose it. '