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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 243 Which Of You Has The Surname Huo

Eyes fixed on Colleen, and one hand propped against her chin, the girl sitting next to Wesley explained in a low voice, "You misunderstood my relationship with Wesley. I'm not his girlfriend. " Demanding an explanation from Wesley, Colleen was irritated by his silence and the way he avoided her unblinking eyes. At long last, obviously running out of patience, she asked, "How can that be possible? You know, you're the first girl Wesley has ever brought to—" "Colleen. " Finally Wesley interrupted her. "Weren't you asking about Debbie?" he snapped, eager to change the subject. "OK. Alright! Mr. Huo, you haven't answered my question yet. " At Wesley's hint, Colleen pretended to realize she was off the topic. Promptly, she tuned her gaze to Carlos, the look in her eyes unrelenting, waiting for him to answer her earlier question. "She's at home, expecting all the papers to be ready, so that she can go abroad," said Carlos, determined to keep everything as laconic as possible. As he spoke, Curtis could see the gloom on his face. Of course, he knew Carlos and Debbie were still not reconciled yet. So in an attempt to broach the subject with caution, he said, "I've heard that ZL Group's business has been booming lately. The employees have been working extra hours. I hope you haven't been sleeping in your office. " He added that last bit with slight emphasis. The gist of his question was to find out why Carlos had not been sleeping at home. Then he added his piece of advice. "You don't have to burst a nerve working overtime, man. If it's for money, do you think it's wise of you to drive yourself so hard at work that you don't even have time to return home?" Hearing his question, the others exchanged a look. Damon drew a tile and chipped in sullenly, "It's not like Carlos Huo is short of money. No! That's ridiculous. I suspect, the person driving him hard is his wife. You know how demanding some ladies can be. " The tongue-in-cheek way he phrased his words left everyone in stitches. But Damon ignored the giggles and carried on. "Only she can throw him into a vortex of emotions. " Although Damon was known for his wise cracks, Curtis took him seriously on what he had just said. He discarded two dots and with a curious gaze at Carlos, inquired, "What did Debbie do to get on your nerves this time?" Carlos took a puff on his cigarette and blew the smoke forcefully, betraying his inner tension. Amid the fumes, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words escaped his mouth. Noticing that mood around the place, Megan, somewhat embarrassed, excused herself. "Uncle Carlos, maybe I should go home. You have fun with your friends," she said in a shaky voice. In her pockets where nobody could see, her hands had been balled into fists. 'These people. Huh! Now they are all on Debbie's side. It looks like that woman is taking my place in their hearts. No! I won't have any of that bullcrap!' But while she cursed inside and was about to leave, Carlos ordered her to sit down. Without saying it, he thought to himself, 'I have ignored Debbie for seven days, and now she knows that I brought Megan with me to this place. I don't believe she will take it well and won't do anything about it

Learning that the man he had been talking to was Carlos Huo, he was only a tad bit surprised. But then he carried on, "We have to do our job. All of you have to come with us

. " Carlos took out his phone and asked casually, "Which police branch are you with?" The young man presented his badge and replied, "The city bureau. " Carlos patted Wesley on the shoulder. "He has great potential. You can consider transferring him to the army so that you can groom him. " Meanwhile, he dialed a number on his phone. It was connected soon. "Uncle Noel, I'm sorry to disturb you at this late hour, but your men here are trying to take me to the station. " 'Uncle Noel?' the young policeman wondered. The name of the COP of the city bureau was also Noel. And he was old enough to be Carlos' uncle. 'Could it be. ?'Not half a minute later after Carlos hung up the call, the young policeman's phone rang. With shaking hands, he answered, to which Noel Li went straight into a dressing-down. "You are an idiot. Get your men back here as fast as your legs can carry you! Do you have any idea what and whom you're messing with?""I know who he is, but someone reported that he organized gambling. Also, there is a prostitute with him—""Shut the fuck up! Do I have to explain to you whoever Mr. Huo is with? You're stupid enough to jump into action without even confirming the reports you get? Who the hell came up with the idea of raising such an asshole to your position? Get the hell out of there now!"Now with a mixture of panic and embarrassment, the young policeman looked at the four men in the booth. Resignedly, he put his gun away and replied on the phone, "Yes, Chief Li. "Before he left with his men, he looked at Wesley. Confusion was written over his tan face. "You look very familiar. Do you know Colonel Li the God of Warriors?"Blair laughed. "Handsome, this is Colonel Li. "'This woman called another man "handsome" right before my eyes. ' Wesley's face darkened. The young policeman's eyes glistened with excitement the minute he realized he had met the God of Warriors. Instantly, he stood at attention and saluted Wesley. "It's a great honor to meet you, Colonel Li. "Wesley nodded in response. The excited young cop wanted to get an autograph, but afraid that he might cause more trouble, two of his co-workers got him out of there quickly. The booth finally regained its quiet. Carlos tossed the chips on the table and stood up. "Damon, you'll have to drive Megan home later. "Damon stared at the man who was putting on his coat. "Eh? We've just started. Where're you going?"After glancing at him, Carlos replied flatly, "It seems my wife has become unbridled. I'm going home right away to deal with her. "